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Sairina Fadriewen
Pronunciation: SY-ree-NAH FAH-dree-WHIN

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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Sairina is delicate and pretty, as well as dark and exotic. Her coppery skin and black hair come from her father’s Azarn ancestry. Her emerald green eyes are her mother’s. Sairina’s hair is onyx black and long, with hair pulled over her right eye for a sultry look. She’s tall and slender with a lovely, youthful body and small perky breasts. She often paints her lips red with lip paint.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Green
Build Slender Skin Color Coppery

Clothing and Armor

    Sairina dresses in white and gold with emerald accents. Her top is a simple white silk tank, loose with the sides open. It is held in place mainly by her breasts, which keep the material taut enough so it won’t flutter up in a breeze. Her skirt is long and slim, brushing the ground. The waist is held in place by a wide gold belt set with a piece of polished glass meant to resemble a large emerald. She wouldn’t be foolish enough to wear such a large stone were it real. Attached to gold armbands, she has long, flowing sleeves. Atop her head, she wears a net of silver and emeralds. For a necklace, a gold choker with an emerald drop, and several rings of emerald, jade and gold on either hand. For shoes, she wears delicate white slippers trimmed with gold. This is not her only outfit, however.

Weapon Description

    Sairina has a pair of fine steel silvered sai daggers that are as elaborate and richly decorated as herself. They were forged specifically for her so she could defend herself. The hilt is plated with gold and set with an emerald in both the center of the crossguard and pommel.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Cha Za
Weapons Pair of Fine-Steel Sai Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Several changes of clothing, jewelry, comb and brush, perfumes, makeup, other toiletries, money bag, weapon care supplies, tent, bedding
Horse Aeru
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Cha Za
ST 8
EN 7
AG 10
IN 15
LU 20 (+5)
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Sairina is a talented singer with a lovely soprano voice. Though her voice itself has no power, it serves as a focus when she casts spells. Sairina is skilled with Luck and Rack spells, and moderate for her level with healing spells.

    Sairina is not a very physical person. Her body is kept in shape by a good diet and basic exercise, and she takes good care of herself, but she is not very strong, or especially agile. She is trained in the use of her sai, but she has never used them in real battle. In training, she goes through a dancing fighting style which would be useless in real life.


    Sairina enjoys fashion, but is a little too obsessed with her appearance for a priestess. Coming of age in the temple left her feeling repressed so she often flirts and makes herself more appealing to the opposite sex. Sairina tends to be a bit arrogant as well. However, she does have a kind side. She will readily give anything of value to the poor, and help others less fortunate than her. Because of her incredible luck as a Cha Za priestess, good fortune tends to follow her. If she gave every last copper and jewel she had, she would soon be draped in riches again—especially after such generosity.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Sairina’s father was a sailor and her mother a merchant, who didn’t venture too far out of Raiden. Her father, Mieric Fadriewen, was the son of a sailor himself. His father was originally of Alecrast and married an exotic woman of the Azarns. Mieric took the seas when he was old enough and sailed back and forth from Alecrast to Lodoss. On one such trip, he arrived in Raiden and came upon one of the main markets when he was on shore leave. He met a beautiful merchant with blonde hair and green eyes, skin as fair as alabaster. For Mieric, it was love at first sight. Her name was Alavia and she was the daughter of a merchant, so she knew the trade well. Mieric took her for a date the night before he was set to leave again, and he wished he had more time to see her. He left the next day, believing that he would never see her again. For the next few months at sea, he though of nothing but her. Nearly a year later, he returned to Raiden and visited the markets, vainly hoping to see her again. He didn’t expect to, but much to his surprise, he did find her and she was still unwed. He spent the entire week with her, and by the end, proposed marriage. She accepted and he stayed behind in Raiden.

    They were married less than four months when Alavia became pregnant with Acier. Mieric was out of work, but she was the one who brought in the money. But when she became pregnant, she insisted he find some work. Mieric settled on fishing. Acier was born in Raiden in the summer. Two years later, Alavia became pregnant again, but had a miscarriage. The next year, she became pregnant again, but this time the child was stillborn. Alavia never considered there was a problem with her, such things happened commonly and were oftentimes unavoidable. Though, they did try to keep from having another child for awhile, until six years after Acier’s birth, Sairina was accidentally conceived.

    Acier and Sairina grew up in Raiden, usually raised alone by their mother when their father was out fishing. They helped her set up shop when they were old enough, and visited the temple of Cha Za weekly. Acier was interested in following his mother’s trade as he grew older, so he watched her closely and helped with the business.

    When Acier was sixteen and Sairina ten, a storm sunk their father’s fishing vessel and Mieric was lost at sea. Alavia sank into a deep depression. One night, she was walking alone through the city and attacked by street tough. She was murdered and robbed, and left to die in the gutter. A friend of Alavia’s found her and told Acier and Sairina their mother’s fate. Uncertain on what he should do, Acier turned to the temple of Cha Za and spoke to priestess Isorith for guidance. Isorith convinced Acier to join the priesthood and bring his sister along.

    Acier instantly joined the order of Cha Za, but Sairina was just a child. However, she was raised in the temple and when she turned thirteen, she was initiated as a novice priestess. At sixteen, she was raised to full priestess. Now, the temple has enough faith in her to send her out into the world.

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