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Pronunciation: SER-ee

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Age 2,000+
Birth Year Unavailable
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Homeland Forest of No Return

Physical Description

    Seri is physically delicate, but possesses a great spiritual strength. She carries herself with dignity and is very beautiful. Her face is just as delicate as the rest of her with piercing emerald eyes. She has the usual pale blonde hair of high elves and fair, flawless skin. Well into her third trimester of pregnancy, her belly is very obvious on her small frame.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Light Blonde
Weight 97lbs (+23lbs) Eye Color Emerald Green
Build Petite Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Seri wears a silver circlet which is similar to the Marfa priestesses’ circlets, but is set with two emeralds. Her dress is empire waisted, the bodice being a blousey white top with a high collar, and the skirt being a deep shade of sky blue. The collar of her dress is trimmed with gold and set with two azure stones on the frog style clasps. The dress opens in the front down to the empire waist, which is divided with a yellow ribbon. Her skirt is full-length and pleated to flare out widely. It’s very comfortable for her, and it easily covers her legs when riding. She had to forgo high heels for this journey, so instead, she wears flat-heeled knee-high boots made to match her dress. Over her clothes, she wears a long sky blue coat with gold details.

Weapon Description


Class Shaman
Occupation Shaman
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Saddlebags; clothing, comb, toiletries, swaddling clothes, baby toys and supplies
Horse Ilavirin
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons Ento, Kraken
ST 7
EN 14
AG 15 (-9)
IN 17
LU 13
PB 14


    Seri has spent over twelve hundred years devoted to shamanism. Until recently, her entire purpose in life was to expand her spiritual being. She has succeeded in becoming adept with all spirits a high elf dare summon—Sylph, Undine, and many other fairies. She has experimented with summoning Salamander, but would never admit to it. She made a contract with Ento when she was around five hundred, by entering through the ancient tree. She was unable to make a contract with Djinn the last time she left the forest, due to him being sealed deep within the desert, but she sought out Kraken instead. She has no interest in Efreet, or Behemoth.

    Seri has never been a fighter, or a ranger. She wasn’t interested in learning fencing, or archery, instead she focused on becoming a devoted shaman. For protection, she relies on her shamanism and Estas, while he’s traveling with her. Since she is pregnant, her mobility is greatly decreased.


    Seri is noble and dignified, but deep down is as playful and carefree as any elf. She is naive in dealing with humans and dark elves and comes off as arrogant. She is honest and loves life. However, her pregnancy leads her to mood swings and often a bad temper, especially since the father of her child ran off.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Seri was born to a pair of ancient high elves who had fought under Falis during the War of the Gods, two of the many elves who chose to give up some of their spiritual essence and remain in the physical world. After a long courtship, the pair bore a single daughter, though their relationship was never very sexual. Ciriih, her mother, and Hodoal, her father, closely guided their daughter’s growth. Because of the reproductive habits of high elves, Seri had no playmates. It wasn’t until she had matured that she witnessed the births of elves such as Estas, Otora, and a few other children. After Estas, it would be a thousand years until another high elven child was born.

    She was conditioned to be a powerful shaman, but she never cared to learn any fighting skills. Unlike many youths, she had little interest in seeing the human world. Spirits were what Seri was most interested in. Other elves occasionally ventured out, finding the lands ruled by the sorcerers of Kastuul. These sorcerers intimidated Seri and convinced her that it wasn’t safe in the outside world for a delicate shamaness like herself.

    Early in Seri’s fifth century, she had prepared herself to make a contract with Ento, then entered the realm of fairies through the Ancient Tree. Ento tested her will, and despite her delicate body, her spirit was strong enough to withstand his tests. He granted her contract and Seri returned to the physical realm. With Ento’s contract, she became one of the elves responsible for keeping the Forest of No Return enchanted.

    When Seri was one thousand, one hundred and seven, Deedlit was born. It had been a thousand years since the birth of Estas, and young Deedlit was considered the hope for their clan. Seri took a part in teaching Deedlit shamanism, as she had proven to be one of the best shamans in the Forest of No Return, despite being one of the few second generation children.

    About seventy years after Deedlit’s birth, Seri was given a minor mission to scout out the human world and other elven forests—a common task presented to elves every few centuries. Seri traveled first to Alan, then southwards through Kanon to Valis. While she had the time outside the forest, she went to the ocean to seek a contract with another king spirit. Seri swam into the sea and entered Kraken’s spirit realm. Again, she impressed another king spirit with her spiritual strength and was granted a contract. He was notably easier to impress than Ento.

    She acquired information on the events of the last few centuries since the last investigation, then overwhelmed by humanity, she sought refuge in the Mirror Forest. There, the elders asked her to teach some of their children in high elven shamanist techniques. Seri obliged and took their most aspiring children as students. One such student was the daughter of the Keeper, a talented girl named Eliamn.

    However, she wasn’t the only visitor to the Mirror Forest. A common elf from the Glassy Woods, Azala, and a half-common elf, half-dark elf woman from the forests of Kanon, Mia, were also in the forest. Seri was intrigued by Mia for her mixed heritage and surprisingly, became friends with her, despite how different they were. Azala was an incredibly beautiful man, but Seri was not a very sexual woman and hardly noted his good looks beyond aesthetics. She gave the two a little extra training and the inspiration to seek spirit contracts for themselves.

    When Seri decided to return home, she parted ways with Azala, but allowed Mia to travel with her to protect her. She bought Mia into the Forest of No Return, though the other high elves were hesitant to accept the mixed-race elf (gray elf, as Seri called her). After seeing Seri home safely, Mia left. However, her gray elf friend came to visit her several times in the years to follow.

    Mia wasn’t her only visitor. Once, and only once, Azala came to call on her. The common elf told her that he was attracted to her and broke her out of her asexual high elven nature. After spending several months together, they parted ways on a good note, though Seri expected to see more of him.

    However, shortly after he left, she realized she was pregnant. She informed the elders, and though her relationship with her child’s father was unorthodox for high elves, the child was celebrated. Seri badly wanted Azala to know about their child, and she waited for his return. She requested Estas to travel to the Glassy Woods to deliver a message to Azala, but Azala was not in the forest when Estas was there. The message was left his family, but after several more months, he didn’t come.

    Seri became overly anxious to find Azala, mostly driven by her hormones. She decided to leave to find him, and asked Estas to join her for protection. While he objected to her leaving, she proved to be far too determined to dissuade, so Estas did the next best thing and came to ensure her safety.

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