Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den

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Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den

Post by Z »

I was bouncing this idea around in my head for awhile, but Fantasy convinced me to go through it with it. For any old timers, you may remember that we did this before and had some success. It was a spin-off of the Chaos War plot we ran a couple years ago, set twenty years in the future and focusing on the children of some of the characters from the former plot.

This game will be set twenty years in the future as well, or at least, a possible future, and will mainly focus on children from current characters. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of our younger characters as adults too. If you want to get involved, go join Children of Eiyuu Kishi Den II. (As a note, this new forum is phpBB 3.0, so it's different from ours, which is a version 2.0.22.)
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