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Name: Rhisana
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Appearance: Rhisana is a slender, pretty young woman of avarage height, with modest but noticeable curves. She has a heart shaped face with large dark green eyes. Her hair is black and chin length, usually worn loose. She wears simple white robes with minimal ornamentation.

Weapons: Rhisana carries a simple wooden staff.

Magic: Rhisana is a priestess of Falis, with a tendency towards healing magic.

Personality: Goodhearted, cheerful and bright, Rhisana likes to believe the best of everyone. She'll attempt to befriend anyone she meets, and can come across as slightly naive.

Background: Youngest child of a large farming family, Rhisana was sent to the church of Falis at a young age to reduce the strain on her modest home. She took to the teachings quickly and became a priestess at a young age. She left the temple to spread Falis' light across Lodoss and simply to see the world.

Special Notes: During her training, Rhisana fell under the wing of Keter Markby, a irascable priest famous for his belief that all gods, however evil, were worthy of respect. Markbys' philosophy, if not his attitude, rubbed off on Rhisana, and she believes that all creatures of Lodoss, even beings such as goblins and kobolds, have a right to exist.
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