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Pronunciation: tee-AHN-ah

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Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Thiana’s Gallery
Age 274
Birth Year NRC 256
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Thiana is slender but her bust is slightly bigger than her build should indicate, though she has had a child. Her waist length hair is kept tied back and in a long braid that has black cording wound throughout it, her eyes seem to show strength and determination as if she has been through a lot. She has a rather fine featured face, though her nose is rather small for a dark elf. Other than that she has a large tattoo of twin serpents entwining around an ornate spear on her back, this is one of her distinguishing features that few fail to notice. Her skin is a contrast to her hair, the darkness of it both offsets and compliments her silvery blond hair and golden eyes.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Silvery Blonde
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Slender Skin Color Dark Brown

Clothing and Armor

    Thiana’s clothing is fairly elegant but simple, she wears a dark blue skirt that goes down to just below her knees with a silvery blue long sleeve blouse that always has the top two buttons undone. Her boots are sturdy black leather that goes to just below her knees. When traveling she wears a pair of pants the same color as her skirt as well as a dull yellow vest. He weapons are at her side and she carries her gear in a pack that sits on one shoulder, she never wears it properly.

Weapon Description

    Her dark elven steel scimitar is kept in excellent shape and sits in its sheath at her side. The handle is wrapped in hide and kept clean at all times.

Class Bard
Occupation Songstress, Dancer
Weapons Elven Steel Scimitar, Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Necessary survival gear, spare clothes, spare flute, two weeks rations
Familiar Theros
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 10
EN 10
AG 14
IN 12
LU 12
PB 14

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Thiana is strongest with Sylph as well as Undine, other than that she is not as strong in other areas. She will use them to aid her in battle and travel, as deemed necessary. She has been known to use Salamander more in battle, though she has chosen to ignore Gnome. Dark spirits are often used as a last resort, though they are among her stronger spirits as well. The king spirit she is preparing for a contract with is Kraken, so she is focusing on the more heavily on water and learning what she can about him in her travels before she attempts to forge such a contract.

    Thiana fights with the grace of a dancer, spinning and moving swiftly and quickly to attack her foes. She is skilled at dodging attacks and her only real combat skill of note is her blade dance, it is a combination of dance and swordsmanship that is designed to enthrall and cut down an opponent.


    Thiana enjoys seeing others laughing and enjoying themselves, even when traveling with a group she will often be the life of the party. To her life is not black and white, she will help anybody out as long as she gains new music, dances or knowledge, regardless of them being good or evil in the eyes of the people. When she makes friends she is steadfast when they need her help, though she will make for mirth at the wrong time on some occasions she is also the first one to fight if it is the only course of action. She tried to maintain a balance in her life, having too many enemies is a hindrance to her profession and she does not seek that. For the fact she will work with those who are evil, she is honest and true to her goals at the time which is what has made her rather universally liked.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Thiana was born the daughter of Querin and Liarra. Her father helped cook for their their village on Marmo and her mother made clothes, they did this for their village that was withing the borders of the Dark Forest. They started training her in shamanism at age five, and she learned to cook and sew as well from them. She studied hard and helped both parents equally. When she was fifty, she had to take her coming of age summoning. She tried her first time and barely succeeded, almost losing control because she was preoccupied by two visitors, a pair of bards. She managed to pass and then went to help her mother make clothing for the next twelve years, the same two bards returned at the age of sixty-two and she took immediate notice. That year she finally made her decision, she did not want to be like her parents but wanted to follow them.

    She admired the handsome half-dark elf bard named Valar that often passed through the village, he was a rather remarkable fellow in looks whose wife was a skilled dark elf dancer named Yasamyri. She did not think well of him for being a half-breed but she admired him because of his skill with music, she was also a little infatuated with how handsome he was though. She wanted to become a bard and her parents laughed and told her she could do anything she wanted, so she asked them to take her with them and teach her when they left. They agreed as long as she did not quit and she learned to see a unique view, so she began her training under the couple. It took her years and many of them were spent on the road away from home, as well as much hardship and sacrifice. She was gone for over forty years and when she returned she was finished, though they had passed on in battle she carried their legacy. Once she was home she lived at home for short periods of time to record all she had learned, then she would leave again to learn more and make money through her skills.

