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Trent Delumbra
Pronunciation: TRENT de-LUM-brah

Forum ID Zatch
Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
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Trent’s Gallery
Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Trent is handsome in a slightly rugged way, but mostly has boyish features. He’s a tall man of average build and strong arms as the result of using a heavy bow. His dark, nappy hair barely brushes at his shoulders and his marble gray eyes seem to pierce anything he gazes upon.

Height 6’ Hair Color Black
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Medium Skin Color Here

Clothing and Armor

    He wears simple boiled leather armor, meant more for avoiding scratches in the woods than for combat. Beneath that is a jade green tunic with gold trim, black pants and brown leather boots. Around his waist is red silk sash with Alecrastian embroidery, it is very expensive and looks a bit out of place on a ranger.

Weapon Description

    His main weapon is a sturdy 68” longbow with about 55-60lbs of draw weight. The bow is a deep brown with a black, leafy vine wrapped around it. The design is such a mild contrast it’s very difficult to see unless examined closely. He also carries thirty or so broad head arrows in a brown leather quiver. They are technically elven arrows (as they were made by an elf bowyer), but they lack the overall quality and light alloy tips enjoyed by more solitary elves. His only other weapon is a six inch hunting knife, this is a deliberate method to make certain his shots count.

Class Ranger
Occupation Archer
Weapons Longbow, Hunting Knife
Armor Boiled Leather Chestpiece
Equipment Backpack with standard traveler’s equipment; rope, torch, whetstone, trail rations, hatchet, bedroll, string wax, spare strings, repair kit, shooting gloves, spare arrow components
ST 12
EN 13
AG 14
IN 10
LU 10
PB 13


    Trent is a talented archer, once in a great while he can pull a ‘Robin Hood’, splitting one arrow with another, though his aim is not yet perfect. With time and raw materials he can make a bow and arrows from scratch, he’s also a good woodsman and can survive in the wilderness several weeks if he had to.


    Symmetrically torn between laziness and ambition, Trent will spend the better part of one day napping in the shade and then push his training near the breaking point the next. As a ranger he’s most at home in a forest. In fact, he tends to get visibly agitated in a crowded city and swears up and down that they smell strange, even when no one else can smell anything.

    He has respect and admiration of elves for their friendship and their attempt to heal his mother, but buried deep below is resentment and jealousy of them. For their longevity, and for their seemingly inborn talents which he can rival only through much blood and sweat if at all. Though he wishes it was not there, a small part of his soul burns with spite like the brother of a favored son.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “I don’t miss, it’s just that sometimes the target isn’t where it’s supposed to be.”


    When Trent was a small child he wandered into Mirror Forest and became lost. For hours he searched for the way home as he wept and prayed to Marfa to guide him. But rather than a goddess it was a young elf girl a few years above his age who answered him. She would later introduce herself as Sky, a name that forever burned itself into Trent’s mind.

“Why do you cry little blunt-ear?” She asked him from her perch in a tree above.

    When Trent told her he was lost she only taunted him and threw acorns at the boy. Luckily for Trent the girl’s father was nearby, who scolded her and led Trent back home. The next day the elf brought his daughter to Trent’s house and made her apologize. At first young Trent was still resentful, but in time the elf girl felt genuinely regretful and refused to leave him alone until he warmed up to her. Eventually he forgave her and the two became best friends in childhood.

    Trent grew fast by comparison but as far as they were concerned there were no racial differences, though Trent had broken Sky’s arm in playful wrestling. And he had nearly been killed many times trying to keep up with the elf. As Sky grew she became ever more beautiful and Trent’s adoration of her only became more intense as the years went by. At nineteen the boy finally worked up the courage to confess his love to his best friend, but his world shattered when she rejected him. She didn’t say why, but as he walked home it became painfully obvious to Trent.


    The words she had first spoken to him still rang clear in his head. For the first time he felt a world apart from those he called friends. For the first time he realized that he would be nothing but dust and bones before Sky reached even the quarter point of her life. He hated himself for it, he hated Sky, humans, and elves all at the same time. He never reached his home, instead he shouted his frustration at the top of his lungs and ran deep into the woods.

    For three months he avoided Sky, fooling her tracking abilities through sheer tenacity. He didn’t want to be found, least of all by her. After a harsh winter he caught word that his mother had fallen ill. Trent returned home to find Sky and several herbalists making every desperate attempt to save her. Trent’s mother passed away despite Sky’s best efforts. After he buried his mother many human and elven families extended their home to Trent, but Mirror Forest felt too much a source of pain. Trent decided he had to venture out into the world if he was to find his place in it.

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