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Ridell “Red Ear” Tower
Pronunciation: RID-ell TAO-er

Forum ID OokeStoneskull
Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Red Ear’s Gallery
Age 30
Birth Year NRC 500
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Red Ear gains his name from the ten red ring piercing in each ear. A large man with a gut, but make no mistake he’s a strong fat man. With short curly black hair, a two inch goatee, and a mustache that curls at the ends, he’s a handsome lad. His eyebrows curl up a bit at the end and he wears eyeliner to darken his already black eyes. His skin is a deep tan, and his smile is cunning.

Height 6’2” Hair Color Black
Weight 265lbs Eye Color Black
Build Plump Skin Color Deep Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Red Ear wears only a pair of cloth pants with a waist wrap around his waist, a vest and a head band. If he’s on land he’ll wear a pair of slippers but prefer to go bare foot. His pants, vest and headband are a deep dark shade of red and the wrap in a solid black.

Weapon Description

    A pair of crimson red bladed kukri, each with leather and onyx butted handles, is all he carries. He tucks them both in his waist wrap, ready to be drawn.

Class Pirate
Occupation Pirate Navigator
Weapons Pair of Kukri
Armor None
Equipment Bag of coins, clothing, quill and ink, paper, needle and thread
Familiar Ghost
ST 17
EN 8
AG 10
IN 9
LU 14
PB 14


    Red Ear doesn’t move fast but he is fluid in the way he stumbles. This transfers into everything he does, if you try to hit him his body will follow your motion rather then get out of the way. Spending so much time on a boat has allowed him to move across a ship in mere second but on land, he’ll stumble around like the drunk he truly is. Red Ear can drink with almost any dwarf, and still maintain a small void of clarity. He doesn’t care much to draw blood in battle but when pushed, he’ll cut you with a pin point accuracy that would make a surgeon jealous. Red Ear is strong and can dish out a beating.


    Red Ear is a strong man both in muscle and in navigation. He enjoys the company of many women and the more the better, he feels. He hates commitment but loves adventure. Red Ear will go nowhere without Ghost by his side. A man with little morals and many interest would be the best way to describe him.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Why not bring your friend? Red Ear has plenty to go around.”


    Ridell was born in Raiden. Son to a sea merchant father and a mother who ran a local bazaar. Ridell roamed the street getting in and out of trouble until he turned ten. It was then that his father decided it was time for him to go to sea, but behind his father fašade laid his true work, his father was a pirate who only played a merchant to avoid running into military ships from Moss, Kanon or Valis.

    Ridell learn how to lie, cheat and steal for a leaving and this made his father proud, but most of all he learn how to navigate the seas by stars. Every year they returned to Raiden with plenty of bounty and every year until he was twenty his mother pierce each of his ears with a red hoop. He spent his time on land looking for women and found a great pleasure in them. Now twenty and with ten red rings in each ear Ridell sought out his own glory.

    He conspired with a few of the pirates on his father’s ship, the Yellow Toad, and turned mutinous. He killed his own father and became captain of the Yellow Toad. The men dubbed him Red Ear for the many red rings in his ear and the fact that the first thing he did to his father was remove his ears with his red blades. Days passed after his father’s death and Red Ear refused to return to Raiden, the men found no problem with this as long as the rum didn’t run dry and the bounty was good.

    After two years, the men began to talk. They said he was too weak to face his mother, but that wasn’t the case, he was in search of a better thing at sea, yet he did not know what better was. At the age of twenty-five, the men told him to find a place to set the vessel down or he’d be sleeping with it in the ground. So he promised the men one last bounty and he’d bring her ashore. With that said, they attacked another pirate ship. On that last ship he found a cat with an interesting compass around its neck. The cat was a solid gray in color and seemed to take a particular liking to Red Ear. So he kept her and named her Ghost. Ghost was well trained and did many things that pleased Red Ear. She picked pockets, and would lure women close to him by playing games with them.

    On his return to land, his mother was nowhere to be found. A local man said she went so long with out anything to sell that her bazaar went out of business. When Ridell returned to his ship, it was gone. The men took it and left him land bound. He roamed the street looking for a place to stay, or even his mother, but found nothing. He sat in a local pub with Ghost and drank until he noticed that the compass around her neck had no needle. He hadn’t notice it before because he sought no use for one as long as he had the stars in the night sky.

    He spent the next five years jumping from women to women for a place to sleep and never did figure out what the compass was for. He worked with local fishermen and merchants to earn money, and then when he turned thirty he was ready to buy this way on to a ship and maybe seek out the Yellow Toad. Seeing that it had not set land in Raiden since they left him there.

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