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Pronunciation: SIL-vee-AH

Forum ID Silvia
Plot Bastion’s Demons
Character is © Elsa-illustrations.
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Silvia’s Gallery
Age 37
Birth Year NRC 493
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    A sultry and confident half-elf beauty. Silvia’s most notable feature is her heterochromatic eyes; the right is green and the left is violet. Her black hair is cut short, except for a length on the left side of her head, which she usually wears tossed over her shoulder and loosely bound in the center. Otherwise, the rest of her hair is cut to just below chin length, lightly layered along the edges, with her grown out bangs pulled mostly to the left. Silvia’s face is delicate and feminine with full lips and thin brows. Her figure is tall and lean, with moderate curves.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Black
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Green (R), Violet (L)
Build Athletic Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Silvia wears a black body suit, with white accents. The bodysuit has no legs and is cut off at the thigh. The front is low cut, trimmed in glossy black leather along the edges. It fastens up the front, with a keyhole cut out at the base of her ribs. The bodysuit is attached to a sleeveless white top that covers her shoulders, upper back, and has a high collar, embellished with gold trim along the edges, with a simple design around the collar. There is a chain hanging over her chest from either side of the white top with three gold rectangular dangles that have a purple bar at the bottom of each. In addition she wears a pair of white gloves/sleeves that match her top and boots. The gloves are only held on at her middle finger, and they reach above her biceps. Her boots are white leather and reach up her thighs, and have a flat heel. On her forehead, Silvia wears a circlet with a rectangular gold bar over her forehead with three dangles from it. She also carries a black cloak for protection from the elements.

Weapon Description

    Silvia’s longsword is about four feet in length, with a somewhat thin blade. The hilt and crossguard are rather long, both covered in black leather. The center of the crossguard is set with gold and purple accents. Her whip is thick braided black leather with a pointed metal tip.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (6)
Weapons Longsword, Whip
Armor None
Equipment Basic traveling equipment, clothing, jewelry
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 8
AG 16
IN 12
LU 11
PB 14


    Silvia is an accomplished fighter and shaman. As a young child, spirits approached Silvia and she was able to speak with them. With no one to encourage or discourage her, Silvia’s report with the spirits led to her figuring out that she could ask them for favors. As she grew older, she learned more from the spirits, and how to do more.

    She was also self-taught, for the most part, in fighting. As a child, she was a strong child who always stood up for herself, which got her in a few fights. She also figured out a few aspects of sword play by play-fighting with sticks. It wasn’t until she was older and became apprenticed to a mercenary that she really honed her skills.


    A strong and independent woman, Silvia exudes confidence. She has somewhat lax morals, and generally works for the highest bidder. Silvia is sensual and sultry, flirtatious whens he wants to be, but she knows when to rein it in and be serious. She is also an opportunist, taking any chances and using any means to get what she wants or needs.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Silvia was conceived due to a fling between her elven mother and human father. When her mother realized she was pregnant with a half-elven child, she feared the repercussions amongst her own people, so when Silvia was born, she left her daughter on the doorstep of an orphanage in Shinning Hill run by the local Marfa temple.

    It was here that Silvia grew up, surrounded by other orphans. Many of her peers accepted her as a half-elf, as they had all grown up together. She was just one of the gang to them. The children had little in the way of supervision, and spent much of their early years playing where they wanted, easily sneaking off the orphanage’s grounds. Theft was another part of their games, as they didn’t receive allowances, they either pick-pocketed or stole off stands. It was in these years that Silvia learned to speak to the spirits. The children were given a minor education, to try and give them a head start in life. Some girls were also chosen to become Marfa priestesses, but Silvia never showed an interest in it.

    When Silvia reached sixteen, she had to leave. The priestesses gave her a small fund to help her start out, and Silvia sought out a place in the world. The young half-elf wanted to travel, she wanted to prove her worth in the world beyond being a half-elf. After wandering Shinning Hill for some time, she came upon a Mercenaries’ Guild. It seemed like the perfect place to start, but with no experience, the guild wouldn’t let her join, however, they did suggest that she find someone to take her an apprentice. So, for weeks, Silvia tried to get the attention of a mercenary to take her as an apprentice, but it wasn’t until a man named Warren decided to take her under his wing.

    Warren was in his late twenties, and a part of his reasoning for taking Silvia on was because of her beauty. However, he was sincere in teaching her—while he seduced her. It didn’t take long, as Silvia was quite interested herself, and so they became lovers and partners. Warren eventually fell in love with her, and for around fifteen years, they were inseparable.

    However, age began to take it’s toll on Warren, and he was unable to keep up with Silvia. This led to his death in battle when they decided to help the Kanon Free Army push the Marmo out of Kanon. Silvia was heartbroken, but over the next six years, she recovered from her loss and continued her life as a solo mercenary.

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