Day Three: First Wave

These are the old posts from the original Eiyuu Kishi Den, dubbed “The Chaos War” (no relation to another Lodoss website). This RP ran from June 2001-2004. Regrettably, I deleted all the old group posts, though I did save them in archives, they are out of order. I will not attempt to make these continuous, it's far too much of a hassle.
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Re: Day Three: First Wave

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Granite sat beside Thangroth on the floor where he'd been laid, holding his hand affectionately. He had been healed, since he was unconscious, and now all she could do was wait for him to wake.
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Re: Day Three: First Wave

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Thangroth opened his eyes and smiled as the first thing he saw was Granite beside him. The red-haired young dwarf spoke in his usual jovial tone as he attempted to sit up. "Ahh...a vision of loveliness, what a wonderful sight for my eyes to behold. How fare you milady, are you well? You weren't injured, I hope, and how fare our companions?"
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