Zira's Fan Art

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Zira's Fan Art

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I generally don't do a lot of fan art, but I've done some stuff for Lodoss when properly inspired or pressed.

Little Neese & Naneel for rolw-club contest

Old Ryna gag picture

New Ryna picture for rolw-club contest
Also: Adriel, Aiden Silvermoon II, Ailil, Anisa Amri, Barbarian Barbie, Bella, Centauress Cissiria, Ciprian Tremas, High Elf Seri, Granite Stoneheart, Katela el'Baran, Kiran, Kitsa Stormeyes, Lady Kavryn, Meridian, Mia, Midwife Lien, Mudan Jasil, Myrela, Naclia, Natasi, Olula, Permanent Tears, Pirate Kreoss, Priestess Elohssa, Priestess Jenesis, Priestess Lianora, Priestess N'shara, Priestess Sairina, Priestess Sura, Priestess Thalia, Princess Elianna, Sevrina, Silvia, Vampiress Ileta, Vanaia, Werewolf Xanin, Y'ezela, Zaole, and Zira.

Yes, I am crazy.

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