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Pronunciation: SUUR-ah

Forum ID Priestess Sura
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 38
Birth Year NRC 492
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    A petite and delicate seeming dark elf, Sura is not quite what she seems. Her frame is very slim, slightly bony, with small breasts and hips. Sura’s red eyes are often lined in black, and her eye make-up is just as meticulously applied as her hair is arranged. Her brows are also plucked into a thin white line, and she cannot tolerate a stray hair. Her skin is a dusky hue of brown, soft and supple as she takes great strides to maintain her beauty. Even her hands are manicured and her nails cut to the same length.

    Her white hair is in a very clean cut style, and meticulously arranged. Cut to about shoulder length, it’s often pulled up into a high, square bun on the top of her head. In the front, long bangs fall over an entire side of her face and are cut at a diagonal line, following her jaw. She alternates sides and trims the bangs neurotically every day. Her face is beautiful and delicate, much like all elven woman, and she has no reason to hide behind her hair, but she uses her hair as a shield to hide behind. It makes her feel less socially inclined.

Height 5’3” Hair Color White
Weight 94lbs Eye Color Red
Build Slim Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    She is not a big fan of clothes, especially anything concealing, yet she isn’t exactly allowed to walk around nude. Instead, she is partial to short skirts, revealing bra-like tops, and chiffon. Though she is not a sociable person, she is a sexual person—she’d just rather not talk to her partner. Instead, she lets her lack of clothing do the talking for her. However, she is often forced to wear the robes of a priestess. So, when necessary, she wears swathing black robes with gold and violet trim. Her shoes are a delicate pair of gold and white silk stiletto heeled sandals.

Weapon Description

    A light and delicate stave, plated with gold leaf. It is about five feet tall, with a pointed end, and hollow purple glass ball at the top.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Falaris
Weapons Stave
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, make up, comb, scissors, toiletries
Magic System Shamanism, Clerical
Special Summons None
Patron God Falaris
ST 5
EN 6
AG 11
IN 15
LU 10
PB 16


    Both a shaman and priestess, Sura has the abilities of both. However, she is mainly only skilled in use of the dark spirits and especially loved by them. Sura entered the Falaris church at a young age; desired for her mental instability, she was the sort of chaotic individual that Falaris appreciates. She took readily to the dark church, and excelled in curses. She also has a high tolerance, even a fascination, with the more grotesque areas of the priesthood; live sacrifices.

    Physically, Sura is rather frail and delicate. She cannot fight, and relies on magic to fight her battles.


    Sura has the symptoms of severe bi-polar disorder, starting with unpredictable mood swings. What seems like nothing to one person, can throw Sura into a screaming fit of rage, which often lasts only several minutes, unless provocation is continued. As a direct opposite to this swing, she can also suddenly be thrown into fits of giddiness. She is restless and easily distracted, sometimes showing signs of hyperactivity. Her ego is often over-inflated as well, which she uses as a shield against her own depression. She prides herself on her beauty, and her possible high favor with Falaris, among other things, but when her ego is shattered, she drops into the deepest pits of depression. It’s times like this when she must rely on her “handler”—previously Kaithara, and now Aelis—to keep her safe for herself.

    Sura is extremely sexual, and though she will take any willing partner, she is antisocial. She prefers to not waste much time getting to know people, instead she uses them for one night and abandons them. However, love is not often an issue with these flings. Once her partner gets a taste of her mood swings, they often want nothing to do with her. However, she needs a constant partner in life, who will tolerate her insatiable sex drive. This person is her pillar, whom she cannot stand to be without. This is why she has a handler. At once manipulative and egotistical, she can also be anxious. Coupled with this anxiety is her obsessive behaviours, such as her meticulous arrangement of her hair, among other things. A bad hair day for Sura can mean an emotional melt-down.

    She suffers from terrifying dreams, but yet, she also has a morbid fascination with the gore that often occurs in them. She has no fear of death, and as a Falaris priestess, she often enjoyed the opportunity to participate in sacrifices. Sometimes, in periods where she has suffered major emotional trauma, she is subject to delusions and hallucinations. This occurred when she was enrolled as a novice in the temple of Falaris, and after Kaithara’s death. However, her hallucinations are very rare events. These unstable periods in her life can also bring crippling migraines. In conclusion, in our world, Sura would need strong anti-psychotic medication.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Sura was born to dark elven parents, Thairo and Auna. From an early age, Sura showed signs of mental instability—likely the result of Kardis’ corruptive presence. She threw tantrums with her parents, often over minor issues, or for no reason at all. With excessive stimulation, her moods shifted without out provocation, ranging from playful to raging. She was restless and often antisocial, though as a young child, she clung to her parents desperately. Her interactions with peers were limited due to her mood, and she spent much of her time with her mother, which was exhausting for Auna.

