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Pronunciation: SNOH

Forum ID Dead Midas
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Snowe’s Gallery
Age 91
Birth Year NRC 439
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Fairy Woods, Blue Dragon Island

Physical Description

    Like many elves, Snowe is blessed with a fair façade, though his charm is more often praised by rather young women, as opposed to older adult women who are more experienced in the ways of men. In their eyes, he appears to have more of a boyish charm about him, rather than the allure of a strapping man. This is partially contributed to his childish behavior at times, though he is nearly one hundred years old. His white hair is shoulder length, sweeping to the left and carefully curving his face and cheeks, though hangs rather carelessly. He has a slender body and a delicately molded figure. His bright gold eyes shine strongly against his dark skin, standing out like a pair of brilliant stars against a summer sky when the darkness of night has not fully unfolded.

Height 5’9” Hair Color White
Weight 138lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Svelte Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    Snowe is often covered in a brown cloak, which he uses to conceal himself in enemy territory, and can be worn either in the fashion of a cape, or used to coat his entire body. Beneath his cloak, when he is not wearing the black, gold trimmed garbs often worn by the dark elves of Marmo, he is clad in dark gray, worn in leather pants, along with a variety of belts; two that cross each other over his chest, and three assorted at his hips, where he holds his sheath and longsword. He wears long black, fingerless gloves, with a knife concealed in a pouch at the back of the palm. His boots are black, light and easy to run in, with straps and buckles all around them. He wears an under shirt that is light yellow and cuts off at the shoulders, over which is a fine, pale brown vest, and at his shoulders are black pauldrons, which match his boots and gloves. At the lobes of each of his ears he most often wears an assortment of gold earrings that stand out against his dark skin.

Weapon Description

    The blade of his longsword is crafted from fine elven steel with gold embedded through the tip and center; though it is a rather thin sword, it's strength suffices. The black sheath of his sword was etched with native Marmo designs, set with the Marmo eye at the crossguard.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Mercenary, Former Marmo Soldier
Weapons Elven Longsword, Knife
Armor Pauldrons
Equipment Basic traveling gear, elven wine & spirits, clothing, jewelry
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 10
AG 14
IN 12
LU 9
PB 14


    Snowe often practiced his shamanistic abilities early in his childhood, which built the foundation for his current skills in it, though his level is about as average as any other dark elf his age. He is very knowledgeable in the ways of nature and knows Blue Dragon Island, as well as the Dark Forest of Marmo, very well. As a ranger, he is stealthy, and can easily go beyond the detection of his foes. He is graceful on his feet and adequately skilled with a sword, but is still learning and mastering the art.


    Snowe can be very cruel and cold without even being aware of it, though under preferable circumstances, he can be friendly, and is most often an optimist. His kinder characteristic are only made possible by his former peaceful experience on Blue Dragon Island, but slowly he is developing to be more careless, violent, and cruel as a result of devoting himself to Marmo and following in the foot steps of his people. He can be some what arrogant, as trade mark of his kind, but yields this trait in the face of those with inspiring power. The dangerous combination of his natural cheerfulness and the influence of dark elf cultural norms brews his playfully sadistic nature. He is not always aware of when it is best to retreat, and will only do so when told, as his pompous attitude makes it bitter and difficult for him to back down on his own. Snowe has a quick hand and is often first to draw his sword, but does not always have a quick mind, especially in combat, as he can be some what hotheaded.

    Being in the presence of light elves is unsettling to him and rather uncomfortable, though Snowe does not hold the same hatred for them as the dark elf natives of Marmo do. He doesn’t care for centaurs, though can get along with them well enough, as he has met several in his past on Blue Dragon Island. He is one of the youngest of the dark elves of Marmo, but tries to act more mature when he is surrounded by his elders.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “There is evil about. That evil is known as ‘Humanity’.”, “Where one can find men, one can also find corruption.”, “If you think I am cruel, you ought to look at yourself, human.”, “Do yourself a favor and allow me to put an end to your miserable existence.”, “Humans? What dreadful business!”


    At the time in which Snowe was conceived, his parents decided to leave Marmo behind them and isolate themselves from all things; beast, humans, and to some extent, their own kind. They did not resent their roots in Marmo, though felt it was best to raise their son elsewhere and put a stop to the cycle of violence and rage in their family. For some time, this worked. Snowe lived a peaceful childhood on Blue Dragon Island, learning the ways of survival as a ranger from his parents and fellow elves who had left Marmo behind as well. Though Marmo was spoken of as a dark and undesirable place, Snowe could never help but be enchanted by the thought of it, yearning to be with his people, where he felt he truly belonged.

    Though, when the War of Heroes began, Snowe felt duty bound to aid his dark elf brethren, though his parents advised him against this. Snowe’s world shattered all around him as he witnessed the desperation, evil, and poverty that enveloped the world outside of the Fairy Woods, and how terribly cruel humans could be to one another. After taking part in the war, Snowe has not since left Marmo, condemning himself to wander the dark island aimlessly, waiting for the time when his skills will be called upon once more. The war had a considerable impact on Snowe; ever since such time, he has always looked up to strong and skilled fighters of the dark elf clan of Marmo, like Aelis and Pirotess (before she departed from the island with Ashram), proclaiming complete devotion to the cause of his people, whatever it may be.

    Between the wars and bloodshed, when Snowe is left with nothing else to do to survive, he either wanders from forest to forest, living off the land, or does mercenary work. He will not take all jobs, especially for self righteous places like Valis, Moss, and Kanon. He hates working for humans especially, but he just figures that sometimes it just be done if you want to get by.

    The only human Snowe ever truly respected was Emperor Beld. He always found his fiery passion for his beliefs and will power an inspiring thing, which was partially his reason for taking part in the war. Currently, he has re-affixed his former devotion to Beld to a new man, Thrash. Snowe doesn’t know much about him yet, but feels reassured to know that elves like Aelis and Sura are lending their abilities to him. Snowe is still some what naive, following the leads of other dark elves as his role models, no matter what the task may be. When he is in the presence of those of his kind, he has little independence, though can completely rely on himself when he is truly alone. Because he was not born on Marmo, Snowe senses a subtle distance between himself and other dark elves, though no one has ever actually brought up the subject; he can simply feel the tension of it. He hopes to put this behind him by giving up his own will and giving in to the will of his people, promising full devotion to Thrash, as long as the dark elves continue to agree with his motives.

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