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Silemria Til’Elsa Gradus
Pronunciation: SILL-em-REE-ah till-EL-sah GRAYD-us

Forum ID Little Knight
Plot Cian’s Quest
New Marmo Republic
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Silemria’s Gallery
Age 29
Birth Year NRC 498
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Silemria could be beautiful, if not for the obvious scars on the left side of her face. The mercenary is incidentally, more interested in her physical prowess than her beauty. Her hair is fairly well kept and shorter, only shoulder length, and often tied in a bun or pony tail. Without her eye patch, her left eye is opaque, seared shut, hence she tends to wear a large one. As for her good eye, it possesses a fierceness and clarity that befits the greatest warriors alive. As for her body, the burn covers most of her left side of her body, stopping just lightly above the waist. Her left arm is heavily burned, and has limited movement due to this. Unlike some, her body isn’t hour glass shaped, although she has noteworthy curves to keep a male’s attention. But, as stated before, her most striking feature is her eye.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Auburn
Weight 137lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Athletic Skin Color Snow White

Clothing and Armor

    Silemria wears little armor to speak of, primarily due to the fact that her sword style puts emphasis on mobility rather than holding ones’ ground. Her personal preference is a high necked, form fitting vest with a metal plate over her left breast and short cut sleeves. She wears tight breeches with thigh high, brown leather boots and metal shin guards. On her left arm are white bandages, visible until the dwarven steel gauntlet on her left hand. At her hip is a low hanging sword belt, more for flair than anything else.

Weapon Description

    Silemria carries two cutlasses, each are made slightly thinner due to her lack of overall physical strength. Each one is little under three feet in length, wielded in both hands. In the case of the left hand sword, various runes are inscribed along the blade. An expert would know that its Kastuulian in nature, even further, a Rune Sword. In its case, the blade isn’t wholly different, although the edge seems forever drenched in blood, although the blood never runs from the sword.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary, Treasure Hunter
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (9)
Weapons Cutlass, Cutlass Rune Sword “Inferno”
Armor Steel Half-Breastplate, Dwarven Steel Gauntlet
Equipment Clothing, bandages, whetstone, various maps of Lodoss
Horse Lareijae
ST 15
EN 11
AG 14
IN 10
LU 12
PB 10

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Silemria is much stronger than the average women, capable of inflicting devastating wounds both armed and unarmed. However, her strength is not matchless for her sex.


    Sil is a cross between a badger, drunk, and a decent individual all rolled into one. Despite her generally gruff personality, she does have a soft spot for children, although an acute mistrust towards politicians. Oddly enough, she has an affinity towards fire, even though it has marked her for life.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “I can’t help it that I’m so bloody good.”, “What, ya expect me ta fight fair? Sell sword, mate.”, “Glory... valor... money. Yep, that’s me, alright.”


    Born the illegitimate child of a noble family, one might expect that her life would have been spent in the lap of luxury, but fundamentally denied in terms of her high birth status. And indeed, while her life started as pleasant as it could, that quickly changed after a tyrant took control over her kingdom, butchered the royal family, then turned the attention on those who remained neutral as well as those who supported the king. In Sil’s case, her family had remained neutral, but it was no less butchered.

    As a child, she watched as her father, elder sister, and mother were put to the sword. In her case, she managed to hide; While this may have worked, the order was clear: after the death of the family, the mansion was to be burned, and salt was to be sown in the ashes. Silemria, unfortunately, experienced fire first hand when a burning door fell upon her while she escaped. Because of this, she lost the use of her left eye, and it would take years before she gained a sufficient amount of dexterity in the left part of her body to function as well as she does.

    Damaged both physically and mentally, Sil sought the refuge of death, and attempted suicide. She might indeed have died if not for an old swordsman who stopped her, and took her in. When she begged him to teach her the blade, he ignored her. As she persisted, the old man eventually gave in, and taught her the fundamentals of sword play, and that is not always the strongest who wins, but the quickest. For most of her life, her studies consisted of how to both quickly, and slowly kill ones opponent using a sword, as well as to keep oneself balanced in order to dodge.

    When she was proficient enough, she bid her surrogate father goodbye, and set out on a quest for revenge. On her way back to her homeland, however, she found that while she possessed a great deal of skill with a blade, she lacked the fundamental supply of a traveler: money. Deciding the quickest way to make money, and get her revenge, was to sell her skills, she quickly found work, and completed it with near ruthless efficiency. Finding that she liked the freedom, and deciding it was a good test of her skill, she stuck to her mercenary ways, even joining a guild to gain legitimacy as a sell sword. With her track record, she earned the nickname ‘Silemria the Sword Princess’, although its not a nickname she readily throws around.

    While her ultimate goal is revenge, she finds the freedom of the life she is on is well worth living. Still deciding on a plan, she readily sells her skills, but is quick to put her own moral judgment on whether the job is good or evil, and is quick to make ‘evil’ employers pay with something more than a simple tongue lashing.

    While initially the thought of going to Lodoss never crossed her mind, rumors of Heaven Savior and Soul Crusher did catch her interest. However, shrugging them off as simply over hyped, she generally ignored them. It wasn’t until she found a Kastuulian artifact during a mission to investigate some old ruins that Lodoss became a viable place to go. At this time, she gained a rune sword capable of inflicting heavily damaging attacks, searing and slashes flesh at the same time. Since Kastuul was generally based in Lodoss, she felt it would be only prudent to continue her training there. Although not overly fond of magic, she knew that these super destructive weapons would make revenge a lot more obtainable.

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