EKD Newsletter Issue #4

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EKD Newsletter Issue #4

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New Members: None
New Characters: Archana (Premade), Bastion, Lythia
Currently on LOA: justindustries, singularityman
With Christmas vacation and finals coming up for all you students, please post an LOA message if you're going to be busy or otherwise unable to post for five days or longer.
Characters Needing Players: Aryen, Lanir (Temp?), Kreoss, Phaeton (Temp?), Talen, Thangroth (Temp?), Y'ezela

Big Updates
Username Changes
If for some reason, you would like to change your username, you are now allowed to do so. Please don't abuse this feature. Remember, you do not need to use underscores for spaces; you can use spaces and any characters (alpha-numeric, etc., not your game characters :P) in a forum username. Your account is listed as a number, so if you change your name, your profile will still be linked on your character's page.

Forum Theme
OokeStoneskull is currently working on fixing the purple theme.

Board Changes
The Characters/Players Needed is now the Character Discussion | Characters/Players Needed board. You can discuss things about your character, take quizzes and surveys on them, and other things. I felt this board would get more use if I expanded it a bit.

The Grammar and Spelling Guides forum has been merged with the Game Information forum. These two really do go together since grammar and spelling is a big part of this forum of role-play.

Activity Around the Forum
General Board
Religion (Poll)

Lodoss Discussion
Favorite Anime Character of All (Poll)
Character Poll #1: Male OAV Hero (Poll)
Character Poll #2: Female OAV Character (Poll)
Character Poll #3: Male Villain (Poll)
Character Poll #4: Male CotHK Hero (Poll)
Character Poll #5: Female CotHK (Poll)

Character Discussion
Another Character Survey
10 Facts
Character Personality Test

Newest Gallery Additions
Official Art
Character Images
(Thiana, Edwin, Gaidrich, Kreoss, and Lythia)


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