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Name: Elohssa
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf; Half-Dark Elf/Human

Appearance: A petite young Marfa priestess, she stands at around 5' tall, but she has much to grow. She inherited Kiran's coppery skin and flaxen blonde hair, but her mother's deep green eyes. She's a cute girl, with the potential to grow up to be a beautiful woman. For now, she wears plain white robes and a silver Marfa circlet, marking her as still a novice.

Magic: Elohssa has a limited knowledge of shamanism, which she is learning a little about from her brothers, but she is much more concerned with her studies as a Marfa priestess.

Personality: Coming from a troubled past, Elohssa still carries the scars of abuse, though her faith and experiences in the priesthood have given her strength. Elohssa is a calm and pleasant soul who radiates good will. Her faith in Marfa is strong and she prays regularly, often requesting guidance from her patron goddess. However, behind the strength of a proud future priestess lay the old wounds of her abusive childhood. She is uncomfortable around men, especially if left alone with them, and each individual man she meets must earn her trust.

Background: Elohssa was conceived through the rape of her mother, Lora, by the dark elf Kiran on the streets of Salbad. Her mother was a married woman, her husband a Marmo soldier who was deployed to Kanon at the time. She had three sons, Kol, Ransul, and Tordan, all several years old by that time. Lora was a fierce woman, but unfortunately for Elohssa, that ferocity would be turned on her. After her rape, Lora was grateful to have escaped with her life, but after several months, though she tried to deny it, she realized she had become pregnant. Her husband, Darvor, returned from Kanon when she was five months pregnant. Lora revealed everything that had happened to her, and Darvor had his suspicions at first, though he eventually over came them. Lora had attempted to end the pregnancy by drinking a tea made from an herb known to cause miscarriage, but Elohssa was tenacious. After this failed attempt, Darvor took it as a sign that the child was supposed to be born. At the least, they could possibly leave her for an orphan.

When Elohssa was born, Darvor fell in love with her and insisted that they keep her. Lora wanted little to do with the girl, but she honored her husband's wishes. She named her daughter Elohssa, though little to Darvor's knowledge, Lora chose it because it was the word 'asshole' spelled backwards.

When Elohssa was a year old, her only source of protection and love, Darvor, was called back to the battlefield. Lora kept Elohssa, of course, but she neglected the girl. As she grew older, she was forced to do household chores and she was punished readily by her mother. She found no salvation in her half-brothers either. They were loyal to their mother, and took after her by abusing their little sister physically, emotionally, and later sexually. At the age of seven, her eldest brother, Kol, who was a teenager, raped her and then encouraged his younger brothers to use her the same way. Lora knew of it and turned a blind eye to the abuse. She didn't care what happened to her unwanted daughter.

When Elohssa was eight, the War of the Destroyer's Resurrection was coming to a close. Lord Ashram of Marmo had ordered his people to evacuate the cities of Salbad and Persei. Lora took this opportunity to abandon Elohssa and gave the girl strong wine to put her to sleep. After Elohssa passed out, Lora locked her in a closet and left with her sons.

After the evacuation, Elohssa woke and escape from the closet. It took her throwing her entire weight against the door for the latch to give. Elohssa found her home empty, so she went out on the streets, but no one was there either. The half-elf wandered the eerily empty streets of Salbad, half-drunk and torn between terror and happiness. Dark shadows began circling the street, and she became truly terrified and ran. However, when one of the shadows passed through her, the life was stolen from her.

After a short experience with death, Elohssa was embraced with a loving warmth and revived. Marfa had resurrected her in Marmo's rebirth. Confused and still alone, Elohssa wandered the streets of Marmo, blinded by sunlight. In her wanderings, she was discovered by a several Flaim soldiers. Elohssa thought she should have been scared, but something was telling her that they were the people she wanted to find. The soldiers took her back to the ships of the navies of Lodoss and boarded her on the same vessel that happened to be carrying the heroes of the recently ended battle. On the ship, Elohssa felt compelled to speak to Leylia and Little Neese in particular.

While sailing back to Lodoss, Elohssa spoke to Leylia. The priestess told her what had happened on Marmo, and Elohssa told her about her experiences. After speaking to Elohssa, Leylia decided to take her to Tarba where she could be raised as a Marfa priestess. Later, when Elohssa was willing to speak at greater length about her ordeal that day, Leylia determined that it was Marfa that had given her the will to go with the soldiers, and speak to her. In essence, Marfa wanted Elohssa to become her priestess.

Elohssa was taken to Tarba where she was initiated as a novice. The temple provided her a total education, teaching her how to read, write, and of course, about religion. Elohssa fell comfortably into this life, though the scars of her past are still present. After her basic education was completed, Leylia opted to send her to Marmo with her daughter. Little Neese had married Spark, and thus became the duchess of Marmo, which was now a duchy of Flaim. Neese was also charged with founding new temples in Persei and Salbad, so a number of priestesses came with her. Elohssa, however, was the only acolyte. Because she was a half-dark elf, Leylia thought that it would be good for her to show a sign of acceptance for the dark elves and half-dark elves that remained on Marmo. Elohssa would complete her training on Marmo, then return to Tarba when she was fifteen to be raised.

At the age of thirteen, Elohssa's extended family from her father's side found her. She knew of her father, as her mother had ranted about him on occasion. Spark had hired an assassin named Mica Lorelai to kill a troublesome werewolf bandit. Mica was a half-elf, though his ears had been surgically altered to look human. He was another child of Kiran's, born of rape as well. When he returned from his mission, he brought with him three more dark elves, one of which was another half-brother of hers, Adriel (the other two were his bodyguards). They came to the Salbad temple, where Mica recognized her features as similar to his own, and his father's, and he asked her who her father was. Elohssa told him it was Kiran, and the three siblings realized their relation. Mica and Adriel were both on a mission to hunt down Kiran, and invited Elohssa, but she wanted no part in it. However, she did request their protection on her journey to Tarba when she was fifteen.

After Adriel and Mica took care of their business with Kiran, both would come to visit her, but the brothers had a falling out and neither cared to interact with each other.

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