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Pronunciation: KWINT

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Age 28
Birth Year NRC 502
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Quint is a hardened man. His features are sharp and handsome, but his skin bears the rough pitting of many years on the sea, as well as an over-baked tan. Quint’s sandy blond hair is long and often pulled back in a low ponytail, though stray bits often fall over his face. He usually has at least a five o’clock shadow, and shaves maybe once a week. His body is toned and lean, and he bares more than a few scars from work and battle, but none of special note.

Height 6’2” Hair Color Sandy Blond
Weight 180lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Average Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Quint’s clothes are simple and threadbare. His shirt is a loose beige tunic with long sleeves, over which he wears a sun-bleached burgundy vest. His pants are dull black, and tuck into the tops of his boots when he wears them, but otherwise fall to mid-calf. Quint’s boots are well-worn leather and almost ready to be thrown out. Around his neck he wears a leather cord with his wedding ring, usually hidden beneath his shirt. He wears a leather sword belt slung over his hips.

Weapon Description

    His saber is nothing special, a second hand blade with a basket hilt.

Class Pirate
Occupation Pirate, former Fisherman
Weapons Saber
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, flask, straight razor, whetstone, blanket, wedding ring
ST 14
EN 11
AG 10
IN 9
LU 8
PB 9




    Jaded and cynical, to sum him up. He lost his family to circumstance, and finds that the only family he now has left is his crew. He still mourns his wife and seeks no love, but he won't turn away a willing wench. His morals have been warped and he runs on his survival instincts.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Born in the port city of Mirarra, Quint was the son of a fisherman. He had several brothers and sisters, of which he was the middle child. He spent his formative years with his mother while his father was at sea, playing with his siblings and other local children. In family tradition, his father began taking his sons out to sea when they were ten summers old, and Quint was no exception.

    From the age of ten until twenty, Quint was a fisherman by trade. He worked with his father until he became too old to work. After his father retired, Quint and his elder brother Shyd took up the family business and begin running the boat. When Quint was nineteen, his mother arranged a marriage to a daughter of a local fish merchant. Adine was a pretty young woman, only a year younger than Quint. She went into the marriage willingly, and though it was arranged, Quint fell deeply in love with her. Within a few months of marriage, Adine was pregnant. His daughter, Oria, was born while he was at sea. He was only able to return once to see her.

    In his twentieth year, the fishing industry of Mirarra fell on hard times and Shyd and Quint were driven to fish in unfamiliar waters. Unfortunately, their choice landed them in pirate waters. Their small fishing vessel was taken by a pirate ship that had suffered a run in with a sea monster. The crew had a need for new men, and the ship had a need for repairs. Quint, Shyd, and the few other men on their boat were taken captive and their boat cannibalized for parts. The men were given the option to die or join the pirate crew, and none of them had the stomach for death.

    For three years, Quint served as a crewman on The Cursed Knave, yearning for the chance to return home to his wife and daughter. As the years passed, his hope faded. He eventually learned how to fight with a sword, after acquiring a saber from a fallen crewmate. His morals dulled, having been replaced with his survival instincts. Shyd and several other crewmen were lost in those three years, slowly destroying everything Quint had left to love. Finally, when the ship was docked in an Alecrastian port, Quint was able to sneak away into the countryside. He made his way back to Mirarra where he tracked down his wife, only to find that she had remarried. His daughter knew nothing of him, and Adine insisted on keeping things that way. He tried to find a way back into her life, but her new husband drove him away. Quint returned to his family home to find his father dead, only to bring news of his brother’s death. He soon realized he had no life left in his hometown. Quint left his family and gave into piracy. He tracked down the first pirate ship he could and found himself a place in the crew.

    For the last five years, Quint has served under Captain Lythia of The Siren, until the unfortunate battle with a sea serpent that nearly destroyed them. Quint was one of the few men left alive when The Siren was beached on the shores of the Isle of Wreckage, and with no other purpose in his life, he follows Lythia.

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