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Cameron aka Scythed
Pronunciation: SY-thed

Forum ID Scythed
Plot Lost Humanity
Scythed is © Scythed.
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Dragon Eye, Moss

Physical Description

    Scythed is of average height at five-foot seven inches and is of a light build. He has medium length brown hair with spiky bangs; his eyes are bright blue and are usually the first thing noticed as it is against the plain colors of his hair and clothes. Scythed has many scars on his body, mostly his forearms, shoulders and chest due to excessive fighting. His face would almost be considered boyish in shape.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Brown
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Medium Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Scythed wears a makeshift ensemble. He wears a tan shirt under his reddish brown leather jacket, a pair of brown slacks, leather gloves and finally leather boots for foot wear. Due to the rather whimsical nature of his dress, Scythed has strengthened his clothing with armored modifications, sewing steel plates into place on his jacket, pants and gloves, giving them an added bonus of protection. Two steel plates have been fastened to each pant leg, one below and one above the knee. His leather gloves have the end portions of the fingers after the second knuckle removed, much akin to climber’s gloves, though the back of the gloves and the fingers have steel plates sewn in as well, to offer the hands some protection. His jacket and vanbrace were made professionally by an armorer. The jacket has metal plates sewn within the leather in its sleeves go to just above the elbows. He has simple steel vanbraces.

Weapon Description

    Scythed’s weapon of choice is a poleaxe, a pole-arm of about five feet in length. The haft is made of oakwood and the steel head has three striking surfaces, the first being an axe head (most effective against unarmored opponents), the second opposite of the blade is a hammer (effective against both armored and unarmored opponents alike), and on the tip there is a six inch long spike, (effectively used to pierce armor with its spearlike quality), and at the other end of the haft there is a butt spike. The axe blade has a cut-out of a heart in the center of the inverted triangular blade, the smith’s trademark.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Pole-axe, Bastard Sword, Bassilard
Armor Modified Leather Jacket w/ Steel Plates, Leather Pants, Leather Gloves, Steel Vanbraces
Equipment Backpack, whetstone, flint and steel, dried rations, 10’ of hemp rope, bedroll, blanket, pillow, coin pouch
ST 15
EN 7
AG 16
IN 14
LU 9
PB 10


    Scythed’s body is somewhat frail, while he is fairly strong and fast he can’t take all that much punishment, he relies mostly on skill and tactics in battle. His fighting style consist of whatever works. He has a natural talent for combat. His thieving skills are limited mostly to that of a pickpocket.


    Scythed is a somewhat odd person, while he can be kind and generous at times, he still always seems to be a bit heartless. Some of this is due to his view of life as rather pointless. While he doesn’t care if anyone else dies, he also has no concern for his own life, which many people find unnerving as this becomes apparent. He has friends and often seems to get quite close to them, but when one of them dies or betrays him, or the rare time they fade out of his life, he always seems unaffected emotionally.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Scythed was born as Cameron to Geff and Marien in a small village in Moss in NRC 507. His father, Geff, was a blacksmith, and although he never knew his mother Marien, he never wondered about her until much later after his fathers death.

    At the age of five he and his father moved to Dragon Eye due to his father’s enjoyment and proficiency at crafting weapons rather than tools and the like, the village had little need of his services. He stayed in Dragon Eye for about a year but with barely enough business to survive off of due to the already well established competition.

    They returned to their home village when Scythed was six. Life continued at a regular pace for another two years until the village was raided by a group of bandits. The bandits were being hunted and were in desperate need of supplies so they attacked the village in hopes of getting food and other supplies.

    Scythed was with his father in his workshop at the time, and two bandits had gotten themselves drunk after raiding the local tavern and had wandered into the smithy. They became aggressive when the saw the blacksmith, readying their weapons in preparation to strike. Scythed’s father fought back with his hammer while Scythed hid out of sight. Although he managed to kill one of the bandits, the other struck a fatal blow and Scythed’s father fell to the ground. Distraught, the boy picked up the fallen bandit’s weapon and caught the other bandit by surprise, stabbing him in the stomach. The bandit went down, but Scythed continued to strike, more driven by grief than any urge to defend himself. The group that had raided the village ran off soon after, having gathered their needed supplies.

    The village was left mostly intact, the death toll being fairly low and the bandits surprisingly enough hadn’t attack the surrounding farms which were the primary source of food for the villagers. After the attack, Scythed lived in his father’s house and he was given food by the other villagers because his father had been well liked in the village. He spent most of his time in his father’s forge practicing what he’d been taught before his father’s death.

    The other children began to tease him about killing the bandit after a while, saying that he had done it for fun and enjoyed the violence. This didn’t really bother him, at least on the surface, but over time he started to believe them. He began causing fights and beating up other children, finding that he had quite a lot of skill at fighting and was able to take on those much bigger than him. The villagers were becoming angry at Scythed for his constant fighting and began to punish and distance themselves from him. He began feeling hated and alone, continually becoming more distant from the others.

    Finally at the age of ten he left the village, deciding to head out to the city that he had lived in for a short time with his father, Dragon Eye deciding to become a mercenary. When he got there he went to the local Mercenaries’ Guild to try and get employment.

    When he was asked his name he he lied, naming himself Scythed instead of his real name, taking it from the makeshift sword he’d made from the blade of a scythe. He never used his real name after this and has long since forgotten it. Of course the guild refused to accept a ten year old into their midst. He tried to freelance as a bodyguard for merchants and the like, but all refused, none thinking that a child could defend them. As he became desperate for food, he resorted to stealing to survive. He continued to try and get employed as a mercenary, still thinking that he wouldn’t be happy pursuing a non-violent career. But in the years that followed he was still unemployed, he was a thief, mostly picking pockets.

    He would continue getting into fights during this time, however, though he only killed one person during and the act played heavily on his conscience. Eventually he found a way to deal with it, although it changed his way of thinking about death and took away most of his moral inhibitions against killing. Over the years his equipment changed, and Scythed became fond of using the pole axe, and discarded his old scythe blade sword that served as his namesake.

    At the age of fifteen he finally got hired to help protect a merchant’s caravan. Soon after he was accepted into the city’s mercenary guild, though he never worked very closely with the guild, and usually only came to get work.

    After this he lived off the money he earned as a mercenary, only occasionally returning to theft when he couldn’t make enough money to support himself. He has worked as a bodyguard many times, mostly protecting caravans, people, and other things. He’s fought in skirmishes, battles, and fought in the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection at eighteen. Although he had seen a lot of battle, he never paid much mind to why he killed.

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