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Veriss Trelem
Pronunciation: VER-iss TREY-lem

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Plot A New Balance
Liberation of Ales
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Veriss’s Gallery
Age 24
Birth Year NRC 506
Gender Female
Race Human
Affliction Hyuri
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Veriss is a large, masculine-looking woman. She stands just over six feet tall. Her shoulders are broad, her hands large, and her body well toned. The muscles across her arms, abdomen, and legs bulge outward from vigorous training. She has two scars across her body. One marks her arm and one marks her wrist. Both are small and insignificant. Her face and eyes are always in the same, emotionless expression, as if in a trance. The emotionless face is almost squarish in nature.

Height 6’2” Hair Color Black
Weight 220lbs Eye Color Black
Build Masculine Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Usually, Veriss wears her armor. Her armor consists of a breast plate, arm plates, shoulder plates, and leg plates. This armor, unlike most, is not connected. Clothing is placed beneath, along with ring mail. The pieces are instead hooked into place on the ring mail, which is tailored to fit and stay in correct position on her body. Shoulder plates are the only pieces to attach, which hook to the breast plate. The leg plates strap on at the thighs, and leave everything below the knee exposed with no protection except for boots. The arm plates break at the elbow to allow easier movement. They are covered by ring mail, again. These plates, like the leg plates, are strapped and hooked together on each arm. The lower arm pieces hook into gauntlets that she wears. The gauntlets have dull spikes at the knuckles for improved damage. The metal used is designed in an altogether unimpressive manner. There are no fancy metalworking and no special symbols or ornamentations. When out of armor, she rarely wears more than a very loose, long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants. These clothes would be worn by a commoner at any given time.

Weapon Description

    Veriss carries a single, overbearingly large two handed sword. The sword itself is created for her use. Like her armor, it appears very unimpressive at first glance. There is no ornamentation, symbols, or designs. The hand guards are plain bars of metal, much like you would see on a solider issue blade. The hilt and pommel are nothing but smoothed metal. Simple leather is wrapped around the handle, like a military issue weapon. The actual blade itself is larger and wider than usual. The blade is double edged. A gentle dip in the center between the edges allows for a more aerodynamic swing. The blade and the handle have been purposefully weighted incorrectly to allow her to put muscle into her swing and retain balance. For the size and material used to create the sword, it is lighter than one thinks. It is still too heavy for a normal swordsman to use effectively, though.

Class Soldier
Occupation Former Nobility, Ex-Squire/Soldier, Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (Level)
Weapons Large two handed sword
Armor Breast, shoulder, arm and leg plate
Equipment Trelem Family Insignia Ring, traveling bread, water canteen, a few gold pieces, clothing
Horse Greysoul
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    Veriss has the ability to summon Hyuri, although this ability’s activation is rarely voluntary. At the occurrence of a betrayal or the slaughter of innocent lovers, Veriss will fall into a berserker rage, ignited by the spirit of anger. When in this trance, she loses control of all reason and falls into an uncontrollable fit of anger. Her muscle mass, her speed, and other physical attributes are boosted. She can see through the ability to a degree and can sometimes show some restraint. Unfortunately, her ability to resist the anger or attempt to pick and choose where to direct her anger is not always successful. While in this rage, she cannot feel pain. Even when she is injured beyond life, her body will continue fighting until Hyuri frees her, her body is cut to pieces, or her targets are destroyed.


    Veriss’s personality is weak and strained. Without emotion, she is a cold and distant warrioress. She will often choose the best thing for a group to do, seeing anything that they lose as just collateral damage. She sees things through a purely strategic and logical point of view and does not give anyone any more respect than she gives anyone else.

Alignment: Neutral with Lawful tendencies

Quotes: “Leave her. She will slow us down. She will have to be sacrificed for the group.”


    Veriss was found at the age of six months. She was found by a small family in middle to higher class of Valis. Although the husband scoffed at the thought of bringing in some orphan who came from who knows where, his wife pushed it at him to have him adopt the girl. They already had a son, but the wife wanted a girl. The husband gave in finally and allowed the girl into the house.

    Sir Trelem, her new father, was a noble and an official of the Valisian army. He was one of the most renowned knights of the time. Although wished to train his son to be a part of the legacy he had created for the family, his son disappointed him. He went off into business and the academies to become another of the scholars of Valis. But his daughter seemed to grow quite masculinely...