    Auna tried to teach Sura the basics of shamanism, but her daughter was far too distractable for most spirits. Though they would later discover her affinity for dark spirits, her mother didn’t risk introducing her to them until the intended age.

    Raising Sura was hard work for Auna and Thairo, but they finally could no longer tolerate her behaviour once Sura began to act sexually at the precocious age of eleven. She attempted to seduce her father, much to his disgust. Thairo was unable to look at his daughter afterwards, and realized that they had to turn elsewhere for help raising her. Neither of them had desire to hurt their only child, but they were overwhelmed. They searched for dark elven mentors in shamanism, fighting, and any other skill they could imagine, but none would take Sura. Finally, they turned to the Falaris temple. Though most dark elves who entered the priesthood did so much later in life, these were desperate times for Auna and Thairo. After a meeting with the high priest, Sura was accepted.

    In the Falaris religion, chaos is highly appreciated, and Sura was the embodiment of chaos. However, the priests also had to make sure that she caused no harm to themselves or her own person. So, she was assigned her first “handler”, a fellow dark elf and priest of Falaris, Kaithara. He was around five hundred years old, and for much of his life, he had served Falaris. However, the separation from her parents caused Sura much distress. The girl’s emotions swung wildly out of control, and she fell into the depths of depression, threatening to do harm to herself and others. Kaithara had to physically restrain her and patiently wait out her fits. She rambled incoherently, and often carried on conversations with her parents who weren’t even there.

    After time, Sura began to regain control over her emotions, and found comfort in Kaithara’s presence. Her comfort soon turned to lust as her hyperactive sex drive returned. Though she was just barely a teenager, Kaithara gave into her advances, if only to satiate her needs. Once she found a pillar of support in Kaithara, she began her studies. With her attention span, it was hard to teach her anything, but Sura instantly took a morbid fascination with the more grotesque rituals of the church. So long as Kaithara could make her studies interesting, Sura progressed.

    At the age of thirteen, Kaithara took a large step ahead in her education as a shaman. Though most dark elves attempted to summon dark spirits at the age of fifty, he believed Sura could make her first contract with them at this time. He taught her the summoning ritual and she succeed in her first attempt. However, her first summon was so successful that it was almost terrifying, even to a Falaris priest. The dark spirits adored Sura, and with little effort on her behalf, they responded to every beck and call.

    Sura was raised to a full priestess at the age of fifteen, but she was still under Kaithara’s constant watch. She could not be trusted on her own. At his side, she began to preform sacrifices with ruthless glee. She slept with many of her fellow priests and priestesses—anyone who was willing. However, it was Kaithara she was with every night. As she grew older, their relationship became even closer and more romantic, even if she was never loyal to him. It was an odd relationship, but he had come to know her so well personally and sexually that it was only inevitable.

    When Sura was eighteen, the new Marmo empire was preparing to invade Kanon, and the Falaris church sent priests to establish new temples in Lodoss. Kaithara was chosen to be a high priest if he could establish a new temple, and of course, Sura went with him. The day Kanon was taken, Kaithara and Sura were on the ships sent to sack Shinning Hill. The sacking of the city was Sura’s first battle, and she enjoyed it. Sura fought along Kaithara’s side, with the dark spirits as her weapon. The battle threw her into such a frenzy that Kaithara had to subdue her with a sleep spell. She wasn’t very pleased to have been stopped, but her rage soon passed. After Kanon had been claimed, Kaithara and Sura were sent to the city of Lever on the road to Valis to found a new temple. Kaithara, out of spite, chose a Marfa temple to convert to Falaris. The temple was ransacked and refurnished, and worship of Falaris began anew. The surviving Kanonians in the city were forced to attend worship.

    Settling in had been a rough period for Sura, but eventually, life returned to a comfortable routine, keeping her violet mood swings to a minimum. The fact that she had Kaithara at her side helped her adjust to the change. However, there would soon be a new period of upset. When Sura was twenty-one, she began experiencing fainting spells. Soon, her stomach began to bulge slightly, and Kaithara realized she was pregnant. Her estrus had begun before anyone had realized and she been impregnated almost immediately. The father could have been Kaithara, or any other partner, but the identity didn’t matter. Sura was not fit to be a mother, and Kaithara prayed for a miscarriage in desperation. He doubted Sura could stand the stresses of pregnancy.

    Approximately four months after conception, Sura miscarried; either by the will of Falaris, or due to her own physical frailty. It was not an easy miscarriage either. Sura went through the labor and delivery of the tiny, stillborn fetus. In realizing she was pregnant, it seemed her maternal instincts had been awoke, and though she knew she was incapable of raising a child, once she saw it, she was set into a deep depression. It was another rough period for her, but in time, she recovered.

