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Pronunciation: oh-RY-ohn

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Orion’s Gallery
Age 320
Birth Year NRC 210
Gender Male
Race Common Elf
Homeland Nomadic

Physical Description

    Orion seems to hold the disposition of the mysterious one of any group. Other than priests, he tends to be the only one dressed all in white. Even his hair, which flows down to his waist, is white. His skin is about as close as it can be to match his hair, which has two immaculately accurate braids that frame his face. Perhaps the only sources of color on the elf are his eyes, which are a deep blue. His body is very well toned for battle, but he is not overtly muscular. At first glance, he appears to be nothing more than a pretty elf. Even the way he carries himself is relaxed and calm. It is difficult to guess how dangerous he really is until he shows you.

Height 5’10” Hair Color White
Weight 160lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Toned Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Orion’s clothing is all most get to see. Foremost on him is a white cape and hood combination, quite similar to a cloak, but the cape does not wrap around his body and over his shoulders. Underneath is an ornately-designed white shirt, tailored to hug close to his body. Curls of silver swirl across it. His pants match his shirt, but without the ornate designs. They form-fit, like the shirt. The only contrast lies in his boots, which are black leather. Underneath his shirt is a chain shirt, but is not easily noticed. Bracers are the only visible armor on him, which are worn over the sleeves of his shirt flawlessly. Other than that, a simple emerald necklace hangs about his neck.

Weapon Description

    Orion’s bow is obviously a custom piece. It is intricately carved with redwood, including symbols in the language of the elves. His arrows are steel-tipped and have white feathers on their back end, almost as a calling card for whose arrow it was. Orion also carries a white leather whip; a finely crafted weapon with a good durability. Other than that, he carries two silvery long daggers, which seem to match his outfit perfectly.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Bow & Arrows, Two Long Silver Daggers, Leather Whip
Armor Chainmail Shirt, Bracers
Equipment Knapsack with rations, herbs, waterskin, money, blanket, necklace, clothing
Horse Soiff
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summon None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ## (+5)
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    As a ranger, Orion tends to use spirits that generally fit in with his work. He is fond of invisibility spirits, since his clothing doesn’t quite blend in with his surroundings. He, under most circumstances, refuses to use the salamander spirits, since his environment is so flammable.

    Orion has a talent for moving around a forest. He knows how to get around without making a sound and without leaving a trail. He is skilled at interpreting the forest as well. He can tell by studying the behaviors of animals if something is on its way, such as bad weather. Orion is swift in his movements and tends to keep his distance from his opponents. He is fast and quite maneuverable, which works to his advantage in cramped places, where he is used to dodging things. He has a great endurance as well.


    Orion is calm by nature and quiet in disposition. He carries himself unlike most warriors. Instead of being tense, strong, cocky, and impulsive, he is constantly at ease with himself and his environment. Even in battle, he does not feel tense.

    Orion tends not to trust people. He prefers to maintain a business-like atmosphere, even around his companions. His thoughts are constantly filled with what displeases him, but he never speaks those thoughts. Conflicts, in his opinion, are a waste of time unless they are unavoidable.

    Ultimately, he holds himself above and below no one. He is simply there, following whatever path that is in front of him.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “I must be able to trust in my companions.”


    As a child, Orion’s family traveled extensively so he met many people of different races. His father was in a way his mentor and Orion considered him one of the noblest men he ever knew. But When Orion was fifteen his parents were separated and lost on a hunt for wild game. No one could find either of his parents no matter how they tried. The disappearance of his parents enraged Orion and caused him to be very distrusting. His father and mothers sudden disappearance made him question much in his life. When he finally found his parents they were dead. It had taken him three years to find their bodies in a field with nothing left but bones. Orion only knew it was his parents because of a silver necklace with a emerald hanging from it that was around his mother’s neck. It had been a gift from his father to her on the day he was born. Orion took the necklace as a remembrance of his parents. From then on Orion was a loner, roaming the forest and fields in solitude.

    During his travels he met a traveler named Kiro who was determined to earn the trust of Orion. At first Orion kept distant, even as Kiro continued to become closer. When Orion became fatally injured it wads Kiro who tended his wounds and saved his life. When Orion found this he was both shocked and amazed. He may have been harsh on the mortal. From then on Orion tried to at least show a little trust toward Kiro but it was hard for him after so long. After many years of journeying together Kiro abandon Orion just as he was beginning to trust the traveler. Since Orion was already so distrustful in the first place, he began to hate and avoid any contact with anyone of any race. Not until a few years ago did he finally begin to be seen by others. Even now he is distrustful, even of his own race. He has come out of hiding and is going to give trust another chance.

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