    As training commenced one year, at the age of fifteen, Veriss came to watch. She had seemed to be quite passionate about duels and the like. Combat excited her, and watching soldiers train was one of the best ways to see many matches in a day. She had wanted to be one of them as a child. She wanted to draw a sword and fight evil like the heroes in stories she was told. But now, her passion was more to learn the sword herself, despite the simple brush offs from her father at the request to get taught. But this day, she would get training if it was the last thing she did. She approached a young soldier, and demanded education. As the days went on, Veriss became social with a particular knight in training. She built up to asking for lessons for swordsmanship. He immediately disagreed. So Veriss pulled social rank. She was a noble. He was a commoner. He gave in.

    She pulled a training sword as did he, and she began to work with him. Her father came later that day, and saw what was going on. His first reaction was to stop it. But he stopped himself and watched. She had quickly learned the basics of fighting. She had learned how to hold the sword. She had learned how to swing it and how to parry. Although she was far from any good, she showed more promise than most his soldiers, who were eighteen at the time averagely. The strangest part was her natural muscle to be able to handle a two handed sword, even if it was just training, at only fifteen.

    After the session, she was admitted to an elite combat school with the recommendations of Sir Trelem. Over the years, she studied basic combat. By the age of twenty-one, she had graduated top of her class in swordsmanship, or swordsmanship. By that age, she was fully developed. She was bigger and stronger than most soldiers, and usually more talented. There was rarely a time anyone bested her. Even the more experienced fighters had more trouble than it was worth when fighting her, and most found her a worthy opponent.

    On her twenty-second birthday, she returned from schools and living on her own to celebrate her birthday and her initiation into being considered an excellent combatant. On this night, they celebrated merrily until late that night. She slept over that night.

    But this night would be more devastating than any war she could ever experience:

    When the moon was full in the sky that night, a rustling could be heard down the hall of her parent’s home. She opened the door of her room, nothing but a sleeping gown on. She peered down the hall. Another rustling. It was louder, as if someone was slipping around on a rug... It was coming from her parents room. She snuck down the carpeted halls towards the room.

    Muffled voices could be heard by then. She knocked on the door. “Mother? Father? Is everything alright?” Everything went deathly silent. In Veriss’ heart, she felt something wrong that night...

    She slowly opened the door. As the door swung open, she saw two men in black. On the ground were two dead figures. Her father lay on his bed, a man next to him. Her mother was being held against the wall. Before she could move, a dagger slammed into her side. Next thing she knew, she was in a chair, weakened by the blood falling from her side. She was bound to it. Before her, was her mother. A third man had stabbed her. The man with her mother threw her on the floor and walked up to Veriss, who was wincing in pain. He pulled the hood from his face. It was her brother!

    The two bodies that bled on the carpet were servants. Her father lay, unarmed, on the bed, constantly being reminded not to move. Her mother sat up on the floor, shaking in fear, and in tears.

    “Happy birthday, sister... You were always worth it... weren’t you?!” he yelled at her, dagger in hand. “Always the loved one. You aren’t even his blood! You are some worthless mutt of a girl. A freak. Some orphan we found on the street.”

    He balled up a fist in the other hand, brought it to her face, and grabbed it. He stared right into her eyes. “Why are you doing this?!” she asked in shock.

    “Because I am a great man and you are a street rat. I shouldn’t want to be you!” he yelled at her and smacked her straight in the face. “You took away my family from me! You took everything from me but myself! And I cannot live in a world where you are queen and I am the simpleton! Now, it is my turn...”

    The man Veriss knew as her brother turned from her in fury and walked over to his mother. He stared over her, towering over the woman that made him. He grabbed her by the neck and threw her up and slammed her against a wall. She shook with fear and tears fell from her eyes like rain from the darkened sky.

    “Stop thi-” his father began to demand, but the blade moved closer to his neck, silencing him.

    “I shall show you what it feels like to lose all but yourself!” he declared to Veriss. He slid his dagger around his mother’s face gently. “I always loved you... but you never loved me back... You loved your mutt of a daughter... I was so much better than her... And you ignored me...” He brought his dagger down, and slammed it right into her stomach. She screeched for a second, before she could speak no more...

    “NOOOO!” Veriss screamed, tears rolling down her eyes. “STOP!” her female high pitched voice shrieked at him. Violent forces flowed through her heart. Her fury deepened, an unstoppable rage which was dragging her mind into madness.

