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Pronunciation: REEM

Yahoo! ID soul_of_innuendo
Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
Reem is © soul_of_innuendo.
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Reem’s Gallery
Age 36
Birth Year NRC 494
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Nomadic

Physical Description

    Reem is a short thin girl. Her slightly dark complexion would make you think she has no Elven heritage, but the long pointy ears are a dead give away. She has long dirty blond dreadlocked hair which flows down to her mid-back, though she usually ties it. Her eyes are green, a trait of her father’s Azala, as well as the blond hair, though most of her hair is a dark brown rather than blond. Her face is thin with a little chubbiness, suggesting that she is still young, and youthful in appearance. Her ears are both pierced at the lobes, and her left ear has two small rings at the tip of the ears. Also her belly button is pierced as well.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Dirty Blond
Weight 95lbs Eye Color Green
Build Thin Skin Color Golden Tan

Clothing and Armor

    She wears dark brown leather pants and knee high brown boots. She has a thick brown belt, and a small one thats latched onto the bigger on which holds the sheath of her dagger. She wears straps of white linen wrapped tight around her chest so she won’t have difficulty running or in battle. It is only around her chest so her shoulders and stomach are exposed. She wears a dark brown leather jacket which too covers only the chest portion, and her arms. She has a number of silver bangles on both arms, and a silver necklace with a jade pendant.

Weapon Description

    Her throwing knives are sharp and small about three inches in length, and are super thin. She can literally store a hundred of them in hidden slots in her belt. Her dagger’s blade is about twelve inches long and is as sharp as a shark’s tooth. She has a a small belt around her hip that holds its sheath.

Class Thief
Occupation Gypsy/Fortune Teller/Rogue
Guild Membership None
Weapons Throwing Knives, and a good long dagger
Armor Leather boots, leather pants, leather gloves, and sometimes a leather gauntlet with buckler on her left arm
Equipment Tent, waterskin, bedroll, flint and steel, blanket, rations, cloak w/ hood, hemp rope, spare clothing, (all in saddle bags)
Horse Firestar (Information lost)
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 7
EN 8
AG 18
IN 14
LU 17
PB 17


    Basically Reem’s skills are not that good when it comes to magic. It was something in her blood but a potential never really tapped since she did not know how to draw the power out. She occasionally will cast incorrect spells or the summons would appear and leave, after doing nothing. She understands the importance of nature, she feels that but a deeper understanding and union is lacking. She is very agile and fast, but of course she isn’t very powerful. She is very sneaky, and annoying, those are probably what she is good at the most.


    Reem still acts and feels like a teenage girl even though she is already a full grown adult. She had an alienating childhood as she was different from all the other children being of mixed blood. She usually would write poetry and sing.. though she wasn’t any good at that. It kind of built a toughness within her where she draws confidence in being a free spirit. She travels with a few other musicians and gypsies.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “What are you looking at?”


    Reem was born to Azala, a traveling elf, and Gaiza, a woman from Flaim. Reem didn’t know much about her parents since her she never met her father, and her mother died a year after her birth. Reem was raised by her uncle Balh who was a thief. She lived with him and the gypsy band that he stayed with. He taught her everything he knew about thieving. She learned how to disguise her talent as a thief by pretending to be an acrobatic performer and various circus entertainment to crowds from the towns...all the while they were robbed blind as they watched!

    Her childhood was lonely as she felt alienated from other children in the towns she passed through, one for being mixed raced, and for being a gypsy. The group treated her well so she was alright. As she is half elf she feels a certain connection to the elements and thus learned slowly how to evoke these spirits and speak with them. Though she isn’t as good as she should at her age since no one had taught her anything about it and learned on her own.

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