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Saga Askani
Pronunciation: SAH-gah ASZ-kahn-ee

Forum ID Saga Askani
Plot The Golden Egg
Saga is © Saga Askani.
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Saga’s Gallery
Age 117
Birth Year NRC 455
Gender Male
Race Three-Quarters Human, One-Quarter Common Elf
Homeland Honto

Physical Description

    Saga is a normal human boy with notably small elf features. At first glance you wouldn’t know he was elf until you saw the blue in his eyes shine radiantly in the light. He has medium length hair that falls down to the sides to just the top of his ears. Underneath the length of hair are a pair of ears with a small pointed tip that extends a bit longer than other human boys. Unlike elves though, his face is recognizably more human with his thick chin and less thin face. His body is slim yet well toned from all his hard work on the farm which has also given him a well placed tan.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Lean Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    He wears a tight but light weight red shirt with a heavy dark brown leather vest that keeps him warm in the cold. Because of its thickness he can sleep peacefully on it like a bed. His pants are a light brown cloth material. It has loop hanging on the left side originally intended to holster his small axe/hatchet for any cutting needs on the farm. He wears a regular pair of work boots that are thick with some metal on the front ends to protect his toes. His gloves are also big and thick on him with metal bands on the top of his hands and fingers to prevent injury. His pouch has a strap that goes over his top part of his body where he keeps food and other items he finds on his travels. The pouch lays next to his hips and is a medium brown. His brown leather canteen is also inside which holds water.

Weapon Description

    Saga carries a sword he found using a journal written by his mother to locate it. It’s a bit heavy, but from working on the farm he can carry and swing its weight. It has a nice T-shaped gold handle with its grip wrapped in dark brown leather. Its blade is a straight, wide metal of two inches and a length of two and a half feet. He carries it in the holster on his pants originally made to hold his hatchet.

    His other is a small thin pointed dagger with a gold handle wrapped in a green cloth to soften the feel. The base of the blade stands out as the T-shaped handle curves backwards towards the handle.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer, former farmer
Weapons Sword, dagger
Armor Leather Vest, Gloves
Equipment Small hatchet, pouch, 2 medium sized blue blankets, clothes, canteen
Horse Yes
ST 13
EN 14
AG 8
IN 16
LU 10
PB 11


    Saga stands at an average five-foot, eight inches with a slim, yet muscle-toned body. Though you never notice the tone with him always wearing clothes to hide it. He is a little stronger than your average teenager. His body is toned due to the workload he has to deal with on the farm. His sword skills are self taught and he knows against a seasoned fighter he stands no chance. Yet he does put himself behind it all always giving a minimum of challenge to anyone else.

    Saga’s shamanist connection to the spirits is there, but remains unopened.


    Saga is good hearted and very loyal. He is also highly inquisitive, logical and sometimes a little bit too analytical. He is also very sheltered when it comes to life outside of the farm so he tends to be a little gullible. He is also highly fascinated with engineering and historical events. His goal is to find out more about his father.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “If I gave up today, yesterday wouldn’t have meant anything and tomorrow wouldn’t even exist.”


    In 435 at a local farm in Honto, the birth of a little girl was a special day. It was even more special since she was the only daughter of 4 kids. She was given the name of Acise and grew up in a nice, loving family. She was always taught to help others, and that one day she will be blessed with her own love and happiness. As a girl living on the farm, her duties were mainly in the house while her brothers worked the fields. Every now and then she would go out into the forest to pick out fresh fruits and have a moment of peace.

    In 454, Aiden Silvermoon had been traveling through the outlying city of Honto. Midway through Honto he was attacked by a manticore unexpectedly. Aiden defeated the beast yet he was left greatly injured. He laid under a tree for three days without any food and low on water. It was then on one of Acise’s trips through the forest that they met. Acise gave care to Aiden and brought him back to her farm. The Askani Farm took Aiden in for the next couple of months so the damage to his body could heal. During these months Aiden took a special liking to Acise. Aiden had started to care about Acise. More than he had expected to.

    They had many special nights together, but one night Aiden had begun to worry where his life with her would lead. He knew he would outlive her only to watch her die. He knew he had to had to leave her without hurting her. She would talk about how wonderful it would be to get married to someone special, always hinting that Aiden would make a perfect husband. This would greatly trouble Aiden when she talked of marriage. Too much to the point where Acise could sense it. She cared very much for Aiden, but the way he started to distance himself from her she became very worried. So one night she snuck out with all his weapons and buried it in the middle of the field. Her hopes was that it would him stay as he would have less of a reason to leave her.

    Aiden would search for his weapons, but to no avail, he could not find all of them. He knew though that if he stayed looking for every single one he would only spend more time with a woman he would outlive. He knew he couldn’t bear to feel that pain again. So he decided he to spend one more great night of love with her and leave before dawn. That way she would move on easier without the harsh pain of a husband leaving her, only a lover.

    Sadly, only days later after his departure did Acise realize she was pregnant. Her family welcomed her newborn child. She named him Saga, because she knew he would become filled with greatness one day. She wanted people to know by his name alone he would hold a grand saga.

    Saga grew up without a father. His only male figures were his uncles. His only friends were his cousins as he was sheltered on the farm. Though being sheltered made him curious about the world outside the farm. Acise was always afraid of him leaving her, just like Aiden once did, so she strictly forbid it. But even she knew she would have to let him go one day.

    As the years went by, he noticed that he wasn’t aging like all the others born around the same time he was. He was still young, and notably faster, slimmer and healthier. He started to distance himself the same way Aiden had with Acise, believing that there was something wrong with him. He could not understand what was wrong with him. His cousins did not know he had elven blood in him. Only Saga’s mother and uncles had known who Aiden was. His cousins all secretly believed there had been some sort of evil play in all of this, that he made a pact with a demon to keep him young and healthy. But because Saga never became angry or violent with them, they soon began to believe it to be a sort of divine intervention.

    As more time went on, Saga continued to grow and not age like all his other cousins. One by one his uncles passed away, and then finally Acise grew weak and had to remain in bed. Now only his mother remained with the knowledge of Saga’s father. Saga’s mom being the oldest person on the farm immediately made her the leader of the family. But due to her weak state Saga took charge of the farm’s duties. He did most the work alongside his cousin’s children now.

    Sometime before Acise died, she had made it a point to write out the details in Saga’s birth. She included the whereabouts of their first meeting underneath the tree, the location of all the weapons she hid from Aiden, and her reason of keeping Saga close by so that she would never have to worry about him leaving her the way Aiden once did. She had told her nephews and niece that on the day she would die, they must give him this journal.

    In 519, Acise had passed away leaving Saga as the eldest member alive in the family to run the farm. She had died at the ripe age of 84. Saga, who was at age 64, still didn’t know who his father was. But upon her death he was given the journal. He finally realized why he was different from others now.

    Many years later, after a series of big crop seasons, he started to hire workers to cultivate the farm so he could prepare to travel around the world in search of his father. He wanted to know more about his past and about the father he never had. He now knew who his father was. Though sadly he did not know much else about him besides his name and what was written in his mother’s journal. He could feel in his blood the need to travel and discover more. His goal then became to find out who his father really was, and to make his own mark on this world.

    During his last days on the farm he used the journal to locate all of the weapons. He only found a dagger and sword. The sword was one that his father carried with him. The dagger was from his mom, in case if Aiden had found all of his weapons Saga would at least have something to rely on. Finally in 528, Saga had set his journey into the world beyond his farm.

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