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Prioska Sigthora
Pronunciation: PRY-oh-SKA sig-THOR-ah

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Age 19
Birth Year NRC 511
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Prioska is a pretty young half-elven girl with her human mother’s dark hair and eyes and elven father’s long ears. She is a little taller than average, with a slim, lithe build. Her light brown hair is long and full, falling to mid-thigh. There are long, grown-out bangs on either side of her face, providing a nice frame. Prioska’s eyes are dark brown, like her mother’s, and framed by slightly thick, but well-shaped brows.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Lithe Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Prioska wears an outfit of green and brown, consisting of a three-layered green top. A darker green sleeveless top is wrapped around her body, tight around her chest, but looser around her hips. Under that, a mid-green shirt with short sleeves that have a blue and brown lace fringe and a high white lace collar. Finally, under that, a long sleeved light green shirt with brown netted bell sleeves starting just below her elbow and falling to the wrists. Her pants are much less elaborate—only a pair of brown trousers with wide legs. On her feet are a pair of stout sandals, and on her hands a pair of leather gloves, though they are embellished with blue designs on the back of her hands. Around her neck she wears a blue stone on a leather string.

Weapon Description

    Prioska doesn’t exactly have a weapon, but she has a walking stick that can serve as a quarter-staff. She has carved the stick with a number of intricate, but meaningless, designs.

Class Commoner
Occupation Farmer
Weapons Quarter-staff/Walking Stick
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, carving knife, pieces of wood, carved figures
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 11
EN 10
AG 9
IN 12
LU 8
PB 14


    Prioska knows nothing of fighting, and her strength and endurance is only from working long hours in the fields. She is still somewhat clumsy, but her fingers are deft with a knife, as her hobby is carving small wooden figures.

    Prioska also knows nothing of shamanism. Though the spirits may have tried to contact her in her childhood, her grandparents likely never believed her and didn’t encourage the ability. If she finds a teacher, she may be able to open a connection to the spirits.


    Prioska is an idealistic girl at this point who daydreams about adventure, though she doesn’t have much in the way of pursuing that dream. She finds her life as a farmer boring and is more than ready to take any opportunity to leave home. Though her mother abandoned her, she often hopes for the day when she can find her and try to create a relationship with her. Over all, she is a good person, though rather shy and socially awkward.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Prioska’s mother, Treszka, was an adventurous young girl who left home as a young woman to seek her fortunes in the world. Several years into her journey, she crossed paths with a handsome elf who showed interest in her. Treszka regarded it as no more than a fling, as the last thing she wanted to do was settle down, and continued on her way. A couple months later, she came to the dreadful realization that she was pregnant. Unsure of what to do, she returned home to her parents in her third trimester. Though they would have preferred their daughter have come home with a husband too, they still took her in and made all the arrangements for their grandchild.

    Treszka could not bring herself to be excited by motherhood, in fact, she was downright terrified. She craved freedom and independence. Even when her daughter was born, Treszka felt no love, only fear, and she neglected Prioska, leaving her in the care of her grandparents. This led to a lot of conflict in the Sigthora home, until Treszka ran off as soon as she was able. Thus, Prioska was raised by her grandparents.

    Prioska’s grandparents were quite open with her, and she knew of her mother. In her early years she was an awkward child, unnaturally clumsy and preferring being outside. She’d even go so far as to sleep outside in the rain. She was raised as a farmer, and worked in the fields with her grandparents from an early age.

    When she was seven, her grandparents adopted three more children whose parents had been lost in a tragic accident. Delkel, aged fourteen; Ailda, aged ten; and Riyler, aged eight, came to live with Prioska and her family. While the family was rather close-knit, Prioska always felt like an outsider to the other children and never quite developed a proper sibling bond with them.

    Tending to the fields is a near constant chore for the Sigthora family, and one that Prioska finds tiresome. She often runs off on her own and spends her time carving figures. She often fantasizes about her real parents and dreams about running away to join them, but she does her best to show affection to her adoptive parents.

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