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Talen Drecloud
Pronunciation: TAL-ehn DREY-clowd

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Plot The Golden Egg
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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Dragon Scale, Moss

Physical Description

    Talen is young and attractive with sharp features. His long purple hair is loosely tied back, but some falls over his pale green eyes and hides a scar down his right eye from brow to cheekbone. The scar was gaining in an accident during his training. He is of average height and tightly muscled, due to wielding a heavy sword in full armor.

Height 6’ Hair Color Purple (Black)
Weight 175lbs Eye Color Pale Green
Build Athletic Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Talen wears full plate armor, which was provided to him by the knighthood. The armor of knights is forged by the best smiths Dragon Breath has to offer, but it doesn’t compare to dwarven or elven steel. His armor consists of a breastplate, pauldrons on both shoulders, waist guard and tassets over his thighs, greaves on his shins, and solleret boots. He has a helm as well, which covers his head entirely and has a long white tail of horse hair on the top, but it obstructs his vision too much to wear. Under his armor, he wears a heavy blue-gray shirt and breeches. He also wears heavy leather gloves and boots under his sollerets. For protection against the elements, he has a gray wool cloak with the Mossian seal on the back.

Weapon Description

    Talen carries a broadsword provided by his order. It is rather plain, and standard issue for knights. As with most knightly equipment, it is fine steel. The design is simple, elegant, and effective. The crossguard is gold plated, and set into the pommel is a lacquered seal of Moss. The hilt is wrapped in silk cording.

Class Knight
Occupation Knight of Moss; Order of the Wyvern
Weapons Broadsword
Armor Full body plate + helm
Equipment Traveling supplies; bedroll, armor and weapon care supplies, change of clothes, razor, flint and steel kit
Horse Seinna
ST 19
EN 8
AG 10
IN 10
LU 12
PB 13


    As a knight, Talen relies on his strength in battle, and to carry his heavy armor. His agility is rather low due to his musculature and even lower yet in armor. He has been heavily trained in swordsmanship since childhood, making him a capable swordsman today.


    Talen has always been a quiet observer, as a child he was talkative, but as he grew older he realized it annoyed people, so he drew inward. Though silent, Talen’s mind is always working. He’s rather shy around women and hasn’t really become to close to one. He expects on day that he’ll find a woman he’ll want to marry, but it doesn’t seem to be in the distant future. It might take a determined woman to truly captivate him. He is a noble and chivalrous individual.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Born in Moss on the outskirts of Dragon Scale to Lord Talanvor and Sorilea. He was second born in his family and he has an older sister, Elaida. The son of a knight, he was expected to become one as well. And of course, as most boys do, he admired his father. When he was eight, his parents took him to Dragon Breath where they enrolled him in to the Mossian Knighthood. For the next ten years he was a squire and when he turned eighteen, he was awarded Knighthood. However, during his training he was withdrawn from his peers, preferring to train on his own.

    After being raised, Talen spent the next two years as a man-at-arms, royal guard, mentor and various other duties as a local knight. When he was a squire, he hadn’t been interested in becoming a Dragon Rider, but after being raised to the first order, he gained an interest in it. A little late, but he was still allowed to train to become a Rider. He has ridden a wyvern only a few times, his instructors didn’t believe he was ready to join the order just yet.

    When the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection began, the Mossian army prepared for battle if it were to come to them, however, only the Dragon Riders fought. Yet Talen was still raised to the third order by the end for a few honorable deeds and charisma. After the war, Lodoss was in ruins. Nations sent knights to Roid to be stationed in Kanon and Alania where Rebuilding was to be taken place. Talen stayed behind in Moss, not wanting the company of his fun-loving peers. However, now he has taken leave from his knightly duties, wanting to travel a little.

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