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Tatia Aleran
Pronunciation: ta-TEE-ah ah-LAER-ahn

Forum ID Ceci Elena
Plot Building an Empire at Sea
Tatia is © Ceci Elena.
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Tatia’s Gallery
Age 26
Birth Year NRC 504
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Raiden Woods

Physical Description

    Tatia is a tall five-foot eight inches, her body is firm, yet soft. Her skin is a dark tan, very soft, smooth, and unblemished. On each ear she has two piercing on each ear lobe. Spending so much time in the forest running has firmed up her thighs and calves. Her crystal-like green eyes can usually give away her emotions, they become lighter when she’s happy and darker whenever she’s upset. Her long red hair usually is in a braid, she only has it loose whenever she is in private, and it feels soft like silk.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Red
Weight 148lbs Eye Color Green
Build Lean Skin Color Dark Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Tatia wears a long black skirt with a slit on each side of the skirt, reaching up to her lower hip revealing quite a bit of leg. She created the slits so she could run easier in the forest for when the situation calls for it. Tatia also wears a black matching lace up strapless corset, with a dark purple shirt underneath with the sleeves off the shoulders, the sleeves reaching her wrists. Her sleeves became wider as it became longer. The sleeves are a dark purple lace while the rest of the shirt is a solid. Tatia’s shoes are ballerina like, flat and black, with matching black ribbon attached to the shoes wrapping around her calves up to her knees. Tatia has three silver rings, one given to her for each stage of her life; when Tatia became ten, then again when she became a teenager, and then when she became an adult. Each has its own design, very unique.

Weapon Description

    Tatia has a three foot long, pure elven steel sword, which she wears on her hip. The handle is silver with a leather grip, to hold it better. It’s a bright, from lack of use but razor sharp from being kept in such great condition.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Pirate
Weapons Elven Steel Shortsword
Armor None
Equipment Medium back pack, bedroll, blanket, waterskin, clothing, toiletries
Familiar Celeste
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 8
EN 7
AG 16
IN 10
LU 12
PB 13

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Tatia knows how to summon all kinds of spirits, she doesn’t restrict herself to just one. Since Tatia is going to be at sea, she’s probably going to be using Sylph and Undine the most, and maybe Salamander and Flau for protection.

    Since Tatia spent most of her time in the forest she knows how to climb trees and other things. Tatia has a lot of agility, and she’s very graceful. Her mother taught her how to dance, and Tatia’s father taught her how to use her blade, mostly in self-protection. Tatia’s still a bit clumsy but she continues to practice.


    Tatia is very kind, though she is not used to contact with other strangers. Tatia is also very caring, and sweet, she tries not to show her emotions. Tatia hates being so easy to read, but sometimes her expressions betray her. After reading so many stories, she dreams of romance and love. She keeps a very strict journal of her thoughts and the things that went on that day.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Tatia’s mother, Rayia lived most of her life in Raiden, her parents felt they could find a better life for their child away from Marmo, because the island had a tendency to corrupt people. They moved to Raiden when Rayia was just baby, and they slowly grew to enjoy the mixed races, and how well they got along with each other. Being raised in a town like Raiden, Rayia tried to keep an open mind about most things. Tatia’s father, Tanner Aleran was a merchant passing through. They bumped into each other while Rayia was taking a walk.

    Tatia’s father instantly fell for her, while Tatia’s mother was a bit hesitant to have a relationship with a human. But after two years, Tatia’s father finally won her over and they married. And three years later they had Tatia. Since her father traveled a lot, so far there is only Tatia. And since she is an only child Tatia’s parents both love and dote on her. Tatia’s father kept their wealth a secret, and every so often he would hire a tutor to teach his daughter things.

    Tatia’s mother taught Tatia about shamanism since Tatia was very young. And it is an on-going teaching, because according to Tatia’s mother, you are always learning. When Tatia was younger, roughly around ten years old, Feroa would often visit Rayia and she would bring her son, Kreoss. Which Tatia would have to watch over and care for while the women got together and gossiped. When she got older she saw a lot less of Kreoss, though Rayia would visit Feroa.

    Later on, Rayia found out from Feroa on how Kreoss was behaving and between the two of them arranged a marriage between their children. Which Tanner had no real say, and he trusted his wife’s actions in this. And so Tatia and Kreoss were married, though it kept him on land for a bit, he convinced Tatia that the adventures of the sea were more exciting and so she went along out of curiosity.

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