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Pronunciation: RAYN

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Rain’s Gallery
Age 45
Birth Year NRC 481
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Glassy Woods

Physical Description

    Rain has the fine delicate and graceful facial and toned physical features of her elven ancestry while combining the suntan skin and dark mane of her human side. This makes her more robust than an elf. She has a rather moodful face that can be stoic or display a menagerie of moods. Intense far-gazing eyes: one being sky blue, the other pale green. Her dark raven mane with undertones of blue, haphazardly layered down to her mid back, is usually braided to pull hair away from her eyes by means of a silver decorative clasp. The tattoo, made of natural herbs then turned into an ink (the same ink Rain carries around with her), was hand-applied onto Rain’s skin, as part of the centaurian ritual for the transition out of adolescence and into adulthood in the eyes of the herd. This sealed Rain’s membership into the herd, which had adopted her, as their own. The tattoo itself is of Bramd, who the centaurs consider a symbol of Marfa, whom they hold in highest reverence. It was given in hope of being a spiritual guild and protector as the half-elf continued her life’s journey in a world that will hate her.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Raven Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color (R) Sky Blue, (L) Pale Green
Build Toned Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor


Weapon Description


Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger (aspiring to be a priestess of Myrii)
Guild Membership None
Weapons Composite long bow, & centaurian short sword
Armor Elven steel bracers, leather chest armor
Equipment Quiver (sling arrow carrier), bandages, small dagger, ink, water pouch, blanket, sewing needle, thread, & ribbons
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##




    Rain’s personality changes to suit the appropriate mood. While she would rather be relaxing in the midst of nature, hunting, swimming, singing, playing her panpipes, or admiring the stars; Rain, after weighing the task asked of her, will dutifully undertake journeys or tasks requested of her if she feels it is for a just reason. Her loving personality is more concerned in making others comfortable and happy than herself. She will soldier through difficult things, no matter how much pain it causes her, with a smile to make it bearable for others. Her thoughts and true feelings, she feels are irrelevant, therefore are not often shared with anyone. Rain is compassionate and has a quiet determination and believes actions speak louder than words ever could. Rain will use diplomacy then her sword as a last resort.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “It’s good to be mindful of the stars but don’t forget that you must live, here, on Forcelia.”


    Rain, was the bastard child born to a former priestess to the God Myrii. Her mother, Siphi (Sigh-fee), was ex-communicated for extreme disobedience. After deliberately being warned, she broke her vow twice by, not only fraternizing with the enemy, but by siring her child, Rain, with one of them. After being ex-communicated from the order, ashamed and seeking shelter for her unborn child, the former priestess made her way to the Glassy Woods. Outcast from her own kind, Siphi settled with the familiar friendly faces her youth, a clan of centaur. The female centaur, given the gift of prophecy, cautioned Siphi that Myrii had cursed her and now that his blessing was removed, if ever she engaged in deliberate battle (meaning Siphi is the aggressor) again, she would perish. When Siphi asked about the future of her child, the centaur would not answer.

    As the years passed so Rain grew but as did her mother’s despair. Siphi was unable to leave the safety of the centaurs or the Glassy Woods. Rejected by her own people and cursed by her god, when Rain was ten years old, Siphi disappeared from her life. Rain was told Siphi went further into the Woods, and had waned away. From then on in the centaurs took full control of the rearing of the young half-elf. Siphi had never revealed the identity of Rain’s father.

    Rain has lived her entire life inside the Glassy Woods rapt in the centaurian and partial elven culture. While she has developed quite a knack for astrology, Rain has also equally proficient in hunting, tracking, and fighting and often accompanies her adopted race on their hunting parties. Naively, Rain has never seen another race besides the two. She does not know too much about the world outside the confines of her Woods. Rain is a ranger aspiring to become a priestess of Myrii—that is if she can ever venture forth from the Glassy Woods. The fact that mother’s hatred for herself was stronger than her love for her child has, in the darkest recesses of her mind, always truly haunted Rain...

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