Volk The Indomitable

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Volk The Indomitable

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Name: Volk (The Indomitable)
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Appearance: A muscular giant of a man. Scarred and imposing, he wears intimidating thick armor and casually wields a large arcane waraxe.

Weapons: Large Rune-Incrested Magical War Axe

Magic: None

Personality: Volk is a berserker and vicious follower of his War God. He lives only to fight, feast and breed. A primitive barbarian, he is doted of a fearsome primal cunning but is unsophisticated and crude. Associal, demanding and stubborn as a mule, he is difficult to handle and easily goaded into battle. For him life is a struggle where only survival of the fittest matters. Civilization brings respite and pleasure from the chaotic struggle of nature but even it is determined by the eruption of sudden violence, war and bloodshed. Civilization's hierachy is little more than a streamlined variant of nature except that most of it's leading predators are of the tricky and cowardly kind.
Volk does uphold a tribal and very crude code of honor and has an unexpected shyness around women on occassion. He makes for an exellent bodyguard and assault commander but only the truly subtle and intelligent can restrain his inner fury and use him in a constructive manner. Volk does not mind to serve as long as his master or mistress rewards him and he gets what he wants. His speech can at times be broken though he knows the basics of several tongues he picked up while travelling. Most are dark tongues though. He occassionally refers to himself in the third person. When calm and at peace, which is a rare thing he actually can come across as oddly... endearing in a 'pet-like' way.

Background: A member of the Wulfen Clan, Volk has travelled Marmo most of his life and nowadays spents his life far from it's harsh lands, seeking richer booty and greater rewards. He never speaks of his past life but it is obvious that despite his crude behaviour, he is extremely experienced and has seen much horrros in his life. There is no record or mention of his tribe anywhere and the only proof he occassionally refers to is the odd black, ruby-eyed Wolf's head tattoo on his right upper arm.

Special Notes: Volk can slide into a state of 'berserkness' which makes him impossible to handle and almost impossible to stop in a straight frontal battle. He already has great statmina but in this state he becomes extremely destructive and relentless. This however can work both ways as he ignores the damage he receives, his body can be a wreck afterwards.
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