    For the next eleven years, the routine continued, leaving Sura at her easiest to manage. In the heart of occupied territory, not much of the war reached them beyond news. The Kanon Free Army threatened the Marmo occupation, but little happened in the city. However, momentum in the stagnant war picked up again, and this time, it was in the worst interest for the Marmo. A faction of the Free Army with aid from Holy Knights of Valis attacked Lever in the dead of night. Enemy assassins infiltrated the Falaris temple to avoid dealing directly with the dangerous priests. Room by room, the slaughtered priests in their sleep until they reached the high priest’s sleeping chambers where Kaithara and Sura slept. Kaithara was slain in his sleep, but it woke Sura. Seeing her life drain from her beloved mentor threw Sura into her most terrible rage ever. The dark spirits came to her and she set them upon the assassin. The life was drained from him instantly, but Sura had to find more people to punish. She stormed into the main chapel to find soldiers waiting. Again, the dark spirits fought for her. Sura’s war on them didn’t stop. She went out into the city, setting her spirits upon anyone who crossed her path. However, fortunately for the soldiers and civilians, the battle finished quickly and many had escaped or been evacuated.

    As she prowled the city, another dark elf encountered her. He was a Marmo soldier,and patron of the Falaris temple. He knew her, and he knew a little about her condition—she needed the high priest Kaithara to keep her controlled, but without him, she was dangerous. He had seen her commanding the dark spirits to kill anyone she came across, so he summoned a sleep spirit and managed to subdue her. Before the soldiers could find them, he took her into the forest and hid.

    Sura awoke to see a familiar face, and luckily for the dark elf, her mood had shifted from rage to sorrow. He provided her comfort, and introduced himself as Aelis. Sura tied herself to him as if he were an anchor, because she knew a storm was coming. Soon enough, Sura’s emotions went out of control. As she mourned the death of Kaithara, her delusions returned. Aelis was at a loss for what to do, but he didn’t leave her, and he provided her with a sleep spell for when she went too far out of control.

    After several months of recovery in the forest, Sura’s balance returned. She and Aelis soon discovered that it was not a safe period for dark elves in Kanon, as many were still being hunted. They had to move to be constantly ahead of hunters, and eventually they took refuge in the mountains. In time, the came across other soldiers who had been abandoned, and to make a living, they banded together to began a bandit gang. Aelis was the ringleader, and Sura became his lover—and trump card if things became too troublesome.

    Inevitably, Sura became pregnant again. This time, she realized it sooner and removed herself from dangerous situations. She ate with a voracious hunger and was determined to save this child the fate of her first. She didn’t think she could be a mother, but she was going to try her best, and she had Aelis to rely on. Little did she know, but he was terrified at the thought of being a father, yet also worried that it wasn’t his baby. However, her body failed her yet again and she miscarried at three months. Though she did her best to take care of her body, they were unable to find the foods she needed most to fuel her own hyperactive metabolism, and the growing child’s.

    Aelis stood by her as she recovered from the the loss, but he became more possessive of her. Once her desire for sex returned, Aelis tried to keep her close to him. Though, as long as he could keep up, she wasn’t upset by the subtle guidance, he became more possessive. Once, when she flirted with another man, Aelis grabbed her by the arm forcefully and threatened to leave her if she continued her disloyalty. Sura reacted with an unspoken summon to the dark spirits, and Aelis was drained of nearly all his life energy. She left him hanging on the brink of death and told him that under no circumstances was he allowed to leave. She would do as she desired. Terrified, Aelis agreed. He had become her handler, but he didn’t realize how she could control him. It took Aelis time to recover, and Sura sat by his side, all the while smug in her superiority where he had considered her submissive to his will.

    Aelis continued to remain by her side, but he never again voiced his jealousy. Even Sura could see that it pained him for her to be with other men, but so long as she held his life in her hands, she continued with her promiscuous lifestyle. In time, he came to accept this as a fact of living with Sura.

    After a couple years of banditry, they came across a mark who turned out to be one of their own—a fellow Marmo, that is. Thrash was a former Marmo knight who had been abandoned in Kanon, and since, he had been working as a mercenary. He had ambitions to take back Marmo, but no means with which to do it. Many members of the bandit gang liked the idea, and the dark elves wanted to return to their home forest badly. The gang and Thrash went to Shinning Hill, and were able to buy passage on a ferry back to Marmo.

    They came to find the island not at all like they left it. The perpetual cloud cover was gone, the soil was fertile, and Flaim had settled the land. Thrash led his followers into the Dark Forest to begin gathering forces much in the way Beld had done decades ago. Aelis and Sura have been serving him since.

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