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Wilhelm “Minstral” Mard
Pronunciation: WIL-helm MAHRD

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Plot The Golden Egg
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Wilhelm’s Gallery
Age 100
Birth Year NRC 430
Gender Male
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Wil looks like a handsome young man, well traveled, with short blue hair, purple eyes and a charming smile. He is tall and lean, having a slim athletic build. His half-elven heritage is hardly noticeable, his once pointed ears have been properly folded and shaved to look human. They are lined with piercings though, four in his right ear, and six in his left. Due to his fair heritage he has rather soft coloration to his skin.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Blue
Weight 150lbs Eye Color Purple
Build Athletic Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Wil tends to favor more browns and earth tones when selecting clothing to wear. He has several different styles and types of clothing, and wears them according to company he keeps as well as the climate. When traveling Wil walks barefooted, having his feet up to his ankles covered in cotton bandages.

Weapon Description


Class Bard
Occupation Bard, Scoundrel
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, travel sack
Horse Landia (Originally Lyassa’s)
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 7
EN 15
AG 12
IN 14
LU 5
PB 19




    Wil is flaky, disrespectful and lecherous to the core. He taught Kima all of his pick up lines, despite her being only a decade old. If it is female and humanoid, he’d hit on it. He avoids battle, hiding and running if he can. If he has his back to the wall though, or someone endangers Kima or another woman, he will gallantly step in, if not for some sexual reward for saving her.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “I haven’t met a woman that I couldn’t one day bed.”


    Born in Mirror Forest a century ago to his elven mother Linai and his human father Tagnis Mard, young Wilhelm Mard and his mother Linai were taken out of the forest that had been his mother’s home for two centuries prior, and forced to travel with Tagnis, a wandering merchant. Linai, a beautiful woman, hid her elven heritage as she traveled with her human husband, out of fear that reprisal would result from their marriage.

    Wil was raised on the road, like his father before him, and taught of both cultures, though his elven culture lessons were done in secret away from prying eyes. To his mother’s request, Wil’s ears were shaped and changed to look like humans’ ears, to allow him to pass more easily amongst humans. He bravely sat through the hours of sculpting, patiently awaiting his ears to be completely altered. His mother sang to him as she worked, to calm his spirit.

    Wil continued his father’s practice for a time after he died, his mother retreating back to the Mirror Forest. Wil took time to learn other people cultures and their languages, his human side boiling with curiosity. He gave up on his business about the time he hit forty, shortly before the War of the Demon King. He became a minstrel, and with a slew of names that he picked up in his wanderings, he traveled the countryside, wooing and singing to his heart’s content.

    With the War of the Demon King Wil was crushed under the enormous emotional pain in seeing parts of the Mirror Forest burn. He, like many others, took up arms in that time of need and tried to help. Although the war effort was victorious, Wil was wounded and had to stay in a Mossian town until he was better.

    Wil vowed after that war, never to stick his neck out for another being so long as he lived. Though that was a long lived promise until Kima came into his life. This girl who had no use for words intrigued and became beloved by him, despite her young age. They grew close, much like a parent and child, or a teacher and student, young Kima mimicking what her friend and mentor taught her. When Kima left one night, Wil found it rather hard to move on without his young companion.

    He looked for her, traveling through the wilderness and the rest of Lodoss looking for young Kima.

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