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Talla Vicura
Pronunciation: TAHL-lah VIK-ur-ah

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Talla’s Gallery
Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Islands east of Alania

Physical Description

    Talla is the identical twin sister of Sifalla and they share many similarities, but are also slightly different for their lifestyles. Both sisters have the same frame; a little below average height at five-foot-five, an exceptionally long torso with small waist, somewhat shorter legs in comparison to their long upper body, and both are busty with curvy hips. Talla is very slender, but not athletic like her sister; she is about five pounds lighter and has much slimmer arms and legs than her toned sister. She still has a beautiful and healthy body.

    The Vicura sisters are beautiful in facial structure as well, both with small, delicate faces with a small chin, a straight nose, an almost petulant mouth and large violet eyes framed by naturally thin brows. The girls naturally have straight, dark blonde that was once much paler when they were children. Talla always does her best to play up her good looks and improve them. Her hair has been bleached to the same golden shade it was when she was younger, it’s also been conditioned and teased so it’s fuller and softer than natural. Talla also plucks her eyebrows and uses makeup for many occasions.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Bleached Blonde
Weight 110lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Slim Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Talla always tries to dress fashionably as possible, though she is inevitably behind current Lodoss styles. She and her mother make her dresses of wool, cotton, and lace if they can find it. Talla looks forward to one day becoming a sorceress and being able to afford lovely silk and satin gowns. She wears a little jewelry, what she can afford; usually a necklace that compliments her dress and earrings that match. Her boots are stout, though she’d prefer a little heel on them. She wears a dusky rose-colored wool cloak for travel.

Weapon Description

    Talla carries a finely crafted wood staff that her mentor commissioned from a carpenter. It’s made of driftwood found on the beach and was enchanted by her mentor to be as strong as steel. The fit her girlish nature, it was carved with delicate vines and set with polished agate stones in greens, pinks, and black around the top. The very top it is set with a piece of rose quartz.

Class Mage
Occupation Wizard
Guild Membership None
Weapons Staff
Armor None
Equipment Traveling gear; extra clothes, jewelry, belt knife, makeup, brush and grooming supplies, soap and shampoos
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 7
EN 10
AG 11
IN 15
LU 10
PB 13

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Talla knows enough self-defense to block simple blows with her staff, or fend off an attacker with it. Her knowledge of Kastuulian is enough to read simple sentences and recognize terms for powers and items if she were to find them in a book, or hear them spoken.

    Talla has been trained in sorcery since she was ten, but is far from proficient. She knows basic spells that manipulate the elements. One of the more advanced spells she knows is illusion, but she can’t do much more than create a camouflage shield. She has much learning to go, but the basics she knows will help her at the Academy.

    Talla is best at using spells for light and air. Most of her spells are defensive against common brigands and the usual travelling danger. She knows spells to bind people, and an illusionary spell that could hide her and others behind a shield of magic that would blend in with the scenery. Talla’s most powerful spell is a spell using light that could blind her attackers long enough to escape. Equally powerful is an air attack that can fling back or bind an attacker.


    Talla is delicate and demure, and very feminine. She doesn’t care to dirty her hands in the soil or blood of beasts like Sifa. Talla is very intelligent though and has great potential as a sorceress, but needs life experience and training. She enjoys dressing up and fashion, and the company of a handsome fellow. She’s a bit jealous of her sister when it comes to men, but her focus is mostly on learning.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Talla was born to Huran and Yorisa Vicura with a twin sister, Sifalla, on the islands east of Alania. Their father was a fisherman, as most of the island inhabitants were. They were originally settlers from Alania, and they were even ruled by an Alanian baron. The mainland lay nearly out of sight on the western horizon. Sifalla and Talla have spent their entire childhoods on the island.

    The twin sisters never had any more siblings, after twins, their mother no longer wanted children. Through most of their childhood, their father was at sea, coming home every other week before going back to sea. At least he had the winter with his family. The girls’ childhood wasn’t too spectacular, they grew up, learned the skills they needed. Neither have ever seen elves, dwarves or any of the other races that inhabit Lodoss, but there was a little magic in the community; an elderly mage, devoted to protecting the village should any harm befall it.

    As the girls grew, they remained similar in appearance, yet very different in personality. Sifalla was in love with the woods that covered their island and played there whenever she could sneak in. Talla became curious for other forms of knowledge. She loved to hear stories from the mainland, and most of all, she loved the old sorcerer as if he were her grandfather. From an early again she began listening to the sorcerer Paquin’s stories about ancient Kastuul. He had trained in the Alanian Academy of Sages when he was a boy and traveled Lodoss a bit until he fell in love with a lovely girl. They settled on the island, hoping for seclusion, but his young bride died shortly after their marriage. Paquin had been alone ever since.

    He was a course old sage, cynical, especially in regards to the simple village folk, but he was still a kindly person beneath the facade. Sometimes, when he craved companionship, he would go into town and listen to the stories old men and sailors told, and share a few he learned from ancient times. He soon had a fan in young Talla, who was about seven at the time. She would listen to his stories, her violet eyes bright with curiosity. Paquin came to appreciate her and began spending more time talking to the girl. When he ran out of stories from ancient times, she would gladly listen to stories about the Academy of Sages and Paquin’s own experiences. Eventually, she confessed to wanting to learn magic and maybe attend the school when her mother would let her leave the island.

    So, Paquin approached Yorisa one day and discussed the possibility of taking Talla as a student. Sifalla was already the student of Tores the hunter and Yorisa thought Talla could use the same sort of education, in the direction she pleased, though Yorisa was somewhat skeptical about her daughter learning magic.

    Talla was quite the opposite of her sister, which manifested from about the time they learned to walk and started to venture away from their mother’s side. Sifalla became immediately interested in the natural world, meanwhile Talla was always playing with dolls and sharing in domestic tasks with her mother. Though Yorisa loved her daughters dearly, she adored Talla the most because she could share more with her.

    When Talla became a teenager, she was already learning from Paquin, but didn’t completely allow herself to become the scholarly type. She was always very feminine and demure. Her hands were delicate with neatly trimmed nails, she was always clean and well dressed in homemade, yet fashionable dresses. She took great care in her appearance, where as Sifalla was doing the bare minimum and always seemed to be attracting the boys. At least the ones intimidated by Sifa found Talla more pleasing on the eyes.

    Talla and Sifalla had their differences, and fought like most sisters do, but in the end, it was always forgive and forget. The loved each other, though Talla could never understand why Sifa would want to spend all day in the woods getting dirty. Of course, Sifa thought the same thing when it came to Talla. Why would anyone want to spend their days with their nose stuck in a book when there was a world to explore?

    Yorisa had decided long ago that the girls couldn’t leave the island until they were eighteen, so both girls, now with clear life-goals in mind, anxiously awaited their eighteenth birthday. Paquin had sent a letter to the Academy of Sages about his new student months before they left, so they would be expected. Talla would be enrolled and hopefully learn more than Paquin could ever teach her. The girls packed, said their goodbyes, and with Paquin to take Talla to the Academy, left on the ferry to Lodoss.

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