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This game was the story our game followed originally, however, we came to a point when nobody really enjoyed it and it strayed too far from the feel of Lodoss. We took our lessons from this failed story and began anew.

The Chaos Wars was set a year after the end of the Chronicles series. Before Lodoss had much of a chance to recuperate from the War of the Destroyer's Resurrection, Karla guided a hapless dark elf to take the Ferroniere of Knowledge, which was hidden in Narse's lair. When the dark elf donned the Ferroniere, he was instantly killed, only to be re-raised as undead. Soon after, all the dead across Marmo and Lodoss rose again. At the same time, the Chaos General Cray appeared and with the help of a certain sociopath dark elf, destroyed the city of Roid.

Our heroes fled to the Mirror Forest after the Holy City was destroyed, only for Cray to track them down again. After two battles, the Mirror Forest was destroyed as well and our heroes dragged themselves to Kanon in defeat, though Cray had failed in destroying them as well. For this, he was betrayed by his fellow generals and left for dead. He tracked down Sevrina to the Kanon inn the heroes were recovering at and took her against her will. However, Cray now wished to ally himself with the heroes to get vengeance on the other three Chaos Generals.

After this, the heroes split up, one group went to rescue Sevrina and gather the aide of the Glassy Woods. The other party went onto Blade which fell under attack from the Chaos General Xion. Yet another city had fallen and the heroes rode on to Raiden, their predetermined meeting point. Meanwhile, the party set to rescue Sevrina had split, Sevrina's lover, Gale, took it upon himself to rescue her while the others continued their journey to the Glassy Woods. They managed to get a small force of elven rangers and a centaur seeress to help them in the coming battle in Raiden.

Our game ended when the Raiden battle was finished. We had planned for more, but it was only a matter of time before players completely lost interest. There were also a few small subplots going on, which you can read in the archives.

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