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Pronunciation: so-HE

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Plot Liberation of Ales
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Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland None; Nomadic

Physical Description

    Sohe is an attractive young male with short blonde hair that goes up above the back of his neck, his bangs cover most of his forehead and end three inches above his straight and thin eyebrows. He has round eyes that are a sapphire blue color and his face is heart shaped. His nose is flat, as is his forehead, his jaw is cleft, his mouth thin, his teeth white, cheekbones smooth, and his lips pink. He stands at six feet tall and weighs around one hundred seventy-five pounds and is of average build. His skin tone is a normal tone of white.

Height 6’ Hair Color Blonde
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Average Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Sohe is usually found wearing a long sleeve blue shirt over his torso and covering the shirt is a black cloak that goes down all the way to his thighs. Over his lower body he wears black pants that match the cloak with a black belt. Black gloves that are wrist length cover his hands and black boots knee high over his feet. He wears chain mail over his clothes, excluding the cloak of course, when in battle.

Weapon Description

    Short sword with a blue hilt and a matching blue round shield.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5)
Weapons Short Sword
Armor Chainmail, Shield
Equipment “Basic Adventurer’s Pack”; clothing, 30 foot rope, two torches, a flint and steel set, a whetstone, warm blanket, six days of rations, bedroll, waterskin
Horse No
ST 15
EN 14
AG 10
IN 10
LU 10
PB 14


    Sohe is a fighter who relies mostly on his strength and relentless assaults in battle with very little tactics within them. He lacks speed so he has to rely on his strength and endurance during a battle.


    Sohe is a very forward man when it comes to women who catches his eye. He has a good sense of right and wrong and there are lines he just won’t cross and he’ll often take the jobs he feels are on the side of good. He follows the law unless he has reason to believe they are totally unreasonable. He is laid back and is usually the one who always try to lighten up the mood with either a joke or just sarcasm, he is also very cocky in battle ignoring his mother’s warnings of where that could get him. He is the type of man who will sweet talk and flirt with a woman he finds attractive regardless of who they are and he some times speaks without thinking.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “My lady, I think I might be able to guard you better tonight ‘inside’ your bedroom.”, “On second thought, I think I will be better off just standing outside the door.”


    Sohe was born to Avam and Lezla, traveling mercenaries who could never settle in one place for too long. Avam was an adventurous young man from Valis who eventually became a mercenary for the excitement; the money became secondary. He had a very bad habit of flirting and seducing attractive female co-workers during assignments, and depending on the woman’s personality, this went well or terrible for him in the end. One day in NRC 505 he came to a small village during one of his mission where he met Lezla who later became fascinated by the man and swept up by the adventurous lifestyle and later she was swept off her feet during their travels together.

    In NRC 511 they married when Avam was 24 and Lezla was 20 and the year after that Lezla gave birth to Sohe, their first and only child. Avam and Lezla wouldn’t settle in one place, so Sohe became a nomad since his family would move to one part of Lodoss to the next, continuing their mercenary work, although Lezla had to sit jobs out during Sohe’s childhood. Sohe grew up to be very social and follow in his father footsteps in his tendencies to flirt with women, though because his family always moved around, keeping in touch with friends and any relationship he tried to create was hard. Through his teen years Avam taught him everything he knew about combat, being a mercenary, and how to get with the chicks—a father/son thing. At the age of sixteen Sohe followed in his parents footsteps in becoming a mercenary and aided his family on assignments.

    The work help him get closer to his parents but the work also allowed him to get even closer to other women as a year later after turning seventeen he met another mercenary a half-common, half-dark elf named Mia whom he slept with, making her the first of what he hoped to be many beautiful women he would get in bed with. At the age of eighteen he left his family to go off on his own as he was now entering his adult years.

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