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Pronunciation: IR-sahn-ney

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Alera Tai'var
Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Yrsanne’s Gallery
Age 125
Birth Year NRC 405
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    Yrsanne has light brown skin, red eyes and shoulder-length white hair. She usually wears her hair with a parting in the middle. She is beautiful like most of her kind, elegant and graceful. Her brittle figure often makes others think that they can defeat her easily.

Height 5’6” Hair Color White
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Red
Build Slender Skin Color Light Brown

Clothing and Armor

    Yrsanne wears a black elven dress without any ornaments and long wide sleeves that don’t complicate her movements. This gown also perfectly shows off her lovely figure. She often wears a long black cape.

Weapon Description

    Yrsanne’s rapier is of elven steel and design. The hilt is decorated with Marmo eye symbol, gold plated and wrapped with treated leather.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier, Throwing Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Traveling gear; food rations, money, jewelry, comb, change of clothes, weapon and armor care supplies, water skin, bedroll, pack
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 10
EN 8
AG 17
IN 18
LU 11
PB 20

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Yrsanne prefers her magic abilities to swordsmanship. She has been trained in shamanism since the age of five and has very strong connection with the dark spirits. When Yrsanne was young, her proud mother created a bond with them, to show off skills. She wanted to improve Yrsanne’s magic abilities but it was a rather careless action. Yrsanne has succeeded in her training and summoned her first dark spirit at the age of twenty-nine. She likes to experiment unafraid of the results. She often summons Invisibility Spirits, when she wants to flee or avoid the fight she can’t win. To tell the truth, Yrsanne hates such situations. She can also summon Sylph, Undine, Salamander and other dark spirits. Yrsanne’s dream is to make a covenant with Efreet King spirit, but she hasn’t achieved it yet, because she is not powerful enough for that.

    Yrsanne is very nimble with her rapier, which always reminds her the days in Marmo army. Though Yrsanne is not very strong, she possesses great agility and uses quickness as her ally. She is lithe, swift and often relies on her natural reflexes.


    Yrsanne is independent and self-confident. She appreciates personal freedom most of all. Yrsanne is quite reserved, she won’t tell her secrets to a person she doesn’t trust. But those who gained her favor can count on her help anytime. Unlike some dark elves Yrsanne has a strict sense of honor and always keeps her word. Yrsanne doesn’t have a definite alignment. She can be good or evil, it depends on the situation. But she prefers to keep neutral position.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Nobody will help you to fight for your own freedom.”


    Yrsanne is a daughter of highly respected shamaness L’lorhen. Her father was a clan elder; he died in accident when she was thirteen. Yrsanne spent her youth in the Dark Forest on Marmo. Unfortunately she was raised without a father. Yrsanne was learning shamanism as well as swordsmanship form the early ages. She is beautiful like her mother but inherited her father’s restless temper. She didn’t care much about love affairs those days, she concentrated on her training. Yrsanne wanted to test her skills in the outside world.

    When Beld became the Emperor of Marmo and began the Lodoss conquest, Yrsanne left her home and joined his army, driven by selfish ambitions of careerism. She will never meet her mother again

    Yrsanne took part in several battles and was rewarded later with enchanted rapier. However, her career in the army ended as quickly as it began, with the defeat of Marmo and Ashram’s escape. Yrsanne decided to stay, because she loved her homeland and considered that exodus like a shame on her people. “Fleeing like rats from a sinking ship,” she would say.

    So she stayed on the land that changed forever. It wasn’t Marmo that she knew anymore. Her mother and friends were killed during the war. Yrsanne had lost almost everything she had. Except for her memories about the past and her eternal search for extreme adventures. In the years that followed Yrsanne was haunted because of her race. She became more even-tempered and calm thought Yrsanne still didn’t change her character much. She took hardly her mother’s death and wandered across the land without a target, seeking peace with her soul.

    When Marmo became the duchy of Flaim, Yrsanne returned to the Dark Forest where she rejoined the dark elven clan and became a respected member and equal in rights with the others. She has never met Kiran, but his son Adriel gave her the impression of a purposeful person. Yrsanne sympathizes Nehen’s and Adriel’s story, so when Adriel decided to find his father, Yrsanne joined his quest immediately, looking for another dangerous adventure.

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