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Ultarik “Grimeye”
Pronunciation: ool-TAR-ik GRIM-eye

Forum ID CrimsonJustice
Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Ultarik is a massive giant of a man, coming from a tribe in Marmo who were known for their exceptional height he carries himself proudly. His hair is kept at its usual length back and looks like it was just quickly pushed back, his dark gray eyes often look like he carries a great shadow around with him. His body has numerous battle scars, with the most notable being on his left bicep that stretches the entire length of the muscle. On his right bicep he has a tattoo of a flaming sword through an elven skull, one he got after losing a dark elven woman he once loved. Other than that he is your typical human, a very imposing example of one at that.

Height 6’6” Hair Color Black
Weight 233lbs Eye Color Smoke Gray
Build Muscled Skin Color Dark Tan

Clothing and Armor

    His clothing is simple, nothing fancy and nothing too gaudy. He wears a black traveling vest over top of a crimson shirt that has no sleeves, the shoulders of the vest have the animal fangs sewn into them like a lining. His pants and boots are also black, and the boots are simple yet comfortable designed for traveling. He also wears a bone talisman that was a gift from the shaman of his tribe, to him it is a symbol of great fortune in battle.

Weapon Description

    His large battle-axe is kept in a sheath on his back, made of dwarven steel it has no ornate designs and is designed for maximum damage upon striking. On his belt he has his throwing axes strapped to either side, they carry strange symbols on the blade and seem to be one solid piece of metal each with a black leather wrapped grip. His battle-axe is about five feet tall and as broad as his shoulders, the haft is made of oak with brown leather grip.

Class Warrior
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (2)
Weapons Huge double headed battle axe, pair of throwing axes, knife
Armor None
Equipment Basic survival gear, three whetstones, money pouch, clothing
Horse Nyghtwalker
ST 18
EN 15
AG 9
IN 7
LU 10 (+5)
PB 11

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Ultarik is a barbarian warrior, and like many of his people, incredibly strong and hardy for humans. His musculature doesn’t allow for much agility, but his endurance makes up for the damage he takes by being unable to avoid attacks.

    He only knows how to sign his name on the contract with initials and that is about all he knows with reading and writing, it was never a priority to him.


    Survival and power, he is concerned with one thing and only one thing. Looks out for number one, though his past does indicate why he seems so impersonal and hard to talk to. He does however look out for those who prove their worth to him, often by means of a test of strength in combat to first blood. While he is still evil he will not turn down any job, and has found to get by in Lodoss he must set aside his beliefs and tolerate anything that comes his way.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Quotes: “Books are not a warrior’s tool, all I need to do is sign my name after hearing the contract and then do my job. It’s for both the money and the glory, don’t ever think I really am concerned with how people feel?” “Emotions are a weakness, they can get a warrior killed in battle all too easy. Now let’s get to the fight, I’m bored.”


    Born into a barbarian tribe on the island of Marmo, he grew up secluded from civilized society for most of his life, only interacting with traders and merchants and he never learned to read or write. Choosing the life of a warrior, he trained hard and learned well, surpassing his teacher in the use of axes for combat at the age of twelve.

    When he was thirteen, he was sent out on his final test to earn his name as a warrior. Sent out into the land around what used to be Emperor Beld’s castle, he had to slay a giant snake that had been menacing the tribe. After a grueling week with little equipment and only his weapons, he found the monster. After slaying the giant snake he returned home with it’s head as proof. That night, during the feast, he met a dark elven woman, Kayali, who he would one day meet again, but he never knew she would draw him into a bigger world than his home.

    For the next five years he defended his people with pride and respect, but in one battle with a tribe that was trying to take their territory, he saw his father killed. Killing the warrior who did such in one strike, he then fought with even more zeal, he earned the name Grimeye because of how he killed his foes. Each one would always see the look in his eyes before they fell, often considered a fear tactic by him which left any who survived with quite the tale. After his father was buried a few days later, he was given his father’s throwing axes.

    Two days after that battle, he once again met this woman and together they left for the mainland. His shaman giving him a talisman he did not know the power of; a trophy from one of Ultarik’s kills in that battle, one he had earned with his own blood and blade. His uncle also gave him his current axe, as he had been crippled in the battle, thus unable to use it.

    Once they reached Lodoss, they traveled for two years before she was killed, but she carried a secret that he never knew and was only told after. She had been carrying his child, and it too died from the slash to her stomach that killed her. He carried on as normal, but from that day on he carried a reminder of her grim fate, traveling Lodoss as a mercenary for hire. Often joining up with the most dangerous of jobs that most said no to, he would not refuse a challenge worthy of his blade. Now he sits idle, waiting for his next challenge, unaware that it will force him to assist the very side that viewed him with great suspicion. He looks forward to new battles and new glory, perhaps even a chance to return home one day to his people with many tales of battle.

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