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Pronunciation: RY-lahn

Forum ID CrimsonJustice
Plot The Golden Egg
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Age 29
Birth Year NRC 501
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Affliction Hyuri
Homeland Glassy Woods

Physical Description

    Rylan’s red hair is kept to the middle of his upper back and he has a single thin braid on the each side that comes around the shoulder to the front, they always remain there and are tied off with simple copper bands that sit at the bottom. He is rather decent looking but his eyes always look distant, they seem a little sad at times too though to see that one must look very closely. His slim elven build has decent muscle to it, he is strong despite what some would think of for a slender build, he however has several scars on his chest from the fights he has gotten into from knives or thrown objects. His coat on the equine build is kept well maintained, though his tail is coarse and thick and longer than most.

Height (Feet) 10’2” Hair Color Red
Height (Hands) 20hh Tail Color Brown
Weight 1,150lbs Eye Color Gray
Humanoid Build Slender Skin Color Dark Tan
Equine Build Draft Coat Color Brown

Clothing and Armor

    He wears a moss green sleeveless shirt over top his torso, it is kept in good repair and somewhat plain despite the fact it looks like it is at least three years old. His bow and quiver of arrows sits across his back crossing each other, and his knife sits in a sheath strapped to his shirt which is sewn into the outside of it. He wears a pair of bracers of his forearm that extend back to cover his elbows on the outer edge of it, they are made of sturdy but flexible leather reinforced with a tightly knit pattern of metal studs.

Weapon Description

    His weapons look somewhat plain except for some engraving into his bow and the silver coated on the outside of his knife, the longbow is made of yew and string is made from the sinew of a bear. The bow has the word Centaurian ‘strength’ carved into it, it is a reminder that he must be strong to survive with Hyuri. His knife is a typical elven knife except that it is silvered, it was given to him by his father before he had to leave his home due to his affliction.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Wandering Exile
Weapons Yew Longbow, Silvered Elven Knife (single edge)
Armor Leather Bracers
Equipment A month of provisions, backpack, 30” of hemp rope, traveling money
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 18
EN 16
AG 8
IN 12
LU 12
PB 13


    To reflect his emotional state, Rylan has a hard time summoning any heat elementals, because he lacks passion. However, he is quite good with ice. He is mediocre at best with other spirits. Due to his upbringing, he will not touch dark spirits.

    He is good with his bow and can hit most targets at long distance, though when it comes to marksmanship he is not the best and will miss if the target is moving or even partially obscured. To compensate for this he is capable of evading ranged attacks, and can dodge most fired at him unless it is a large volley. He is also very capable of fighting with his knife and can fight with it in a normal grip or a reverse grip, though he prefers his bow. If he has to he will punch and kick opponents with his fists and hooves, he is also not above trampling and enemy if they are prone.

    His berserker trigger is seeing somebody, no matter what race, being cruel to a horse of any kind. Even if he does not understand, but perceives it as cruelty, he will fly into a rage. When berserk he will use his knife, fists, and hooves to fight and will even trample an opponent from standing even by knocking them down. His strength increases by +10, endurance by +10, and his intelligence drops -10.


    Despite his affliction he does care deep down, though he will not acknowledge it to keep others safe. He believes is balance and the sanctity of family and friends, though if he helps anybody the situation is usually not in their favor and then he leaves once the task is done. He will not ask for much in any case, only enough gold to get supplies for his travels. He is a wanderer by his own choosing and by fate, he feels he cannot stay in one place too long because of the risk of him losing control and causing death and destruction. Though is deepest feelings are the safety and well being of horses, which were the cause of the affliction. Other than that he is pretty quiet and withdrawn, he will converse with others but his voice carries a very unemotional tone to it.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “I didn’t choose to travel all alone, but you wouldn’t understand the reason...”


    Rylan was raised amongst his people in the Glassy Woods. An exuberant youth, he enjoyed life and spending time in the woods. His parents both wanted him to become a ranger for the herd, but he wanted to see what lay in the world beyond the forest. So when he was old enough, he began to train as both a shaman and a ranger, his family disapproved but grew to accept it, much to his teacher’s surprise he did well in his training. He trained hard and spent most of his time developing his skills or off in the woods enjoying time alone with the trees and animals. Life was good for him until something happened, whatever happened changed his life forever and made his desires come true.

    When he was twenty he witnessed a rider and horse, the horse was being very skittish and hesitant and the rider was getting very angry. He kept shouting at the horse and after the horse threw him off he pulled out his bow and aimed an arrow at it, as Rylan watched angrily the man killed his horse and kicked the body, calling it a ‘stupid old nag’. His anger attracted the attention of Hyuri, who possessed Rylan. Overcome by rage, Rylan ran out and trampled the man to death. Luckily, Hyuri lost its hold on him shortly afterwards, but Rylan had blacked out the entire attack and didn’t know what happened.

    He returned home with bloodied hooves and did not speak of the incident near the border of the forest, but after that he was not the same. He almost got his father killed when he was trying to calm a lost horse. He though his father was a bit too harsh and snapped on him, he was successfully rendered unconscious but after that he had to leave his home. When he was twenty-one it was now clear what was wrong with him, and they did not want a berserker there.

    He was given basic supplies and then allowed to leave, though instead of the morning he left in the night before. That was the start of his journey which he knew would end with his death, after that he has wandered from place to place knowing only the fact he would be shunned everywhere if his affliction was known. He stayed in places only a week at most, taking work from people who truly need the help, often work that they will not bring to the mercenaries guild. They never know he is a berserker but he does not mention it, unless it is important and necessary to speak of. He has been mostly around the eastern part of the island, but is making his way west to see that side of the land.

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