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Rone Kalmaine
Pronunciation: ROWN KAL-mayn

Forum ID Alera Tai'var
Plot Vampire Hunt
Character is © Alera Tai'var.
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Rone’s Gallery
Age 38
Birth Year NRC 492
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Rone’s body appears as all of the hype would suggest. He is rugged, strong, and serious. A simple, gray cloak covers his body, hiding the high-quality armor underneath. His hair is tied back underneath his cloak in a pony-tail. Unlike the hype, however, Rone chooses to dress more like a wayward traveler as opposed to a crusader of justice. His wind-swept appearance gives the impression that he isn’t anything too special; the Cross of Falis, an honor bestowed upon him for his bravery, however, makes up for it. His spiked armor, his weaponry, and his gruff, squarish face, dusted with stubbly facial hair, puts him off more as a mercenary.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Dark Brown
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Black
Build Muscular Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Like any knight, Rone as an undershirt under a light plate armor for his torso. Unlike knightly armor, his have spikes across the gauntlets. A thick belt provides places for much of his equipment. Armored boots and shoulder pads add on. Side plates cover his thighs. Simple travel pants fill in the remaining space. On top of everything, a simple gray cloak covers most things in order to make others notice him less.

Weapon Description

    Rone’s long sword is meant to be used in one hand, this weapon is a bit weighted, but well designed to be used swiftly. The blade employs jagged edges on the top and bottom, made to do maximum damage. The hand guards are arched outward, made to catch and lock blades easier.

    His mace has large spikes around the mace ball and, unlike regular maces, hand guards similar to those on the long sword. They are clearly a matching set.

    Compact and easily reloaded, his crossbow isn’t too customized. The only addition of interest would be the notches for arrows along the top, so it is only inches away from the firing slot.

    His simple dagger is rarely ever used for actual combat. Bought off of a table somewhere, it is a simple, sharp blade.

Class Cleric
Occupation Warrior Priest of Falis, Hunter of the Damned
Weapons Longsword, Mace, Crossbow, Dagger
Armor Light Plate Armor, Gauntlets, Armored Boots, Shoulder Plates
Equipment Symbol of Falis, Cross of Falis, Book of Dark Deeds, travel rations, extra clothes, rope, shaving razor, flint and steel
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Falis
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Rone’s belief that Falis works through him to smite the enemies of the light is unshakable. Ever since he was fifteen, he has been hunting dark forces down. As such, much of his power revolves around defeating them, as opposed to blessing (except in the case of blessings made for war) others or healing. Those things are certainly not outside of his abilities, but he is far more proficient with smiting magics and defensive powers.

    Much of his power comes from his physical strength and endurance. While he is not the fastest fighter around, his powerful arms and deadly weapons make up for that. Besides combat, he prides himself in his great endurance in most areas of athletics.


    Dead set on his job, Rone understands that not everyone has the heart of stone that he has. His sense of humor may not be the best, but he does try. He is not a kind and comforting man, but he will try to give a supporting word. It is clear, though, by his mannerisms, that the social world is not his forte. He doesn’t particularly like being honored for anything, but he knows how to show respect in that venue. When faced with an enemy, he becomes as heartless as his enemy, killing them much as they would an innocent.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “Through Falis, I will prevail.”, “Give up now, foul one, so I can finish you off faster.”


    Rone Kalmaine grew up the son of a farmer on the outskirts of the Valis territories. His farm, which now stands destroyed, was the place of a battle between several clerics and a powerful vampire. What started out as disappearing cattle turned into a dead family, a demolished home, and an orphaned teenager. What was strange was that it was not the clerics who managed to kill the vampire. It was Rone, with a pitch fork he found, who got behind the enemy and stabbed him, while the other clerics distracted him.

    With no other choice available to them, the clerics brought the homeless boy with them back to the capitol. The priests of the temple there were kind enough to shelter him and, after his sixteenth birthday, he entered the priesthood. Some of the warrior priests had the pleasure of training him. Rone had a personal interest in doing what they did: hunt evil. And so he came to be trained as a special type of priest. He became a hunter of the damned.

    After ten years of training, he began to take missions, following the reports of vampires and other malicious sources of darkness. He worked independently, slaying whoever and whatever he could find. Much of his travel skills were learned from experiences hunting.

    By the age of thirty-four, the King of Valis honored him with the Cross of Falis, a medallion of honor for slaying a notorious vampire, said to be alive as far back as eight hundred years. Since then, the name Rone Kalmaine has been well-known, especially to priests. Stories of his successes tend to spread and, while some have been exaggerated, many of them are true, including stories about hunting down a strange man who could summon dragon teeth warriors and vampires eager to spread their gift across Lodoss.

    While most do not recognize his face, quite a few might know his name. Most temples, even those not of Falis, regard him as a welcome face for his deeds in the name of goodness. Perhaps the only exception lies in the the followers of Rada, who don't like his approach.

    Even now, Rone does what he has always done. He hunts for his next targets.

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