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Ursula Rabenlor
Pronunciation: UR-soo-LAH RAH-behn-LOR

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Age 25
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Ursula is young and beautiful woman. She is very attractive as for a human. Her hair is violet, long and a little bit wavy. Ursula has thin eyebrows, delicate featured face, pale skin and dark gray eyes. People often think that she has a quarter of elvish blood, because of her appearance. Ursula has athletic figure which she likes to show off with provocative clothes, she also has tattoos—black symbols that mean “Fate” in dwarven—on her left hand and pierced ears.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Violet (Black)
Weight 105lbs Eye Color Dark Gray
Build Athletic Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Ursula wears black leather clothes with white ornaments, matching shoulder-high gloves and knee high boots to her dress of the same soft black leather. She also wears a pair of silver earrings in her ears. Ursula is fond of jewelry and tries to create her own style.

Weapon Description

    Ursula’s saber is a present from Gereth, the half-elf. This saber is of elven steel and design and is practically unbreakable. The hilt is silver plated and encrusted with small ruby gems; the blade is curved with elvish runes, which mention the name of Flau, spirit of ice.

    Ursula’s whip has a few barbs on its end and is strong enough to hold her weight while she scales buildings etc. Ursula also carries a few throwing daggers made from fine steel.

Class Thief
Occupation Thief, Pirate
Weapons Elven Steel Saber, Barbed Whip, Throwing Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Lockpicks, healer’s kit, healing herbs, medical alcohol, weapon care supplies, waterskin, whetstone, flint and steel, 50’ and 30’ rope, silver earrings, money, jewelry, change of clothes, hairpin, comb, playing cards
ST 10
EN 8
AG 15
IN 15
LU 9 (+5)
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Ursula is skilled in thievery. She can pick locks, disarm traps, pick pockets etc. Ursula is very skilled in swordsmanship and ship navigation despite of being a thief. She also has good agility for a human.


    Ursula is arrogant, self-confident, ambitious and independent. She prefers to make her own decisions and will do anything to get what she wants. Ursula has hot-tempered, sometimes vicious and unpredictable character. She is rather smart and reliable when it comes to her duties. Well, she does have honor, a thief’s honor. Ursula doesn’t show her true character to people. She’s a bit romantic deep in her soul. Ursula respects those who are stronger then her and knows a value to friends. Ursula is perfectly aware of her beauty and won’t mind to start a love affair.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Evil tendencies

Quotes: “Don’t stand and talk too much, just kill him.”, “There is no such lock that I can’t pick.”, “If only I could save Gereth.”


    Ursula was born in Dragon Claw in Moss in NRC 505. Her mother, Elen, owned a tavern in Dragon Claw and was a poor noble by birth. But Ursula’s family had one more business. Her father, Forehgert, was a smuggler and often used the caves under the tavern to store his goods between the trips. Ursula spend her early years in Moss, but when she reached ten her family moved to the town Hishi in Raiden in NRC 515 mostly because of commercial difficulties.

    In Hishi, her parents bought a small pub called the “Merry Widow” and a ship. Ursula learned swordsmanship from her father and often traveled with him on his ship Evening Star. She knew that in life she can count only on herself. Forehgert hoped that she would continue the family business and taught her all he knew about sailing, but Ursula had her own opinion about that. Actually, she desired to be a sorceress. That was why Ursula had a little quarrel with her father and fled from her home at night.

    So, she made her decision and didn’t want to come back. Ursula was seventeen when she came to the free city of Raiden. There, she hoped to achieve her dream and learn sorcery from traveling mages, but her life was changed completely when she met a half-dark elf named Gereth in NRC 522. Gereth turned to be a thief, but that didn’t matter much for Ursula, and neither did his race. Eventually, she fell in love with him. Gereth became her teacher and she learned most her thief tricks from him, so Ursula became a thief herself. They spend much time together, but Gereth had troubles with Shadow and Thieves’ Guilds and so two lovers had to leave Raiden.

    Luckily, Ursula used her father’s acquaintances in Lodoss ports and had arranged their journey to Valis where they might be safe from guild warfare. They spend some peaceful years there. Gereth truly loved Ursula, though he knew that her life would be much shorter. It was a really romantic love, but unfortunately it didn’t last for long. In the NRC 525, the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection took place. To avoid the war, Gereth decided to return to Raiden. They traveled at night, but were encountered by Valisian forces that mistook them for spies. Gereth was killed; he sacrificed himself to save Ursula and gave her his enchanted saber shortly before this event. Ursula didn’t want to abandon him, but he convinced her to live on, so Ursula fled unnoticed. That is why she hates Valis and everything connected to it.

    Later, Ursula returned to Raiden where she was spending her time earning money with cards. She wanted to join a pirate crew and looked for new adventures. Nowadays, Ursula’s family still owns a pub in Hishi and her father is still a smuggler. She hasn’t seen her parents for a long time. Ursula truly misses Gereth and keeps his saber as a last memory about him.

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