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Terelyn Tai’var
Pronunciation: TER-ah-LYN TAY-vahr

Forum ID Alera Tai'var
Plot Building an Empire at Sea
Terelyn is © Alera Tai'var.
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Terelyn’s Gallery
Age 31
Birth Year NRC 491
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    For all of her short stature, she looks pretty puny, but don’t let her looks fool you, because she has all of the toughness of the largest of men. She is extremely toned, all of her muscles evident. When Terelyn’s body developed, it wasn’t made for beauty, and hence, she pays little attention to it. She appears unruly and has no problem showing off her arms for any show-off male to see. Her red hair is cut boyishly short, and usually messy, but it is kept out of her way with it’s length.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Red
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Gray-Blue
Build Toned Skin Color Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Terelyn doesn’t wear much for armor. A simple leather jerkin covers her torso, and it isn’t well kept either. It has its fair share of rips and messes across it. Her pants are just that: cloth pants. The only difference between her and the ordinary pirate garb is that hers has pockets and slots everywhere for all sorts of tools and other pieces of equipment.

Weapon Description

    A few simple daggers are all she carries. Even then, these items are more useful as tools than as weapons. They are made for cutting ropes and the like, so, as such, they are not always the sharpest.

Class Pirate
Occupation Pirate, Ship’s Engineer, First Mate of the Freedom
Weapons Daggers
Armor Leather Jerkin
Equipment Ship repair tools, leather gloves, leg-rope, bird hood, repair accessories, rations, bird food
Familiar Solarus
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    Terelyn is in excellent physical shape and can lift a fair amount for a woman of her size, but she doesn’t compare to a muscle bound man. Her acrobatic and athletic training makes up for this by providing speed and unexpected moves. Things like swinging from ropes and scaling things are her stronger points. She might be able to invent a way to lessen the difficulty, but anything that requires brute strength can stop her.


    Terelyn is quite the fiery girl. Despite her size, she has a lot of guts and isn’t afraid to back up her words with her fist. She likes to have fun and doesn’t necessarily care what her captain says, if she thinks her idea is better. Despite that, she is surprisingly loyal and always willing to lend a hand. On top of that, she doesn’t mind being flashy about how she gets the job done. If she can manage making an acrobatic display along the way, she would. If at all possible, she will try and be lazy, though, claiming she is conserving her energy for more important things.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “The job has got to be fun. Otherwise, you can fix the ship yourself.”, “Aye aye, boss. I’ll catch ya’r arse for yeh!”


    Terelyn started her life as the child of circus performers. Among the flexible, the fast, and the clever, she was fostered on the ideas that one could stretch their way out of any situation. Her father was an animal trainer, so he began to teach the child about her favorite animal: the falcon. When she wasn’t learning to command falcons, she was swinging, flipping, and performing other aerial acts with her mother, who was an acrobat.

    The pay wasn’t good and neither was the lifestyle. When Terelyn turned twenty, she left the circus. Both her parents met their natural end and it didn’t hurt as much as the lack of money. So, with nothing better to do, she took her bird and her performing skills elsewhere.

    A young ship captain spotted her working the heights of a ship in construction on the docks. She hung by a single rope, its length tightly wrapped around a leg as she hammered in some key nails. The business had kept her busy and the art of design was strongly in her mind. He watched as she swung from sail to sail, retying the draws and aligning the crow’s nest.

    It was on this year working on the docks that Terelyn discovered the key to her future success. While working on the ships that came in for repairs, she began to watch the men fight. Some of them were wild and stupid, but there were others who had a technique, a style in common. It reminded her of street boxing, but she had never seen a street boxer fight like they did. At first, she just watched, repeating what she learned after work. After a few months of watching, she started participating.

    Because of her size, the disadvantage was obvious and, many a night, she was beaten down. It wasn’t until a man by the name of Wren Masters sailed into the docks that things could change for her. It had been three months since Terelyn had begun working on ships and almost as much time since she had begun to figure out how the sailors fought. It was a late night in a pub by the water that she got into a fight with a man twice her size. She was fast, but not fast enough—and definitely not strong enough. She was knocked out, but not left to the wolves.

    When Terelyn awoke the next morning, she was resting in a captain’s quarters of Wren Masters, a captain with a rather wicked reputation for having a deadly crew and a successful business in fine wears that changed every shipment. The ship was called the Gilded Gale. According to Masters, the man who beat her was a crew member of a rival of his, so he had intervened. But Masters was also quite taken with Terelyn’s fighting, impressed that she had stood up to him, and some of her moves, which he inquired about. When Terelyn explained how she had learned them, Wren laughed and told her that she was doing them wrong. After inquiries into her skills and without a moment’s consideration, he offered her a spot on the ship.

    The Gilded Gale set sail after unloading its cargo with Terelyn aboard as the assistant to the ship’s engineer. While most of her work was in maintaining the Gilded Gale itself, Wren Masters had taken something of a special interest in her. From that day forth, he began her education in a form of boxing he called “savate”. It took no time for her to realize that Wren was perhaps one of the best around. What he saw in her, she couldn’t say. But, after her first year aboard the ship, she was keeping up with the other crew members.

    Wren Masters was quite the pirate, as Terelyn discovered. But Wren rarely preyed on merchants. He chose to prey on tougher targets: either high class shipments or other pirates. For Masters, fighting the crew was just as important as the loot he gained. The battle experience is what drove him. And Wren Masters reveled in the boarding of another ship, taking on as many crew members as would fight. Terelyn and the others got their fair share as well, but it was Wren Masters who was the star.

    As the years progressed, The Gilded Gale and its crew became infamous on the seas and in port cities. The business boomed. And, if they stopped at port, the crew came out to fight in boxing matches wherever betting was taken. For extra cash, they bet on each other, knowing who would win. Terelyn got better and better, developing her own signature moves, including an incredible right hook known for its knock-out count. Boxing wasn’t the only thing that progressed, however. Wren Masters and Terelyn eventually got closer until it was announced that she would take the position of First Mate. There were rumors about the crew that Wren and Terelyn might marry.

    As the ninth anniversary of Terelyn’s joining the crew came around, Wren began to push boundaries. He attacked navy vessels when pirate ships stopped putting up enough of a fight for him. The captain could take knights and soldiers, but it was too much for some of the crew. Wren began to kill, which he usually avoided. While hesitant, Terelyn began to join him, as did others. In their veterancy, they both gained nicknames that floated around the ports. Wren became known as Thanatos and Terelyn was referred to as the Crimson Corsair, named both for her red hair and the blood on her knuckles.

    Despite the loss of some of the crew to missions too dangerous for their skills, Wren kept upping the ante. That is, until it was too much for anyone to handle. Consumed in his need for a challenge truly worthy of him, Masters set about scheming up something he would not even tell to Terelyn. He never did get to tell her either. When Terelyn set about the port of Raiden, nothing was wrong. When she got back, the Gale was eerily quiet. The crew was dead, killed in their sleep. It took some looking before she realized that Wren Masters was hanging from the mast by his neck.

    Whoever it was had waited for her. In the end, the Crimson Corsair had barely made it out of the ship and into the maze of Raiden with her life. Determined to hide herself until she could figure out what had been done to her crew and her love, Terelyn cleaved off her hair, destroyed her old clothes and equipment, and passed herself off as someone else. Trolling the bars, she hunted for a new ship to hide on...

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