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Pronunciation: vah-NY-ah

Forum ID Vanaia
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 107
Birth Year NRC 423
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Vanaia, like her sisters, is an exceptional beauty, even amongst dark elven women, born to two exceptionally beautiful individuals. From her father, she inherited her violet eyes, her height, and some of her lovely features. She has a delicate face with large, almond shaped eyes, shapely lips, a defined jawline, and a small delicately pointed nose. Her white hair came from her mother, and she grows it long, parting it to the side so the hair falls over her left brow, though she keeps it pulled behind her ear so it doesn’t get into her eyes. Her skin falls between the chocolate darkness of her father and the paler shade of her mother, giving her a milk chocolate shade of complexion. Her figure is mildly curvaceous, obvious hourglass, with medium sized breasts, a long torso, and long limbs.

Height 5’9” Hair Color White
Weight 140lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Hourglass Skin Color Milk Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    Vanaia wears a rather modest dress, but fitted around the bodice. Her dress is violet colored to bring out her eyes, with a white panel down the front and back of the long skirt. Her dress is high collared, trimmed in silver, with designs trailing down across her chest, and down to just about her diaphragm. The dress has long sleeves, that flare out into a mild bell sleeve, which is hemmed with silver as well, with some designs along the outside of the sleeve. Around her waist is her sword belt of black leather, which sits at a point to hide the seam where the white paneling down the front of her skirt begins. The skirt of her dress is long, just brushing the tops of her feet, with wide spaced pleats (a pleat on either side of the white panel and two more in between as it circles her). For footwear, Vanaia wears a pair of black boots with a three inch stacked heel that is somewhat wide, so her heels will not sink as easily if she were wearing stilettos (though she would prefer to wear the latter more).

Weapon Description

    Vanaia’s rapier is of the normal fashion for elves; a long, slender, double-sided blade with an elegant cross guard and long handle. The crossguard and pommel are plated in platinum, while the grip is wrapped in black leather. A few small amethysts decorate the center of the crossguard, with a larger stone set into the hilt. As Vanaia rarely fights, her sword is more of an accessory than an actual weapon.

Class Shaman
Occupation Shaman, Herbalist
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier
Armor None
Equipment Satchel with change of clothing, toiletries, mortar and pestle, collection of herbs, vials, other assorted apothecary supplies
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 10
AG 13
IN 15
LU 11
PB 18


    A skilled shaman, Vanaia has a strong command of the spirits, and uses shamanism creatively. Vanaia also has skills in herbalism, honed for nearly a hundred years. She learned herbalism from her mother, and is most familiar with dark elven recipes, however she would be clueless to create completely original combinations. She can create poisons, antidotes, and medicines from native Marmo plants.

    Her father made sure she knew some form of self defense, and so Vanaia can use a rapier. However, her skill is limited to training only and has never been tested in an actual fight. She is far from a skilled swordswoman.


    Vanaia is a strong willed individual who holds herself aloof. She is guilty of the arrogance of dark elves, but she also harbors a curiosity in humans. She can be sultry and seductive, when the mood calls for it, and she is fully aware of how beautiful she is. Vanaia is quite vain. She is also intelligent and cunning, and quite scholarly minded. Romantically, she has no desires for a long term relationship at the moment, but would one day like to find herself a good man—just not any day soon.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    The second child born to dark elves Irindril and Urolia, but the third child born to her mother. Urolia had originally married a renowned monster tamer, Ethar due to his prestige, and with him, bore a son, Aelis. Ethar was not an attractive man; he was one of many dark elven men whose appearance was corrupted by Kardis. Aelis had a strange combination of both her attractive features and some of Ethar’s less than beautiful features. Though Urolia had first been charmed with his skill in taming ogres, after Aelis’s birth and as her next estrus approached, she found herself losing interest in him. She had recently come to know Irindril, a far more attractive man with whom she shared much more in common with. He flirted, and gave her gifts, doing his hardest to win her heart. Soon, she found herself utterly disgusted by Ethar and in a rare occurrence amongst dark elves, Urolia divorced him and remarried to Irindril. As soon as she was able, she conceived Amaria, her second child, and Irindril’s first.

    Urolia cut all ties with Ethar, and abandoned Aelis, who reminded her too much of her first husband. Aelis was left in the care of his father, to follow in Ethar’s footsteps as an ogre trainer, while Urolia doted on her new, beautiful, perfect, daughter. As Amaria grew older, Urolia and Irindril began to long for another child, and thus Vanaia was conceived fifty years later. Just as beautiful as her sister, but different, she was as adored by her family as Amaria was. Twenty years later, Urolia conceived again, this time with Lunal, another beautiful, perfect child.

    All three girls took a strong interest in the spirits over weapons, partially because it was a more glamorous occupation that combat. However, they all did take lessons in swordplay and archery. Amaria found archery to be more her sport, but Vanaia and Lunal both continued training in the sword, though their training was minimal. Aside from combat, they learned other skills. Vanaia took an interest in herbology, and learned how to make poisons, antidotes, medicines, and other useful compounds.

    None of the girls met their brother, Aelis, until twenty years ago, after the War of Heroes. Aelis and Ethar had gone to Lodoss together to join Emperor Beld’s war, but Ethar had fallen in battle. After his death, Aelis returned home briefly to connect with his family and inform his grandparents and Urolia of Ethar’s death. After nearly a hundred and fifty years, Urolia no longer felt the disdain she once felt for Ethar, and she attempted to reconnect with her son. The girls tried to get to know their brother as well, but he seemed to hold himself at a distance; it seemed his heart still carried the scar of being abandoned by his mother. Aelis didn’t stay long, and after a few months, he returned to the front lines to help his nation.

    Vanaia and her sisters have never left the Dark Forest, let alone Marmo. Their family follows the more isolationist ways of many elves, preferring not to get involved in human affairs. Recently, however, a human soldier and his followers were allowed to set up camp within the village walls. Vanaia’s family has managed their isolated ways, as long as the humans keep to themselves, but Vanaia and her sisters have found themselves curious of humans...

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