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Thalia Bodewhin
Pronunciation: TAL-ee-ah BOHD-whin

Forum ID Priestess Thalia
Plot A New Balance
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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Hishi

Physical Description

    A natural beauty who radiates innocence. Her golden blonde hair is full and soft, which she lets fall about her shoulders and frame her youthful face. Thalia’s skin is fair with just a faint tan, but is otherwise immaculate without a freckle, scar or blemish. Her face is delicately featured with thin, gently arched brows, large blue eyes with thick, long lashes, a defined jawline and chin, a small dished nose, and well-shaped lips. Thalia’s curves are mild, giving her small breasts and small hips, though she still has a defined waist. Her arms and legs are long and graceful, though hidden by her robes. She has long, delicate fingers with neatly trimmed fingernails.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Golden Blonde
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Deep Blue
Build Willowy Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Thalia wears the uniform robes of a priestess of Marfa. The white robe is modest and swathes her body, hiding her build. The skirt falls to her ankles and the large, billowing sleeves to her wrists. The front panel falls from the cowl collar and creates a flat effect down the front. The panel and cuffs of her sleeves is trimmed in gold colored cloth. On top of her chest, hanging from beneath the cowl neck, is a golden symbol of Marfa; an upside-down crescent with three dangles, another part of the uniform. On her brow, she wears the Marfa circlet, the band holding it around her head hidden by her hair. For shoes, she wears a stout pair of plain leather boots, instead of sandals.

Weapon Description

    Thalia has a simple six inch dagger for a last line of defense.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Marfa
Weapons Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Robes, Marfa symbols, a small purse with gold pieces, comb, change of clothes, basic traveling gear
Horse Nyn
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Marfa
ST 7
EN 10
AG 9
IN 16
LU 15
PB 19

    Thalia’s life is devoted to serving Marfa and she is one of the few priestesses with the ability for healing. She has been educated in all the spells for a priestess of her level of training, and she is a very skilled cleric because of her strong faith.

    Thalia is not an athlete by any means, but she has good endurance for walking long distances and she is in prime health for a twenty one year old woman. She has hardly any fighting skills, if she needs to defend herself, she knows a few spells that will disorient or incapacitate an attacker. She carries a knife, which is used more for utilitarian purposes, but if she must defend herself at close range, she could stab someone as a last resort.


    Thalia is an intelligent young woman, but very innocent in the ways of the world. She is optimistic and always puts the needs of others before her own. A prim and proper woman, she respects the law, but the law of Marfa always comes first. Despite her beauty, she has little concern for her appearance, at least except for that tiny little voice of vanity that most people have. Thalia does not desire intimacy with a man, nor for marriage. One day, she may marry, but the man she choses must accept that he will come after her faith. Thalia wants to help people and try and make the world just a little bit better. She desires peace and prosperity, and is not quick to judge anyone.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “Azala, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from seducing me!”


    Thalia was born to a fisherman’s family in the town of Hishi. She had five brothers and sisters and money was always tight, but they made due. Thalia grew into a lanky and scrawny preteen, but filled out as she matured in her later teen years. When she was sixteen, she was besieged by suitors and showered with gifts from them. Thalia didn’t want to marry at such a young age, but the gifts and money given to her provided well for her family. And as her older siblings married and moved out, her family was no longer struggling to make ends meet.

    At the age of seventeen, Thalia’s parents were looking forward to her marriage to any of the local men vying for her affection, but Thalia was still not interested. Instead, she decided that she would rather become a priestess of Marfa. Her parents were not all that disappointed. They had four other married children and six grandchildren by then.

    So, with the money from gifts provided by the local love-struck boys, Thalia traveled into Raiden and found the Temple of Marfa. She became a novice priest and trained hard and spent hours every night absorbing the knowledge from ancient texts. The rigorous training and learning showed Thalia a more fulfilling lifestyle that she craved. It felt good to do something for herself. After her first year there, she was sent to Tarba for more training.

    When she turned nineteen, Thalia was raised to a priestess and happily took on her duties. Everyday, she was visiting patrons of the temple, hearing their prayers and lending a comforting shoulder to cry on from life’s woes. Some priests of Marfa do marry, and it is not against any rules, but many priests prefer to keep their focus centered on their religious beliefs. Thalia is content to stay single. At twenty-one, she now is at a level of training and skill that the temple felt it was time to send her into the world for her first mission. The first mission of a young priestess is a way for them to employ their skills in the real world, but also to test them in their ability, faith, and will.

    In her travels, not far from Tarba, Thalia crossed paths with a sorceress leading a team of mercenaries she had hired for protection. She allowed Thalia to join her, but another wandered joined the group as well. Azala, a handsome common elf, who was friends with one of the mercenaries. Finding Thalia attractive, he tried half-heartedly to seduce her, but she wanted nothing to do with him. His presence infuriated her so much that she left the group in Adan.

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