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Name: Aerlan Roth
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Appearance: He wears a homespun tunic and breeches and a tough leather belt. He carries a heavy satchel which is full of things he finds interesting, but so far as he knows, nothing of any real value. His blue eyes are relaxed and smiling although getting a steady meal is very hard for him. Originally he was fine limbed, though the new nature of his life has slowly been adding angles to his frame.

Weapons: (List and/or describe) An iron shod staff, common enough among travellers. He also carries a small knife which is more a tool than a weapon.

Personality: For the most part he is human. He prefers not to fight if he is alone, can avoid the conflict, or facing a blatantly superior threat, but will attempt to assist his friends. He is wary of nonhumans, after living through much of the Marmo war and having only tales of monsters to go by.

Background: He got bored in the universities of Alan and decided to travel to try and find different knowledge. He makes his living as a Storyteller, Tumbler and Entertainer, picking up fragments of lore where he can. If he makes enough money beyond essential supplies, he will buy writing material and record some of what he has learned.

Special Notes: He usually carries non-expensive musical instruments, usually a flute and/or a lyre to help him earn money.
He has a hodge podge of all sorts of knowledge, but very little practical experience. He is likely to know legends about the caves in a local area, but far less use in driving the goblins out of them.

I'm still here but I would appreciate any help in creating a better character, though this is what I've got designed at the moment.

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Re: Aerlan

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Oh, you don't have to worry about more than a skeleton profile unless you want to add more. As for starting, just go ahead and start a new thread if you want, or you could possibly join Talon & Mia's thread when they get to a town (somewhere between Moss and Raiden), or Darthvegeta and Zira's thread which is in Kanon.
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