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Song Lythcast
Pronunciation: SONG LITH-cast

Yahoo! ID kaychan03
Plot A New Balance
Song is © kaychan03.
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Song’s Gallery
Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    She has long platinum almost white hair that goes down about an inch from her waist. Her skin is a snowy white color. Her eyes are crystal blue. Her hair is always being worn down to hide her ears, which are a little smaller then most half elf ears. She’s around five foot, six inches, and doesn’t seem to look as though she is built for heavy lifting.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Silver-Platinum Blond
Weight 121lbs Eye Color Crystal Blue
Build Slim Skin Color Snowy White

Clothing and Armor

    Wears an identical to her eyes blue hooded robe that come around an inch off the ground. She wears a white skirt that goes a little past her thighs. Her boots are heeled with pointed edges, they are white. Her top is a corset looking blue top. She has a wrap around belt that holds her sword.

Weapon Description

    She has a long thin sword, with a white handle. The handle is engraved in gold with a dragon. The actual blade of the sword has a unicorn pattern through it.

Class Merchant
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Sword
Armor None
Equipment Writing journal, writing utensils, carving knife, little bit of money, a little food, two blankets
Horse Lazorus
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    She can only communicate with Undine and Salamander. She has no idea how to use them. She’ll attempt to summon them to aid her, to no avail. If she does by some miracle summon one, they don’t listen and go away. She tends to not attempt to summon them, because it just ends in embarrassment for her.

    She is a very good cook, and will use parts of the land or items in her bag to cook any meal. She knows a lot about sword play, having been taught since she was young. She knows how to play the lyre. She also tends to write or draw any creatures she comes across. Hand to hand combat has been taught since she was 7, also staff fighting. Wood carving which she learned from a merchant.


    Personality is that of a spitfire, doesn’t take orders well, and likes to do things on her own way. Deep down she’s a good person, and will give things away to those less fortunate then her, which annoys her. Also lies constantly about who she is, where she is from, and other things, like she’ll say she’s a human when she’s not. She also wants to know everything that is going on around her, much to everyone’s dislike.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    She was born on the road to a Knight of Valis and an elf. Neither of her parents seemed to desire to take care of what they both called a half-breed, and left the baby with a cleric to be taken care of.

    At the age of five, the little ‘half-breed‘ kicked the cleric in the shin quickly running away towards the edge of town. finally deciding to enter the to leave the town forever, turning around to stick her tongue at it. She spent two days wandering (being lost is the better term), until eventually she collapsed from no food, and little sleep. The last thing she saw was a strange person coming towards her. When she awoke she found herself in a small hut, just outside the city. She could have sworn she had come further away from that dreaded place. She woke to find two men, a former knight and an old man.

    She spent the next years of her life with the two in a small hut outside the Adan. She saw many merchants that tended to travel right past their cottage on their way to town. She managed to learn some trades, to those who would teach her. She was a fast learner, from a young age, realizing that her ears seemed to cause problems, and was often shot rude glances from people in the town, so she began to hide her ears under her thick hair.

    The former Knight who‘s name was Alyr, trained her in sword fighting, due to the girl‘s lack of discipline. The girl learned quickly, too quickly for Alyr‘s liking he then began to train her in hand to hand, staff fighting. The old man who was an old sorcerer, who had retired and was looking for a successor. Song‘s fiery temper and roller coaster personality made him think about teaching her “maybe in a hundred more years” he told Alyr.

    Song spent most of her time wondering around the town, which she was often told not to, she would disturb the people. She, being so bullheaded, went into the town every afternoon while the two men were tending to their chores, which she should have been doing.

    One day she went into town to find a man with a small little Pegasus foal, the creature was in bad shape. This angered Song, she hit the man who was selling the creature with a metal bar that was used to cage the creature, and took the pegasus away from the town. She got into a huge fight with the old man, and took off to create her own life. She raised the little foal as her partner, and pet. Her and her pegasus Lazorus decided to travel around Lodoss and find a purpose for their existence.

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