    In that forty years she had many adventures, some of them quite dangerous and she had to learn to use a sword. From her master she learned to use the scimitar, and from his wife she learned all about being mobile through dancing. They got along well, though she at times had to face the difficulty of being discriminated. Ten years into her learning she got lost in Raiden, cornered by an angry mob, she was accused of stealing from a merchant. They bailed her out when it was learned, the thieves were caught shortly after that. She had been blamed because she was a dark elf, though the thieves were human. After that they traveled on, making their way to blade and to new adventures. Along the road they found a merchant caravan that was running low on supplies, they had been attacked by bandits and all that they could do was keep moving on. The three of them agreed to help them, after a week of travel away from their intended course of travel they found them. The result was the bandits being defeated, Valar was wounded the worst but they traveled the rest of the way with the merchants. It was decided Thiana would get most of their reward, one item in their possession caught her eye. It was a flute made of silver that looked especially ornate, the merchants were quite hesitant but let her have it. The story about it was told to them, something which did not bode well for the one who holds it.

    The next ten years went by with its usual cavalcade of performances and travel, by the twenty-fifth year of their travels she had a tryst with Valar. Yasamyri did not like this but she had finished teaching Thiana who was as skilled as her, nothing came of this few days aside from bitter feelings that healed over time. By the end of the thirty-second year they had expanded their number to four, it was Thiana’s turn to be the mentor to a human boy from Raiden who seemed to be taken by her skill and charm. Talnir proved to be an apt student and she worked hard with him, he was twelve when she began to teach him and he finished when he was nineteen. In that period they had a good working relationship that was built upon trust, though he did not trust her at first her mentors wanted to see if she could do this. It was one year after this that disaster struck, they had been traveling back to Raiden through the mountains and an unstable cliff face collapsed. The others got caught in the rock slide, they almost made it to safety despite their best efforts. Thiana came out wounded and found refuge with a small group of travelers. After that she returned home, wanting to find some peace again in her life.

    She stayed there for most of her life, with frequent trips to learn new tales or songs and see more of the world. She would be gone for a few years at a time, though after each trip she would perform for the village with all of her new knowledge. Her mom always made her outfits in this period, and she always chose colors that were happy and cheerful. This pattern carried on for a long time, one trip she almost got killed yet again when a our of control horse almost trampled her. She returned home after that trip and did not go out for the next over one hundred years, learning from her mother more about shamanism. When she was two hundred and sixty-nine she was given a gift from an old lover, it was a trained war dog, he was leaving because he wanted to travel and see the world like she did so he could understand her point of view. They had been together for some time now and she did love him, though she was not willing to admit the painful truth. The dog was one of the most thoughtful gifts ever, she was saddened to see him go though. The next year was spent learning about Kraken as she wanted to make her first contract with the king spirit of water, she found little except tales from her elders and bits and pieces from others. She would need to travel again to learn what she would need before attempting such a task, she wanted to learn as much as she could so she could succeed.

    The most interesting part of her story came about after that, one that would forever leave both joy and bitterness in her life. A strange dark elf came passing through, she did not recognize him from her travels and he was quite handsome. His name was Kiran and he was an exile, she had a three day tryst with him in the forest. Each day they were in a different area, Theros keeping watch for them so that they were not surprised. After the three days where she had vanished her and her had left she returned home, in the weeks that followed she realized she was pregnant. She could do nothing however, he was gone and in some small way she was still quite taken by him but angry too that he left her with a child. Her parents were quite happy, they asked who the father was and she told them that he was from outside the forest. At this news they seemed disappointed, though it was the fact she did not know herself. She had her child, a son she named Kailos and he looked a lot like his father. She has spent the last four years raising him and her own ambitions have been set aside, even her contract has been set aside until now. Leaving Kailos in the care of her parents, she has decided to go out and seek what she needs to know, as well as the father of her child so she can tell him about Kailos and find out why he has never attempted to contact her since.

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