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Pronunciation: SY-then-RAH

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Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Sythenra’s Gallery
Age 169
Birth Year NRC 361
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest

Physical Description

    Sythenra has very long white hair that goes down to near her butt. She has a beautiful copper skin color and gold eyes. She is well muscled in her legs due to the traveling she had been doing throughout her life. Sythenra has one scar on her from a fight with unruly kobolds. The scar starts on her arm, just above the elbow, and was caused when her arm was lifted over her head, the scar travels down her shoulder and between her breasts, ending over her ribcage. However, this scar is hard to see due to her copper skin color. She is slim and attractive looking with fine elven looks.

Height 5’9” Hair Color White
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Slim Skin Color Dark Copper

Clothing and Armor

    Sythenra wears just a shirt and long leather paints, suitable for traveling, under her armor. Her armor is an elven steel breastplate with shoulder plates, for she can’t use any other armor as it’s too heavy. She also wears normal traveling boots. Sythenra has a cape which is brown in color.

Weapon Description

    Sythenra wields an elven steel long sword which is a about four and a half feet long from hilt to the blade. The sword looks plain for it has no special designs or anything on it for she doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger
Weapons Elven Steel Longsword, Elven Steel Dagger, Elven Longbow
Armor Elven Steel Breastplate and Shoulderplate
Equipment Traveling Gear; bedroll, food rations, clothing
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 13
EN 10
AG 17
IN 13
LU 5
PB 15


    Sythenra can use most of the basic element spirits to aid her. However, she never had any dealings with the light spirits nor has she ever attempted to summon them. As a ranger she uses most of her spirits evenly for many tasks for when she’s out in the wilds. She has done the rite of passage by summoning the dark spirits at the age of fifty and failed the first time. She trained more then tried again at fifty-five and was successful. She has a small knowledge of invisibility spirits but she never uses them, seeing no need to. She does have to even out between fighting and magic as well.

    As a ranger, Sythenra is a better archer than swordsman, but she could hold her own in a sword fight against most foes. She is somewhat strong for woman, but not exceptionally so. She is more agile and fast than anything else.


    Sythenra is polite and understanding. She treats everyone she’s with with utmost respect even if they’re not dark elves. However, that doesn’t mean she loves anyone, ever since a certain someone betrayed her she doesn’t care much for that sort of thing anymore. She is, however, easy to get along with, which is hard with a dark elf. She is a bit on the quiet side and simply does what she’s told, even if she didn’t like the command. This is not because she’s shy nor is it because she’s a loner. Sythenra just sees that she should speak when she needs to, which leads to the fact she’s more of a listener then a speaker.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Sythenra was born in Marmo to dark elves Ketri and Lersi. Her parents could tell she was a explorer and liked to be one with nature thus, they let her go out with her father on simple tasks. She took after her father when it came to traveling and personality. She listened to others and only spoke when she had something to say.

    Her father began to train her as a ranger from age ten. When she was around forty years of age, she was considered by her father to be a master scouting, as she knew the area well and was skilled in many other areas of her ranger class. He also saw that she was skilled in flips and dodging arts as well and taught her further in that.

    She had already begun study in the art of shamanist magic when she was five years old and she was told often in order to survive the wild, she needed help of all of the elements. She had been training hard to be able to do the rite of passage once she reached fifty. She trained hard, but sadly failed the test. Thus, she continued her training until she was fifty-five. She tried again, and this time she was successful.

    During the time of her tests, she found herself in love with one of the men in her clan, Kiran, and couldn’t help but to admire him. However, she didn’t start a relationship with him for many years for she was much too attracted to the wilds to discover her feelings for him. Her parents noticed her love for him, but they didn’t allow it at first, thinking that it would get in the way of her training. So, Sythenra had to put those feelings away and continue on.

    However, when she was eighty years old, she finally decided to show her feelings to him. She was then seduced by him and then found him gone the next day. A few days later she found out from another dark elf woman, after saying something about it, that he had been sleeping with other women as well. Although she felt great anger, about she never did anything about. To relieve her stress, she went out a few miles from home and lived out in the wilds. However, she was still close to home and would visit there whenever she felt the need too. Twenty years later, however, that mood changed when she heard that Nehen, the elder’s daughter, was pregnant by Kiran. Kiran was forced to leave the village for what he had done and she wanted to know his reasons for it all. A new dark elf boy was born eight months later, Adriel. She had to get along with Adriel, which she did with great ease for she liked his kindness when he grew up. However, the two were merely acquaintances.

    Once she had reached one hundred and sixty-nine she was called upon by Nehen to help Adriel find Kiran. Seeing her only chance to ask his reasons for his actions, she decided to help the boy find his father.

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