    “Never! Feel it, sister!” he yelled in his own vengeful tone. He rammed his dagger into his own mother’s body mercilessly until his arm ached with stress. He stood up and took a cloth and wiped the blood from his cheek. Her mother’s blood, no matter shared with her or not, dripped from his blade. Each drop echoed in her mind as she screamed in pure fury at her brother. No longer did she speak words, but only a mixture of screams of pain and roars of anger.

    Her brother then moved over to his father and looked over him the same way he did his mother... No... Please... no...

    The two men turned and threw her father against the wall the same. They held him in place, and they together were too strong for him to escape from. The man she once knew began to gently rub the blood stained blade across the man’s lips. “Taste it... Taste the blood of your love... Taste the blood that runs through me...Taste the blood that you will never see again!” he yelled at his father.

    From that moment on, nothing was heard. Nothing was seen. Nothing...Behind her, standing on his perch, stood Hyuri, the spirit of rage. The spirit stood and walked to Veriss. At her top point of rage, as he began to lower his blade. The spirit forced it’s way into her back. Her mind was driven mad, her body driven powerful, her soul driven to kill. The bonds shattered. Veriss stood without control. Before they even looked to see her, she was upon them. The men were thrown into walls and out cold. The target was her brother. He was ripped away from her father. As he did, a deep gash was put in his face. the dagger fell, as did her brother. He was slammed into the ground like a rag doll. Before he could react, she was on top of him again. Her giant fists pummeled mercilessly into the chest and face of the young man. He was dead after the first two, but she did not stop. She slammed her head into him and every other limb she had. She was fed up with his body now... or Hyuri was. He was lifted up, a jumble of broken bones, and thrown through the window of the home. Windows shattered and so did the man’s soul as he plummeted to the ground below. Veriss’s body kept going. She turned to one of the assistants. Viciously, bone after bone snapped in two under the ferocious destruction wrought on by the newly crowned berserker. Blood burst across her body and knuckles as the second man died. Veriss grabbed the second man and threw him atop the other man. She then, in anger and need of a weapon, grabbed the room’s armoire. She picked it up until it touched the ceiling of the room. She looked down at the two crippled bodies without human thought. She brought the armoire down upon the helpless bodies, crushing them and mingling them with each other. She did this three times, each time falling. Each time, more of their bodies broke off and became a lump of death. She raised it a forth time. But she paused. She felt dizzy... The room began to swirl. The armoire fell atop them, but Veriss fell as well. Hyuri fell dormant to rest, and Veriss fainted from the mighty force and stress on her body.

    She lay on the floor, with her hair, nightgown, and knuckles stained with blood. The deep gash had worsened from all the bending. Veriss fell to near death. Her father sat on the floor, in shocked amazement. His daughter... What happened...?

    The next morning, a healer had been called to care for Veriss. It took days before Veriss was brought back to life, per say. But the healer had mentioned to her father that something about Veriss had changed and it was nothing he could heal. The knights of Kanon could not identify all of the attackers. They took Sir Trelem’s word that the leader was his son. But the other two were beaten beyond identification.

    Not long after this, a note was left on the desk of Sir Trelem as well as one on Veriss’s commanding officer’s desk. It explained that they would not be able to find her. She had left. Only those two were aware of her berserker nature, thanks to the well paid for help of an elven shaman to explain what was wrong. She explained that she would not return until Hyuri was quelled or she could break his stranglehold and put one on him. She took nothing more than a ring with her family seal, her sword, armor, and horse. For the next two years, she traveled across the lands. Within the first year, she realized how remembering her traumatic event in detail could trick Hyuri into possessing her. Although what control she did have was weak, she was and still is gaining progress on chaining the spirit of anger. Recently, meditation has been helping lower Hyuri’s influence.

    Unfortunately, early in the second year, she slaughtered her own horse. She attempted a failed technique, lost control, and slaughtered him. When she awoke from her berserk, her shock was heavy. She decided to search for a new horse, and to be careful around him. She found a horse named Greysoul for sale in a town near a farming community. Greysoul was a work horse that had just been trained. He came with nothing more than a saddle and bridle. It was all she needed for her purpose. She purchased the horse rather cheaply, using most of her saved money up. The horse had a sense of pride to it, and she liked horses like that. Perhaps he was not made for armor and combat, but he certainly had the strength for it.

    Now, she travels and has yet to return to her home. She has dealt with the issue of not having emotions well. She refuses to return home on the fear of hurting any more of her own homeland.

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