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Storyline: Cian’s Quest

Cian, a boy who had been torn from his family and worked as a slave and a thief to a crimelord, now has a second chance at a better life when Holy Knight Ciprian learns of his plight. After becoming Ciprian’s squire, Cian sets out in the company of new friends to bring his master to justice and find his long lost sister, Linette.

Cian’s Quest


Amalthea | Carianna | Cian | Ciprian | Epros | Kylia | Linette | Silemria | Xian


Staff: Z, singularityman, Mana Link
Players: Aeonireshiva (Forumer) (Amalthea), Alera Tai’var (Carianna), Ciprian Tremas, CrimsonJustice (Kylia), Little Knight (Epros, Silemria), Mana Link (Xian), singularityman (Cian, Emir, Linette)

Z’s Character Account


Chapter 1: Protection
Chapter 2: Return to Roid
Chapter 3: Disturbance in the Night
Chapter 4: Morning in Roid
Chapter 5: The Road to Knighthood
Chapter 6: The Slaver Jeriah
Chapter 7: Encounter at the West Gate
Chapter 8: Attack on the Road
Chapter 9: Camp
Chapter 10: Wakey, Wakey; Broth and More Broth...
Chapter 11: Khina: ‘The Gilded Throne’


    While visiting family in Lesmoa, Holy Knight Ciprian Tremas rescues a young thief named Cian and decides to give the boy a chance at a better life. He learns that Cian is a slave, his family, a group of nomads, had been taken captive and Cian and his sister, Linette, had been sold as slaves. Cian was bought by a thief kingpin named Emir who taught Cian how to steal to fill his coffers. Due to his mistreatment, Cian escaped from Emir.

    Not long after leaving Lesmoa, Cian and Ciprian are attacked by mercenaries sent by Emir to capture Cian. During the fight, a passing priestess of Rada, Carianna, and her holy knight friend, Dernek, assist Cian and Ciprian, subduing the mercenaries so that they can be brought to justice for their crimes. Cian realizes that his master will stop at nothing to get him back, so Ciprian and Carianna decide to join forces to stop Emir’s tyranny.

    They return to Roid, where the mercenaries are dropped off to be tried and punished. Ciprian and Cian join Carianna at the Rada temple for supper, before going to Ciprian’s apartment for the night. During the night, Ciprian is awoken by a fight outside his building and finds Kylia, a half-dark elf apothecary, being assaulted by two thugs. After helping her chase the thugs away, Kylia offers to repay Cip’s chivalry with a potion of his choosing the next day.

    The next day, Ciprian heads out into the city with Cian, first to meet with Kylia. After Kylia rewards Ciprian with several potions, Ciprian and Cian head to the knight’s barracks to see if Cian can be registered as a squire. The knight marshal accepts Cian as a squire, under the condition that Ciprian and Carianna educate him properly. Ciprian receives a warrant to search outside the country for Emir, and with Cian officially a squire, the knight realizes that an apothecary could be of vital importance to his mission, considering that Emir and his men were fond of poisons, so he goes to seek Kylia again.

    In their absence, Kylia met with a man she believed to be associated with Emir, and possibly after Cian, so when Ciprian returns, Kylia informs him of this. They decide to interrogate this man, a possible slaver named Jeriah, and Ciprian leaves it to Kylia to find and subdue their target while he goes to fetch Carianna. When he returns with the priestess, they find Jeriah in Kylia’s custody and began their interrogation. By offering him protection from Emir, they learn a bit from him, then secretly take him to the Rada temple to be reformed, and kept safe.

    With Jeriah taken care of the, the group sets out for Flaim, but before they leave Roid, they are stopped by a mage named Epros who demanded that Ciprian escort her. However, due to her rude manner, she was refused and left in the dust.

    After hitting the road, the group is ambushed by what they assumed to be bandits, but which turned out to be mercenaries hired by Emir. They are assisted by the elf, Amalthea, and after the fight, one of the mercenaries, Xian, changes sides. Xian explains that he was only hired by one of the men to find Cian, but didn’t know Emir, he was only a poor farmboy trying to make his way in the world. Deciding to help Cian, he tries to interrogate the leader of the gang who hired him, but tears off the man’s arm in a display of fearsome strength and pure idoicy. This act scares away Amalthea and shakes the rest of the group, but they agree to allow him to join them anyway.

    Continuing on, the group broke for camp that evening, sharing the campsite with a mercenary named Silemria. The next morning, Cian begins his training. The group moves on to Khina that day, though Silemria doesn’t join them, and take up in an inn. While there, they are stalked by more of Emir’s agents...

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