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Pronunciation: JI’AHN

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Plot Cian’s Quest
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Xian’s Gallery
Age 24
Birth Year NRC 506
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Roid, Valis

Physical Description

    Xian is a tall man, and quite broad across the shoulders. He is well formed, fit as a fiddle with muscle to spare. His face is broad and round, and his green eyes have a youthful gleam to them. His black hair is shoulder length and scruffy. Although a man, if only looking at his boyish face it would be easy to mistake him for someone younger. He has no tattoos or major scars on his smooth tan skin.

Height 6’3” Hair Color Black
Weight 215lbs Eye Color Green
Build Muscular Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Xian wears no armor since he cannot afford any. His clothing is made of rather stiff tanned leather, consisting of a pair of pants and a vest. His feet are wrapped in crude cloth shoes as he could afford nothing else.

Weapon Description

    His sword, nicknamed the “rusty maw”, is nothing short of a miracle. The blade is so banged up and nicked that you have more to fear of getting Tetanus than it actually killing you. It is a simple two hand sword, though the hilt is rather well worn and the crossguard looks like it would fall off with a heavy knock.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Reformed Bandit, Sword for Hire
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Two-handed sword, “The Rusty Maw”
Armor None
Equipment Empty knapsack
ST 21
EN 20
AG 6
IN 5
LU 5
PB 15


    Xian belongs to a “school” of swordsmanship, though this school is mainly in his head. The school sees the elemental life of nature and converts it into a unique sword style. Xian also applies his adaptive sword style to his way of life, believing that nature will guide him down the right path. His athletic abilities are well trained as he’s spent so much time working in the fields.


    Xian is overly optimistic and carefree most of the time. He regards wild animals as “playful” a near fearlessness that he picked up as a child. He tends to work hard, but his efforts are rather fruitless. He has an odd way of looking at things in the right light, but usually, his mind is ruled by his stomach.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “ save self...”


    Xian was born to Ullis and Merris of Roid, a farmer couple that worked the fields with barely enough to get by by themselves. The birth of their only child sent them further into debt. Though Xian was their child they often left him out in the forest, with a bit of deer blood on him to attract wolves. When the wolves came, the farmer and his wife slew them and took what meat they didn’t use to market. It was a great ploy until their son reached five.

    When Xian reached five, his mother and father realized that he’d be costing them more money in the future as he grew. No longer able to keep their son out in the forest to attract predators, the couple put him to work in the fields. Although Xian was barely strong enough to move the plow, he was a hard worker, something he didn’t inherit from either of his parents.

    Xian reached the age of twelve, and his parents had a brilliant idea to get out of their debt. Leaving to go on a “hunting expedition” they faked their deaths in the woods and hightailed it to Alania, leaving their twelve year old son stuck with the debt they made. Broke and “orphaned” Xian continued to work the fields to amass a negative profit. He was nineteen when his farm broke even, and, sadly enough, was forced off his land with nothing to show for it.

    Xian wandered the streets of Roid for a while. The world was in the grips of the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection, and Xian had no where to go. He joined the Valis army and was given a sword to fight. On his trip across the straight to Marmo his ship had a terrible accident and Xian was tossed overboard with his sword. Both him and his sword washed up on the beaches of Valis. Still broke, but at least given a sword, he tried his hand at being a mercenary, though with little success.

    He managed to make enough to stay in an inn, although, even with his work and side jobs, he still barely made enough to not incur a debt at the inn. Finally his big break came when a man asked him to be a bandit with him. Overjoyed and receptive, he went with the others to ambush a child named Cian. Easy enough work, he thought. Once again though, as his luck seemed to have it, he lost the fight and, even more sadly enough, did not get paid for the wounds he received.

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