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Pronunciation: sah-ZAHN

Forum ID Ayen
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Sazan's Gallery
Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    Sazan is an attractive young woman who is tall for her gender, standing at five foot seven inches and weighing one hundred and twenty pounds. Sazan has very long curly white hair that goes down just two inches above her backside. She wears her hair in a ponytail wrapped with a black ribbon. Her bangs falls an inch right above her thin, straight and narrow white eyebrows. Her eyes are a blood red color, narrow, and hold great malice within them. Her skin is white and her face is oval shaped. Her nose is flat, her lips are thin and pink. Sazan has an hourglass torso and her fingernails are at least three inches long, enough to take an eye out or two. The forehead underneath her eyebrows are smooth and so are her cheekbones. Her jaw is square and her breast size is small.

Height 5’7” Hair Color White
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Red
Build Thin Skin Color White

Clothing and Armor

    Sazan has strong tastes in the color white, so her clothing reflects this. On an normal day you will find her wearing a long sleeve white shirt with matching white pants and white boots. Some days she wear white fingerless gloves with the outfit and other days she does not. If it isn’t too hot out, she?l wear a white coat over her clothes. When in battle the only real difference in her clothes are the chain mail over her shirt, pants and gloves, the coat still seen over the rest depending on the weather.

Weapon Description

    Sazan wields a long sword with a black hilt and a black shield that holds the Marmo eye symbol in the center.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary in the Band of the Black Baron
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Longsword
Armor Chainmail shirt, shield
Equipment Clothes, weapon and armor care supplies
Horse No
ST 11
EN 10
AG 17
IN 13
LU 10
PB 11


    She’s a fighter that focuses on speed and movement instead of brute strength, but she does have moderate strength as well.


    Sazan is a loyal follower of Marmo who despises Kanon and any other kingdom that wishes to stand against Marmo. She grown to be angry and bitter at the very thought of Kanon and continues to lust for revenge. She is a lone wolf and if the option becomes available she would much rather do things on her own and without interactions from others. She keeps conversations simple and to the point. She doesn? like the idea of being tied down (romantically) and because most men act like pigs she doesn’t like being touched by most males, really the only males she respect are Beld, Ashram, her father and Draton.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “It would’ve been more merciful to kill me than take me away from my home and attempt to make me betray my nation and the cause my parents died for.”


    Sazan was born to Canves and Shela, natives of Marmo, in Kanon just after Marmo conquered the nation. Her parents were both training to become Marmo soldiers before the invasion of Kanon, but they ended up falling with one another and laid together later resulting in Shela becoming pregnant with Sazan. So Canves decided to go to war, and since Shela was pregnant, she moved to Kanon to be close to her lover, though she couldn’t fight. A month before Sazan was born her father Canves was killed during the War of Heroes leaving Shela heart broken while raising Sazan alone after her birth. She grew up in Kanon seeing Beld and Ashram as heroes to Marmo like so many others and were proud of the fact that her father served them and died for Marmo’s cause.

    In NRC 517 the Kanon Free Army attacked the village she lived in at the age of seven, her mother and other defenders of the town were loss in that battle. Not being able to kill a little girl at the age of seven, the Kanon soldiers took the girl from her home and back with them in the hope that they could reform her.

    After being taken in she was placed in a foster family to raise her while the war to take back Kanon raged on. The first weeks there she was heart broken from the lost of her mother and angry at the Free Army that killed her. She grew up only to resent them more and more making their efforts to reform her futile. She stayed in the home that was taking care of her, keeping her hate for the people of Kanon a secret while watching the soldiers train to get an understanding of battle. When the war finally ended she ran away from the home at the age of fifteen regretting that she missed the boat her people left in.

    Shortly after running away, Sazan ran into a former Marmo soldier named Draton and they became mercenaries together. They joined with a guild and during their time together Draton became a father figure to Sazan. In NRC 527 Draton and Sazan joined with Thane’s company. On top of old age catching up with Draton, he died of an illness in NRC 529, and yet another close important person in Sazan’s life bites the dust.

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