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Post by Z »

I've disallowed using underscores ( _ )in usernames because they're ugly and pointless to use on a forum. Dashes, spaces, and other spacers are ok though. Members who have underscores in their username have had it altered and have been emailed about the change.

Some rules on usernames...
  1. You cannot use sexually graphic or vulgar terms in your username.
  2. Don't bother using underscores as spacers, they aren't necessary and they're ugly, so they've been disallowed. You can use a space in a phpBB username.
  3. Please use a pen name or a nickname, not your real name, as other members may have your name.
  4. Please do not create accounts for different characters. Due to the fact that I play so many characters, and use my main account for administrative purposes, it is easier to keep track of players if I am the only one who uses multiple accounts. Considering this rule, you may not want to use your first character's name as your username in case you make more characters.
  5. You cannot name yourself for a canon character. You can call yourself "Deedlit Fan" or something, but not "Deedlit24254", for example.

Last bumped by Z on Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:52 am.
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