The Invitations Go Out! (Drecloud Homestead, Moss)

A spin-off RP set twenty years in the future when the heroes of the Chaos War reunite, but become victims of their old enemies. The children of the heroes must solve the mystery and save their parents. RPed from unknown-2004, ended at the same time as the Chaos War.
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The Invitations Go Out! (Drecloud Homestead, Moss)

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Invitation wrote:King Kadomos the VI of Alania requests your presence at a ball to honor the heroes of our time. Please, don your finest and come to the palace by April 5th, New Royal Calendar 547. Your immediate family is welcome to accompany you.

Thank you. We do hope to see you then.
King Kadomos the IV
Parn, former Free Knight of Lodoss
Queen Deedlit
Princess Ailil

Naclia and Talen had settled into a small country home outside of Dragon Breath surrounded by forest. They had lived there for the past nineteen years, ever since they married. Terin was only a baby then and they were living in a townhouse until Talen could afford a country property.

Naclia was still as beautiful as she was twenty years ago, her golden-hued brown hair was kept in one braid most of the time, instead of two. Of course, her face didn't show one single sign of age. Twenty years was not long to an elf. Watching Terin grow however, time seemed to speed up. His growth wasn't too different from an elven child except by a few years, but he matured faster mentally. Talen wasn't touched by age much either. He hadn't a gray hair to speak of, but his face had a more matured look to it, but it was more something about his eyes than his face. A look of experience. His draconic blood kept him from aging like other humans.

Terin was in the yard, practicing his forms. He had been knighted already, he was still only in the first order. It wouldn't be too long until he was raised. There had been very few half-elves in the ranks of Mossian knights, most notably, Thorn of house Gias.

Terin's sensitive ears heard hoof beats down the road and he sheathed his blade. He could tell the difference between his father's horse and others, this was a much lighter horse, made for running. A messenger? He thought. And as the rider passed the brush, he could now see that he was indeed a messenger. The young man on a small horse slowed to a trot as he came up the yard. "Is this the Drecloud residence?" he asked. His voice sounded Alanian.

"It is," Terin replied. The messenger nodded and handed him a letter.

"A message from King Kadomos," he said and rode off. By the looks of his satchel, he had a few more to deliver. Terin looked at the letter, it had the seal of Kadomos and his parents names written on it in flowing script.

He brought it inside and handed it to his mother. She broke the seal with her thumb and read the letter over. A wry grin crossed her face and she turned to Terin. "Go find some of your finest clothes, I'll see if you have anything worthy of a ball," she said and folded the letter again.

A ball? Terin had attended a couple in Dragon Breath. He found them boring, why his mother was always so enthralled with them, he didn't understand. But, to avoid the rough side of her tongue, he did as she asked.

Luckily for Terin and Talen, both men had good clothes for the upcoming ball. But of course, Naclia had to go find herself a silk gown. It was in the style she seemed to like. A blue to match her eyes, a little fur and silver trim. Almost a replica of the old dress she wore while adventuring, only more elaborate.

They left a few days later, taking a coach. The Queen of Moss now held Talen in high regard. His draconic blood had been discovered and he had proven himself as a knight. Therefore, he and his family enjoyed many luxuries.
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