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Pronunciation: VAR-uhn

Forum ID EdwinStarym
Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Age 25
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    A tall imposing figure that stands out of a crowd with his bright short red hair and sun tanned skin. Across his face is a stern look that points out to the hard life out at sea but yet it also shows an understanding of the world through his dark blue eyes. The stern look Varun has is also hint a youthful appearance and look over him. Varun’s hands shows the signs of having been used to take on the many foes covered in scars. His body is highly toned, muscular and shaped for the unpredictable seas and all that could be thrown at him.

Height 6’6” Hair Color Red
Weight 235lbs Eye Color Dark Blue
Build Muscular Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Dressed in light brown simple wool shirts and light leather pants, it is clear that Varun doesn’t care about how others think about him. In battle or on deck, Varun has on a light chain shirt that covers his chest and shoulders and he wears over his legs a set of leather leg greaves. Over his hands he wears a pair of leather gloves that have been made to have strips of iron over the fingers so that it would offer added protection to his hands, as well as a pair of leather boots over his feet with similar iron strips.

Weapon Description

    Varun mostly uses a pair of hand axes that are nicked and worn but still holds an edge from constant sharpening. While the axes are his main weapons it is not his prized weapon. That goes to a finely crafted long sword that rests at his side in an equally impressive scabbard that he took off a fallen warrior that was guarding a merchant ship. The sword has a hilt with leaves carved into the wood that flow into the metal work of the blade always matching. As for the scabbard it has extensive leather work on it that matches up with what was done on the sword.

Class Pirate
Occupation Pirate
Weapons Pair of Hand Axes, Longsword, 2 Daggers
Armor Light Chain Shirt, Leather Leg Greaves, Leather Gloves w/ Iron Strips, Leather Boots w/ Iron Strips
Equipment Bandages, clothes, water skin filled with fresh water, whetstone, a couple of belt pouches filled with gold
ST 16
EN 15
AG 12
IN 10
LU 12
PB 12


    Having trained his body to be able to take what is dished out to him while at sea, Varun is able to resist a high level of pain at times. Life on a ship has tone of his body making it extremely fit giving him the added benefit of having a high stamina. This means he can push himself longer and harder at times especially during the heat of battle with out getting winded.


    Having long learned from the streets to watch those he trust Varun rarely trusts anyone outside of the crew he belongs to since on a ship your life depends on the others around you. Wanting to control his path in life he will do anything to keep that control no matter how dark it seems at the time. Even with how he was raised up he has not let himself completely get harden to life willing from time to time to relax through he is always on guard. His view about others is that they are just tools to get what he wants since he believes he is only a tool for others to do the same. These parts of his personality come across at times but he has been able to hide his plans from even those close to him since until he is a captain he must do what he has to do to keep his dreams alive.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “Life is like the sea. Unpredictable and always shifting, but only the one willing to sail it will get the reward.”


    Born in the free city of Raiden to the wife of a “sailor”, Varun never had the honor of meeting his so-called father since he vanished on the seas, never to return, assumed to have died one way or another on the sea. Having no father to help take care of him or his mother, his mother was forced into doing anything to keep the family alive no matter how degrading it was to her. She was able to keep this up for just over seven years before it was too much for her frail little body and she died just a while after Varun turned seven. Now would be time for his life to began since he had to learn to survive by himself, until by luck he came across a ship’s captain that he tried to mug, at fourteen, who thought it was so foolish but brave that someone so young would risk everything just for a little money and took Varun under to be on his crew as a cabin boy to see what would become of the child. Unknown to Varun until he was on the ship that the captain was actually a pirate captain, but at this point it didn’t matter, all he wanted was to become strong and ready to do anything to keep himself off the streets. The next four years he spent under the captain getting stronger until he was truly a member of the crew, learning to fight and handle the aspects of sailing.

    His twenty-second birthday was by chance was the first day Varun became a real pirate, having boarded a merchant ship headed to Raiden. It was a violent battle that left many dead, but it was also when he took his first life and also picked up his trophy longsword from his the man he killed. Having learned the ways of a pirate under the captain that he took him in, it was a shame to Varun when the captain died in a failed assault on a ship. It was as if someone on the crew had alerted the ship, since it was filled with trained warriors ready for the battle. Only a few got away with their lives, Varun being one of the few. Since that day he has been working on any pirate ship that he could get on trying to build up a reputation and funds to create his own ship, never wanting to be out control of his own path in life again. This means always watching out for betrayal and watching over those that can further him along until they are not needed anymore.

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