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Sifalla Vicura
Pronunciation: SI-fahl-LAH VIK-ur-ah

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Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Islands East of Alania

Physical Description

    Sifalla is the identical twin sister of Talla and they share many similarities, but are also subtly different for their lifestyles. Both sisters have the same frame; a little below average height at five-foot-five, an exceptionally long torso with small waist, somewhat shorter legs in comparison to their long upper body, and both are busty with curvy hips. Sifalla’s body is well-toned, and far from bulky. Like an elf, she’s built for agility and speed, not brute strength.

    The Vicura sisters are beautiful in facial structure as well, both with small, delicate faces with a small chin, a straight nose, an almost petulant mouth and large violet eyes framed by naturally thin brows. Sifalla is much more natural in appearance than Talla. The girls naturally have straight, dark blonde hair, and though Talla bleaches her hair, Sifalla doesn’t put much effort into hair care besides washing and arranging it in usually practical styles. When it’s down, her grown out bangs are usually pulled to the right and sometimes fall over her right eye. While hunting or working, she pulls it back in a high ponytail, though often little locks of her bangs fall about her face. Sifalla’s skin is tanned from spending so much time outside and a few freckles are visible on her cheeks and shoulders.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Dark Blonde
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Toned Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Sifalla dresses practically for what she does, but also a bit provocatively. She is very comfortable with her body and doesn’t mind showing off a little skin. Her usual outfit is an olive colored dress; sleeveless, and with a v-cut neckline cut very low, almost to her navel. The skirt is open on both sides and falls to mid-shin. Of course, she wouldn’t wear just that dress alone, under the dress she wears an off-white bandeau top that hides any cleavage and keeps things in place. Sometimes, she wears leather breeches as well, and weather permitting, she’ll just wear her mid-shin boots with mid-thigh high off-white stockings. She also has a pair of gloves that match her dress, they reach almost up to her shoulders and the middle fingers and thumbs are cut out. Sifa wears little in the way of jewelry, but a cloth choker that matches her dress and a washed-gold anklet over her boot on her left foot. She wears a dark grey-green cloak that helps with camouflage.

Weapon Description

    Sifa’s bow is made of ash wood, crafted by her mentor Tores. She makes the shaft of her arrows and fletch them herself, but she usually depends on a smith to make her arrowheads. Sifalla also carries a heavy-bladed hunting knife, made mainly for gutting and skinning, but she knows how to defend herself with it if necessary. She also carries two bolas, made of leather and weighted with bags of sand.

Class Ranger
Occupation Hunter
Weapons Short bow & arrows, hunting knife, bolas
Armor None
Equipment Quiver, traveling pack; clothing, anklet, fletching kit, whetstone, and various odds and ends
ST 12
EN 11
AG 15
IN 11
LU 10
PB 13


    Sifalla loves nature and is very athletic. She was trained by a local huntsman in woodscraft and weapon skills. She is very capable of using all the weapons she carries, and even some she doesn’t. Sifa can also use a quarterstaff and throwing daggers, likely a spear as well, but she was never taught how to use a sword.


    Sifalla has a tough skin and there isn’t much that will get her down. She is very easy to talk to and down to earth. Her easy-going nature often attracts more attention from men than Talla’s prim and demure demeanor. Sifa has always loved nature and though she hunts, she is very respectful and never takes more than she needs. She hates to see nature destroyed by human incursion.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Sifalla was born to Huran and Yorisa Vicura with a twin sister, Talla, on the islands east of Alania. Their father was a fisherman, as most of the island’s inhabitants were. They were originally settlers from Alania, and they were even ruled by an Alanian baron, though the islands aren’t recognized as a barony of Alania. The main land lies just beyond the western horizon. Sifalla and Talla have spent their entire lives thus far on the islands.

    The twin sisters never had any more siblings, after twins, their mother no longer wanted children. Through most of their childhood, their father was at sea, coming home every other week before going back to sea. At least he had the winter with his family. The girls’ childhood wasn’t too spectacular, they grew up, learned the skills they needed. Neither have ever seen elves, dwarves or any of the other races that inhabit Lodoss, but there was a little magic in the community; an elderly mage, devoted to protecting the village should any harm befall it.

    As the girls grew, they remained similar in appearance, yet very different in personality. Sifalla was in love with the woods that covered their island and played there whenever she could sneak in. Talla became curious for other forms of knowledge. She loved to hear stories that came from the mainland, and most of all, she loved the old sorcerer as if he were her own grandfather.

    Sifalla’s love of the wilderness was only improved when one of the men of the village came across her in the woods. He was a hunter, Tores, and found Sifalla when she was seven. He had been hunting and was quite surprised to find a little blonde-haired girl climbing in the trees alone. Sifa had sneaked into the woods, despite the fact her mother would likely tan her hide if she knew. Tores at, first thought, she was lost, but when he asked, she said she knew exactly where she was and in fact was playing and didn’t need any help finding her way home. Tores and Sifa started talking and he quickly realized she was much like him as a child. He walked her home that night and spoke to her mother and eventually convinced Yorisa to allow him to train Sifa as a hunter, because at least then she would have nothing to worry about the next time Sifa decided to go exploring.

    So, for the next ten years, Tores became Sifalla’s mentor. He taught her all about woodscraft and told her stories about the elves, whom he claimed to have met in his younger years when he lived near the Forest of No Return. Sifalla first learned archery, then was taught how to use the quarterstaff and bolas. As she became older, Tores took her hunting with him and she proved to be very skilled.

    As teenagers, Sifalla and Talla grew distant, taking almost opposite roles. Talla was slender and demure where as Sifa was hard and untamed. They still loved each other as sisters do, but they were very different. Though, by time Sifa was thirteen, she knew every inch of the island and wanted desperately to travel to the mainland. Her mother wouldn’t have it, not until the girls were eighteen, she decided. Sifalla anxiously awaited her eighteenth birthday to ferry to Alania. Her sister shared the same desire for she wanted to attend the Academy of Sages in Alan.

    Finally eighteen, Sifalla and Talla prepared for their journey to Lodoss. They packed their belongings, Sifa said goodbye to Tores and her mother, and left on the ferry to Alania with Talla and her mentor. Both girls were terrified and excited for the adventures and knowledge awaiting them.

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