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Pronunciation: PEN-nah

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Plot Vampire Hunt
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Penna’s Gallery
Age 300
Birth Year NRC 230
Gender Female
Race Common Elf
Homeland Glassy Woods

Physical Description

    Penna is tall and slight, standing five foot eight inches tall and weighing less than eleven stones. She has a soft curvature, but lacks any huge definition, as her bust and hips are somewhat underdeveloped. Her skin is pale and almost translucent, almost hauntingly so. Her fingernails and toenails are expertly manicured. Her hair is long, about knee length but she wears it up in a complex bun. Her long ears are delicate and hardly adored with any jewelry. Her neck is thin and graceful, befitting of a woman. Although she looks rather delicate, she is beautiful like a porcelain doll.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Pale Wheat Gold
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Ice Blue
Build Slight Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Penna wears a simple, and almost see-through, white robe of silk. Her waist has a small chain belt around it made of gold. The links of the chain belt draw reference to oak leaves. Her feet are adorned with simple sandals, and her ankles and wrists are adorned with simple silver bracelets with blue sapphires. Around her neck is a small ornamental necklace that droops into her petite bosom. Penna’s earrings, two ruby studs, pierce the bottom of her ears near her slender jaw line.

Weapon Description


Class Shaman
Occupation “Faux” Nobility
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, jewelry
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 6
EN 8
AG 10
IN 12
LU 13
PB 22


    Penna started by learning how to summon sylph and will o’ wisps, but as her learning grew, she also ventured to Undine, Gnome and Flau. She has distaste for salamander, and although she has some training in using him, she will only use him if it is dire. Like most light elves, she will neither touch dark spirits or invisibility spirits. She has tried and failed making a contract with Ento twice. The first time he rejected her outright, and the second time she made her case but was unable to win his approval.

    She is not physically adept as her greatest focus in life has been her shamanist studies. She does, however, have the unique ability to tie a cherry stem into a knot in her mouth using only her tongue.


    Penna is seductive in her movements and way she speaks. The last century amongst humans has turned her from an introvert to an extrovert, and often at times, it doesn't matter who she sleeps with, whether male or female. She still holds some respect as a shaman though, and treats the spirits with the respect that they deserve.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “I am hardly a slut. Perhaps you should look in the mirror before you throw about your accusations.”


    Penna, a common elf, was born in the Glassy Woods to her mother Trias and her father Elonus in the year 230. Penna grew up with only her mother around, her father, for a reason indeterminable and untold to young Penna, was ever absent, and any time he was mentioned her mother would grit her teeth and make a face ferocious enough to scare a dragon away. Trias also had some unmentionable problem with redheaded centaur women, though, again, nothing was told to Penna as to why her mother made the same face when a centaur woman passed.

    Penna grew up in somewhat of isolation from the other children. Her mother coached her on the properties of shamanism, and the proper way to act and behave like a woman. Trias was strict in her lessons, but never violent with her darling daughter, often treating her like a fragile doll. Due to her upbringing, Penna was never as strong or agile as the other children, but grew into a fragile beauty regardless.

    Since her mother kept such a close eye on Penna, her years in the Glassy Forest were spent learning and growing in power as a shamaness and not knowing much of anything of the outside world. When she was nearing two hundred she finally decided to leave on her own, and escaped her mother’s overprotective clutches.

    She traveled to Dragon Eye, Moss, and, under the false guise of being of noble blood, bluffed her way into some small social standing amongst the human nobles. But her time away from her mother also taught her about men, and to what lengths a man would go to to have a pretty elven woman as his bride. She manipulated many noble men, gaining influence and estate, but never producing an heir. Although she gave birth, often the child would be stillborn or she would miscarry. Her body was too frail to ever sustain another life other than her own in her.

    But, even as word spread of her infertility, men still flocked to her, now even more so that she couldn’t give birth. Married men would woo her and adore her, to slip into her bed and have their sexual fantasies fulfilled only to return to their wives the next day. Although somewhat degrading to her personal beliefs, it was a way of sustaining her high society life. She returned to the Glassy Woods to make a contract with Ento when she was 250, but the King Spirit refused her outright. Furious, she returned to Mossian life amongst the humans, trained and returned a quarter century later. Still the contract eluded her. She returned to her human courts once again, and stayed there to the present.

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