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 Post Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:23 pm 
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Name: Golyath Stone Grinder
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf

Physical Description: You can't look away from the scar on his face that makes his appearance quite disturbing. The scar begins at is upper lip and ends at his right ear. The symmetry of his face is ye again distributed when half his that same ear is missing. On the rare moments you will catch him grinning his lack of his left front tooth seems all to clear.

Thanks to his brownish skin the scars are easy to spot as they have a more pinkish color.
The scars on his head also disturbed to grow of his night-blackish beard and hair and give the dwarf a un cammed appearance. Both his hair and beard are cut at the half of his neck.

He has red eyes and upon looking at him you believed dwarves where a bit smaller then him.

And pray you never see the large scars on the back of it's head and back.

Dressed in a long grey tunic with long sleeves and the skirt of that tunic goes till his knees. Over it he wears dull green chain armor that protects most of his body. His head is protected by a dull green round helmet that protect his skull from impact but not his face. He has a pair of sturdy grey boots, green gauntlets and a brown leather belt on his shoulder sporting an dwarven axe and a belt around his waist has a sword.

Weapon: The Axe looks worn out by to many use infect there is a crack at the cutting edge. That could cause it to break with a great impact.
The Sword looks like it could belong to a moss soldier.

Personality: Golyath lives for his next pay check first. Need a few goblins slayed no problem as long as he gets something in return. Or at least so he THINKS.
While it is true he except something in return he is more then happy to get some ale, food and a night rest out of it. But he gladly helps someone who couldn't pay.

Despite his ugly scarred appearance he is more afraid of himself then you might think.
As he believes he IS under a curse and tries to be alone when ever possible. If that doesn't work he tries not to touch anyone.

History: His parents where survives from the kingdom of stone ans settle in the lands of Moss. Benn and Girinn StoneGrinder had to take on an other trade then they used to Blacksmithing. Stonemashers no matter how crafty were enough in the land.

Golyath was the third child of 5 and first born after the Demon War. His eldest brother Horn who was 3 years old when the demons invested the old dwarven kingdom was unwell as he was easly frightened by everything. Thanks to this uselessness he was nominated to watch his sibling including Golyath when he turned 10 he first encountered a dragon knight of Moss and with it a dragon Golyath himself was amazed his brother frightened. As if the demons returned he ran toward the highest building dragging Golyath with him. What happened next was unclear but his brother fell to his dead and Golyath trapped his hands between something. While he his family grieved the dead of the eldest son. Golyath knew he lost his future his finger where numb and it seemed he could never grab something again.

He recovered some sense in his fingers but not enough to help out his family. He tried but his blundering gave him a bad name and was evaded in the smithy

When he reached adulthood he became a mercenary and fought in the conflicts that erupted in that time. He fought hard against superior enemies at time two times he was the sole survivor of his group once he was the single one standing and with the other he was left for dead when he was slashed in the face. The Mercenaries threw the dwarf out of the guild forcing Golyath to fend for himself completely.

Six years have past and the “unlucky” dwarf is bend on sharing his luck with the monsters he encounters. With his luck he is bound to run into a demon soon as he can avenge the live of his brother as the demons are indirectly responsible for his dead and Golyath's disablement.

Special Notes:
Abilities: Deaf at the right ear, or what is left of it.
Dwarf Vision: good to see in the dark.

Dwarf Power!

Dwarves are natural sprinters real dangerous at short distances.

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